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  1. Well for a first completed track it sounds very professional and well thought out so very well done!! Yeah, I was going for a heart wrenching feeling so I guess I graduated towards Williamsy dramatic chords! Ill have ave to check those libraries out, I quite enjoyed their sound and fullness! Did you use a DAW or a notation software for the recording?
  2. Wow! I would absolutely love to have an experience like that some day! I guess it helps that the pieces are very good! Hey! This is some superb work! In my track I posted I had a section with a simple triplet motif, same key as well if I’m not mistaken! I really enjoyed your melodies/harmonies. This definitely does have a distinct Williams tone, but overall it seemed quite unique! I really love the soaring melodies and the shimmering counter lines and metallic textures you have going on. I’d love to hear more tracks from this game, or more of your work I’m general. Thanks for posting! Also, what are you using for your mock-up?
  3. I really appreciate what you said about the piece I posted, I understand fully what you said and that is a tremendous compliment! As for what you posted, it's not my area of expertise, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It would be really cool to hear your band play it as well in the future if you record it! Keep up the good work pal!
  4. I’m loving this discusssion! I was listening through some scores the other day and found another great example of these chords and I meant to come here and talk about it, but I have since forgotten! Maybe I will find it again some day! @The Five Tones Very excellent examples from you as wel! I just love that sequence from the asteroid field, one of my favorite Williams cues! I agree about your quoting statement about the Indy films, it was so cool to discover those two similarities between the two scores, clearly paying an homage to the original scores! I also find the fiddle example quite compelling as well! It’s entirely possible that fiddler is where he discovered his love for the chord. If I’m not mistaken though, the minor7(b5) is a pretty common Jazz chord as well, perhaps he also took inspiration from his Jazz pianist days as well! So fascinating!
  5. Oh wow! That is amazing! I’d love to buy a copy when you’re finished with it! Ive noted all of your comments, rather than try to screw around through agencies and all that Jazz I’ll probably just abandon the idea entirely! If I was writing something more substantial it might be more of a “must-do” but, I’m afraid what I’m writing really doesn’t warrant a meet anyways! @Nick Parker IM IN LUCK! I just finished a batch of micro oganisims today, I’ll have to try your idea 😎 Thanks very much for the advice @Will If I find the address I might just try and shoot them an email just to see what happens, but like I mentioned up there, I will probably just end up not even trying. Besides, @Falstaft has a much greater need to meet him than I do so I really don’t stand a chance ha @Cerebral Cortex 1. I love that video! It just shows how caring he is (unless he just wanted them to shut up ha) 2. I so wish I lived in LA so I could pull a stunt like this and finally, 3. I’m a percussionist so it might not work too well, I mean I could play the snare part to The Imperial March ha It’s totally okay! Like I said in the original post, I wasn’t really expecting much, but you never know, maybe I could’ve been pleasantly surprised! I appreciate you giving me other things to think about as well, I have the book that was just released so I will probably be referencing that a bunch! I will also check that podcast out that you recommended as well! Again, thanks a lot @Arpy and to everyone else who responded to this thread!
  6. Hello everyone! I am in my undergraduate studies studying composition and I am currently taking a music history class that focuses on the 20th and 21st centuries. I have been assigned a pretty sizable paper that I am able to choose the topic of and I want to do it on John Williams, specifically attempting to map out his stylistic periods (using the Star Wars films as a constant.) Upon telling my professor my plan, she recommended that I try and reach out to him (or a manager of sorts) for an interview. I am aware that this is a serious shot in the dark (and nothing will probably come of it,) but I wanted to try anyway. Does anyone on here know anything about how one would go about contacting any of these entities for a project like this? Thank you all in advance!
  7. Thanks so much for giving it a listen! Im glad you could imagine in the war time context! Thanks @SteveMc I appreciate the kind words, and I’m very happy you enjoyed the piece! The opening section there is quite a lot of dialogue and suspenseful things happening (awaiting the CO’s orders in the damp trenches) so I figured the more atmospheric approach would be far more appropriate. Yeah, I’ve been listening to his music for so long it’s hard sometimes to not let subtle things like that creep in, it makes me happy to hear that you think I effectively got away from in though, that means a lot as well! Thanks for taking the time!
  8. Just made a post on there! Hope you all can give a listen! Thanks in advance!
  9. This is a spectacular piece of music! Your orchestrations are superb and the material is accessible at times while pushing limits at other times. There's an Immaculate balance between all the different styles. You have a tremendously mature sound! I love the classic huge orchestral sound you have as well! I also very much enjoy your harmonic and timbral choices as well. The Studio Orchestra sounds amazing! What was the rehearsal/hiring process for them? Wow! I don't know what else to say, I am still a studying composer myself. Where did you study? Alright guys, here you go! is a piece written to accompany a short film by one of my friends called "Cannon Foder". The short film is set in WWI. The story is quite long to try and type out, but enjoy the piece! *DISCLAIMER* At 2:37 in the music there is a very loud battle whistle simulation, so plan accordingly!
  10. Great! Should I post in in there? Also, is there generally an interest in this sort of thing?
  11. Hello everyone! Since this platform is full of film score enthusiasts and general music lovers, I thought I’d see if anyone would be interested in hearing a piece of mine and maybe offering some critiques or general comments! If there is is anyone interested feel free to respond to this thread and I will post the piece here and we can start a discussion! If not, then I will not be posting anything unless there is an interest. Thanks for your time!
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