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  1. Thank you for checking this out! I will go back on this some other time to make the changes with TPM and AOTC. To answer your question, no, I did not test out a version with beginning the ROTS segment with Leia’s Theme, but I certainly will consider that! As of now, I’m working on a suite for ‘The Last Jedi.’ Thank you very much for this constructive criticism.
  2. Hello. I’ve uploaded my first public suite and I would like to know what you guys think of it. What I created is The Prequel Trilogy End Credits (Suite) and it functions as a compilation of the end credits music from TPM, AOTC, and ROTS in order to make a seamless transition between them. https://youtu.be/O2KFxD-JCTQ The arrangements I did were: -Augie’s Great Municipal Band -Default Prequel Trilogy End Credits music -Duel of the Fates -Anakin’s Theme -Across The Stars -Revenge of the Sith End Credits Medley
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