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  1. One of my favorite films and one I can honestly say I have laughed out loud more than any other film. The humor is specific to the character scenarios. This is a Martin Scorsese film!! Also music by Howard Shore!!!
  2. I also love the thematic album for season one over the individual eps releases. Do we know if Bear even saw the episodes prior to scoring or if he based it off of a script/ concepts? Maybe he could not score to the beats of the show/characters this season. I haven't read anything about what he used for his compositions.
  3. Also the Khazad Dum theme and rhythms reminds me so much of Basil Paledoris's "Riddle of Steel" Conan.
  4. I am not very music savvy, but Galadriel's theme just sounds like something Elmer Bernstein might compose.
  5. That "Galadriel" track really makes me think of old Hollywood...like a Douglas Sirk movie's score. I quite like it. One thing that hasn't been talked about -- I think -- is how PJ treated his end credits. He had pop singers contribute. I wonder if this will be true for the AMZN series?
  6. I also REALLY love the Private Collection with Jon Anderson. The track "Horizon" is outstanding.
  7. This news has hit me surprisingly hard as well. In remembrance of him, I currently have Opera Sauvage on rotation. It's interesting with Vangelis. I collect his released albums on vinyl as well as CD, so I switch between the two formats and it's a joy to read the liner notes.
  8. Is that footage available to view anywhere online? Seems like it is just available for those who purchase the new box set.
  9. Here is an archived link to the article. I received a 404 when clicking on the original link. https://web.archive.org/web/20211228152829/https://deadline.com/2021/12/the-matrix-ressurections-lana-wachowski-directing-1234902187/
  10. The score was mixed strangely for me as well. I watched at home via streaming. The Cuba Chase is where I noticed it the most.
  11. I find myself with the same mindset! I buy physical, yet increasingly so for films and albums that I cannot find for download or streaming.
  12. @gkgyver Seems like John Altman released his Goldeneye "Tank Chase" track via Soundcloud back in April 2020. Wonder if this means an expansion of the soundtrack was in the works... https://goldeneyedossier.wixsite.com/bond/post/john-altman-releases-the-original-goldeneye-tank-chase-track
  13. I love this score! I have the DVD of the movie and will need to rewatch.
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