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  1. No, it is the third best Star Wars film.
  2. Goofy questions: Who's your favorite JWFAN user? Which soda do you like best? What do you think about Bespin's discography? (Which I like alot) Real ones: Which score was the hardest to write for you? Of all the orchestras you have worked with, which one do you feel the most comfortable with. Or: Of all the orchestras that have played your music, which one do you think makes your music sound the best? Which film composer besides yourself do you like best?
  3. I saw the movie two nights ago. Something about the story: This was just a very small portion of the movie's plot. My remarks: Joaquin Phoenix plays the character well. A very believable performance. The plot is ok. I wouldn't have ever thought that Joker's history would be a failed comedian. Still, the plot fits well into the movie, and the characters fit well with the plot. The plot doesn't move too slowly, but sometimes it does move a little fast. It was great that the Wayne family appears in the movie. It wouldn't be a Joker movie without the Wayne family. Who's better? Phoenix or Ledgers? It really depends on what you want in a character like the Joker. Phoenix is a lighter version of the Joker, flamboyant at times. Ledgers is the dark and disturbing Joker, a perfect villain for the dark Batman in the Dark Knight. I like Ledger's performance better because it was even more believable than Phoenix's is. And, I prefer the Joker as the dark and psychotic villain. Comic book fans would probably disagree with me. It is true, Phoenix's Joker is more similar to the Joker of the DC comic books and the Batman TV series. So, the question of who's better really depends on your preference.
  4. F Temple Of Doom M Raiders Of The Lost Ark K Crystal Skull, thrown down a bridge into a bed of nails
  5. I like the released version better but only because of the atmospheric part. I feel the song is incomplete without it. Successwise, the demo version wouldn't have done good on the charts simply because it was not contemporary enough. That's probably why the producer decided to release the official version.
  6. Yes. It's more than written well poetically. There is a depth to the song too. There is a happiness and a sadness that clash throughout the song. First, it starts off calmer, and in a thoughtful tone. 'Is this burning an eternal flame?' Then, the middle section of the song is more active and emotions are building up. 'Say my name...' It calms down and there is a hint of giving up in the flame when the 'Close your eyes..' lines repeat. Finally, when you think that the song is going to finish in the same tone as it began, the atmospheric part bursts in. 'Is this burning an eternal flame!' The emotions of giving up and hoping the love will last clash here creating an excellent finish! And the way the song fades shows how the emotions themselves never fade away. By the way, there is another unreleased version (maybe studio demo) that does finish the song. The way it ends here is in a darker tone. The emotions of giving up take over the emotions of hope and happiness. I couldn't find that version, but I remember hearing it. This is the way I interpret the song for myself.
  7. It turns out there was more poetry in Eternal Flame than I thought! Look how these lines rhyme: Close your eyesGive me your hand, darling Do you feel my heart beating Do you understand I believeIt's meant to be, darlingI watch you when you are sleepingYou belong with me Interestingly and excellently written!
  8. In Force Awakens, there is a whole lot of fancy lightsaber movements, but there is no jumping or other fancy acrobatics. Even without them, the movie still keeps the action, adventure, and even surprise. I was very surprised to see how when Rey took her lightsaber while Kylo Ren was trying to take it himself the first time I watched TFA. (1:33 in the video) Beautiful moment that was. This fight is where the most action is in my opinion. Still, even with 'fancy acrobatics' in Return Of The Jedi, I like the fighting scenes. Overall the acrobatic movements are toned down here compared to some newer SW films. Also, the characters are fighting the best here in all the original trilogy movies. The bouncing off of walls sometimes can add to the moment. Sure, it was extremely unrealistic. That's what surprised the audience. The Empire Strikes Back has my favorite lightsaber fighting scenes, especially the parts when the camera just shows Luke and Vader's outlines in the darkness. The darkness and smoke really add to the atmosphere of this scene. Like @The Illustrious Jerry said, it's the most memorable of all SW fighting scenes. Yeah, the first minute starts off not that bad, but by the time it gets past that, it was way too overdone. They do look a little awkward at certain moments, don't they? That's something that Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi improve. Much better and more skillful fighting in those two. All prequels look overdone, but Phantom Menace is the best when it comes to lightsaber fighting.
  9. The first three are the best. They are the most realistic. The most adventurous is The Force Awakens battle, but my favorite has to be The Empire Strikes Back. @Edmilson, thanks for sharing these scenes.
  10. https://www.11alive.com/article/weather/extreme-drought-metro-atlanta/85-d56ec861-208c-4dab-a9a9-37dd2f228445
  11. Close enough, but the spellchecker is messing things up for you. Also, you need to accent all 7 syllables.
  12. But, from what I read, there is reference to Bruce Wayne. If all goes on schedule, I will see the movie tommorow night.
  13. I must say I agree with this. There is food for thought in the film and the way it presents the character and his dilemma. And, in the end it is the audience who has the last word. They are the ones that should decide whether they will watch the film or not. Of course, it doesn't hurt to put a little warning out there, but maybe it was a bit blown up this time. And that will include many fans of all Batman films and some comic-book readers. But, as I mentioned, they are not the ones who will commit violence just by watching the film. Anyways, I might go see the movie in a few days. Maybe I'll post a review in this thread.
  14. I'm not exactly warning everyone not to watch the film. I'm saying that I get the way that Joker has been restricted from certain theaters. Still, maybe you're right. A trailer does keep some of the core of the film away. But, I haven't only watched the trailer. I read some articles on the film as well. In Joker's trailer (at least the one I watched), I don't remember one instance where someone actually dies. Yes, I wrote that in my previous post. At least no more violent that the new Terminator and Rambo movies released in the last few years.
  15. I won't be seeing the movie. I did see the trailer though. I can get where people are coming from when they want to restrict Joker. Still, when compared to other action-drama films today, there is not much difference. In fact, looking closely, you will find some action movies nowadays surpass Joker in the amount of violence they put onscreen. That being said, most audiences can handle the movie and unless they are suffering with a psychological problem, I don't see how this movie among all other action-dramas out there would inspire mass-shootings or other forms of violence. This being said, Joker should be avoided by people who are psychologically challenged. They might relate to the character of the Joker, and since the movie somewhat celebrates the Joker, they might see violence as an opportunity to lift themselves up.
  16. Really?! They were really rocking the place!
  17. I think it’s his seventh best, but I by mistakenly voted second best.....
  18. Funny how they pictured Steele just like Steele.
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