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  1. https://twitter.com/SonySoundtracks/status/1521504942711836672 What could this be???
  2. https://anchor.fm/filmmaestro/episodes/Lord-of-the-Rings-2001-2003-Part-II-e1i1d5b Feel free to listen
  3. Hey everyone, we have a podcast review of the concert, feel free to check it out. https://anchor.fm/filmmaestro/episodes/Across-The-Stars-Carnegie-Hall-April-21st--2022-A-JOHN-WILLIAMS-Concert-Review--Lord-of-the-Rings-2001-2003-Part-I-e1hnd81
  4. What an experience. Will never forget it. The audience was electric. John Williams just never stopped playing. The original concert time was 90 mins and he played for 2hrs. Concert started at 7:10 and ended at 9:30 (15 min intermission) I was in the third row and saw you do this. Very jealous!
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