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  1. Final poster for TROS. gotta say it certianly looks better than the ones for TFA and TLJ I like the diagonal lines that all spout from that spot on the right. Kylo's saber, Skywalker saber, and the wreckage (looks like Vader's broken lightsaber imo) all seem to be flowing out from there. (also it looks like if you draw a line stemming from the line of Poe's blast, that would lead back there too) Neat design choice. It's interesting how Carrie Fisher gets top billing, yet Leia's not on the poster. Carrie's not even with us, and she's still the baddest bitch on that movie. Ugh, her power.
  2. Thanks @tintacle you're a star! Sorry to sound like i'm demanding but I was wondering if you could lend your talents to trying to improve this scan of Lapti Nek. That's the best quality I can get with my scanner and i'm just not happy with it.
  3. Can someone remove the text at the bottom? I've never liked it there
  4. I agree, not to mention Anakin is using a red lightsaber in the Attack of the Clones cover?. Epic Fail. I don't how I feel about the Death Star sphere just sitting on the EP III cover. It looks out of place
  5. New blu ray covers for the films being released (or is it another re-release, I've lost count) in September this year. Perhaps someone could make these into alternate covers? Still using Solo yak creature art for Solo artwork, despite that sequence not making it into the final cut.
  6. Sorry to bump an old thread. Could someone with the FYC downloads please PM me?
  7. Not sure if this has been posted yet. Score from ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Disqualified from Oscar Race https://variety.com/2018/music/awards/scores-ruled-ineligible-for-oscar-green-room-solo-1203085221/ “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” composed by John Powell with themes by John Williams, was nixed by the board as having been entered too late for the competition (deadline was Nov. 15). How the hell does a multi-billion dollar company like Disney miss the deadline for the Oscars? Disney clearly doesn't care. Which is a shame because Solo might be my favorite score of the Disney era (TLJ, is a close second, TFA has the best themes and RO has the best single track in "Your Father Would Be Proud").
  8. This is my first post here. This is an awesome thread I was wondering if anyone has or could make a custom cover for the Jedi Rocks and Lapti Nek singles?
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