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  1. I find myself with the same mindset! I buy physical, yet increasingly so for films and albums that I cannot find for download or streaming.
  2. @gkgyver Seems like John Altman released his Goldeneye "Tank Chase" track via Soundcloud back in April 2020. Wonder if this means an expansion of the soundtrack was in the works... https://goldeneyedossier.wixsite.com/bond/post/john-altman-releases-the-original-goldeneye-tank-chase-track
  3. I love this score! I have the DVD of the movie and will need to rewatch.
  4. Labyrinth with Trevor Jones is quite good. Bowie had some good singles off that album like the "As the World Falls Down" single. Actually, Bowie had some great single releases. I love the three single releases he put out for "Everyone Says 'Hi'" off the Heathen album. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everyone_Says_'Hi'
  5. I am enjoying the second chapter album release more than the first. There are moments, especially the opening to "The Next Journey" that remind me of Tom Pierson's score for Quartet, a film by Robert Altman.
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