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  1. Totally. I'm legitimately pissed off about it. This soundtrack honestly should have been the blockbuster soundtrack of the decade, filled with incredible cues.
  2. God damn this score was bad - just like Infinity War's score. Such a great film, but was taken down a notch thanks to the awful score (and Brie Larson of course). Giacchino, Brian Tyler, hell - ANYONE - would've done better. Infuriating to see such great movies butchered with weak scores like this. Listened to the whole CD 2x now and its just all filler with Alan Silvestri's 1 (weak) Avengers theme sprinkled in here or there. Iron Man, Thor, and Cap (yes I know we briefly here a nod to him) should've had all their themes prominent. Gah! Totally. I hope Silvestri stops getting work... He did great stuff decades ago, but lets stop pretending he has any talent these days.
  3. Exactly. The rest (besides a moment when Thor is taking the heat of the sun) is just useless background that could have been created by any random amateur. Sad to see Silvestri go from something like Back To The Future to Infinity War. I do feel he has lost his touch. Sure the directors might have had something to do with the awful OST, but being the veteran he is he could have stepped up and said 'no, here is what you want & why'. What's frustrating is this was just Part 1 of an awful soundtrack. We're 2 months away from getting Part 2, which will likely be just as awful even though the film is even more epic.
  4. Nothing in Infinity War comes close to this track alone:
  5. Just out of curiosity (maybe I'm being too harsh on Infinity War) - what would you consider a bad score from a recent blockbuster?
  6. Thank you! Written much better than I could have ever hoped to. It's so sad that he's the one doing End Game. We're going to see the end of these characters we've been with for over 10 years (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor), and the music will surely just be more background phone-it-in crap. Would have been cool to bring in Henry Jackman, Bryan Tyler, Danny Elfman, Giacchino, and (I guess) Silvestri all to collaborate on End Game - the most epic ensemble film of all time.
  7. That's good to hear. An incredible score could have truly elevated that film. Bryan Tyler / Danny Elfman should've been brought back. Or Literally anyone else. It's weird because Winter Soldier is one of the best MCU OST's, then Civil War & Infinity War are the 2 worst. Strange to see the Russo Bro's royally screw up their soundtracks after such a hit.
  8. I noticed the 1st viewing of Infinity War (a movie which I think is awesome) that the soundtrack was abysmal. Had it been scored by someone who actually cared, I feel the movie would've been elevated to something far more incredible. Hard to have an incredible movie with a soundtrack this bad. I always thought the online groups / forums would agree, but there seems to be some crazy fanboy blind eye witchcraft going on when it comes to this soundtrack. Not only is it the worst of all 3 Avengers films soundtracks (totally throwing away the excellent themes created in Age Of Ultron), I believe it is the worst MCU soundtrack of all time. Its just background music. Can you name 3 excellent songs on this OST you can listen to over and over that come close to some of the great themes found elsewhere in the MCU... Sorry, I've bottled this up for almost a year now and I cant stand seeing the nonstop praise for one of the worst soundtracks to a comic film - ever.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, I'll jump into that thread!
  10. Received my box set for Christmas from the wife. Somehow she remembered me mumbling about it when it was announced. Have listened only to 1/2 of Prisoner of Azkaban so far. Favorite (newly released) track: 'The Rescue of Sirius'. What are some of your guys favorite new tracks?
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