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  1. Well, I DO have a more detailed rant on the subject: http://blofeldscat.livejournal.com/160757.html But let me emphasize, there's no new music of much worth on the CD. What can be added is mentioned there.
  2. Sure the album is quite chronological as it is and the "additional music" is a total rip-off, containing almost no new music.
  3. Would the person who runs the chrono-score.blogspot contact me either in PM or e-mail? Thanks!
  4. You can find it here: http://blofeldscat.livejournal.com/97667.html
  5. I'd like to recommend the Sequencing section of my Daily Film Music blog. There's a new sequencing guide for old and new favorites almost every week. You can access the listings directly through this link: http://blofeldscat.livejournal.com/tag/sequencing If you just want to look around, you can do it here: www.dailyfilmmusic.tk
  6. [Original post deleted] Drop me a line, Whill.
  7. Well presumably, if the team who's out to resurrect/continue the concept of expanded Bond CD's actually knows where the music is located and therefore the people who own/control it, you have a better chance of success Yeah, only problem - nobody cares. Yes. The complete recorded material runs just over 80 minutes. This includes some 6 minutes of tracked material, all source music (including miscellenous material like Kropfitsch scaling practice for Kara) plus about 3 or 4 minutes of unreleased original music that wasn't edited down from existing material.
  8. That is the case, tracked music pretty much without Barry's knowledge - an afterthought if you will. So then please tell me precisely which cues these are and where I can find these recordings so that I can assemble this. Neil The cues come from the following - Dr. No (Track 6), FRWL (Track 1) and TB (Track 7). And that helps us exactly how?
  9. That is the case, tracked music pretty much without Barry's knowledge - an afterthought if you will. The real problem is - they don't sit there at all with the exception of TMWTGG and maybe TSWLM. But the rest - who knows?
  10. Thank you for the interest. Bad news - no score will be released in the forthcoming years as far as I can tell. So tough luck. Regarding anything else, those questions are not to be discussed in public. Thank you.
  11. Whoa... Wicked, King Mark. Can this be a SURE sign of an official release? Or is it just the "unmentionable" discusion?
  12. Yeah, that's what I said, just twisting the words a bit too much.
  13. Well, if you insist on giving titles instead of the good old fashioned reel format. That cue is meant to represent Arrival in Vienna, but its edited form is also used for the chello retrieval and the ferris wheel scene the same way Inflight Flight is tracked into the kitchen fight sequence. TLD has about 15 minutes of tracked music.
  14. 'Into Vienna' is simply an instrumental version of the 'If There Was a Man' song, which was produced for soundtrack and single purposes, it was never meant to appear in the movie. It was named like this to make a connection with a scene in the movie, whereas the original wasn't available anyway. Regarding the chello music, rob is not far from the truth, as the orchestral sweeteners scattered thoroghout the score have been edited down from the two instrumental versions of the song. There are short cues mixed out from Arrival to Vienna appearing when Kara fetches the chello and later on the ferris wheel, while Bond Meets Kara is reused during their conversation in Afghanistan (the one about a horse's arse).
  15. It's alternate that was dropped when the acknowledgements had to be shifted within the cue.
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