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  1. To be honest, I expected some more from the film. Especially considering that it is the end of the saga.
  2. I can't watch the series because I didn't even get Disney+. Hopefully something will appear on Youtube someday.
  3. It was the actors and cinema that make the OT what it is. Just the updated Jaba scene in A New Hope takes some of that atmosphere away.
  4. Definitely, though, there will be a composer who’s on top of all projects and oversees them.
  5. I’m guessing Powell will carry on the music for SW films after TROS.
  6. Does anyone else hear that bits of audio in this video are silent?
  7. Good find. It really makes the whole trailer look better. Now, all we need is a version with voice sound.
  8. Guys, I have BIG news. Jay Zario is Avi Galinsky!
  9. I don't know.. It is a lot of pressure, and these are certainly the last days of John Williams music, but since they are, maybe he will want to do something big. Conducting the London Symphony is definately something big as it is the second most highly regarded orchestra in the world.
  10. "The Saga Ends, The Story Continues" seems to suggest that it won't be a full end for the characters. Maybe someone or something will remain undefeated. Maybe the movie will end as if it is setting the scene for another film.
  11. Ii2


    The best part of the trailer is obviously when CP3O takes one last look... at his freinds.
  12. The Last Jedi had a better than average score. I’m always more optimistic about the film, but nothing is complete without good music. A good Star Wars film wouldn’t be a good Star Wars film without John Williams music. I hope there will be some good film, and some good music to complete the scenes.
  13. Ii2


    Also the gap between cliffs is wider in shot two. At least it looks that way.
  14. And the posters lost brain cells posting them. Then again, there was not much brain to start with.
  15. Ii2


    In TROS, Rey gets the high ground.
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