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  1. _Post_Concluded Post_text_count_: 1001_characters Quote_count_: 2_quotes Personnel_Quoted_: Steve_Mc _Collecting_Other_Data_ Jerry_Bot_ Signing_Off
  2. In several movies I have watched, I heard that certain piece from the movie Chariots of Fire (1981) in many places. Mostly it was used just for some comical scene of someone running or something like that. Only recently did I discover it was in fact from the movie Chariots of Fire. So I got curious and decided to listen to the whole score. Strange but..at first I thought I had the wrong film. The music was not what I expected after hearing the main theme. But, after some fast classic 80s beat music, there it was. The main theme. All things considered, the main theme is really a work of art.
  3. I found a Bangles subreddit. Just lying there. Latest post was 9 days ago. But I joined anyways I guess maybe for fun. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheBangles/ Just found out that the "EthanSVG" guy who was on the abandoned Bangles Forum posts on the Reddit. Seems like a good fan.
  4. Like Luke. He couldn't fight that tiny droid practice thingy until Obi Wan told him what he really needed to do. In the first film.
  5. Jedi training is supposed to be more than battle skills. You must "let the force come upon you" and use your power accordingly.
  6. Wow. And these are hard to make. They look professional and top quality. nice work!
  7. Ok. SteveMc The Illustrious Jerry John Disco Stu Nick Parker then there’s some others Holko Bespin Jurassic Shark Richard Mstrox then some others Stefancos Knox Harrington (TGP) Kasey Kockroach Bilbo
  8. Yeah. Something’s happening with this place. we must keep it alive or we’ll fall with it.
  9. Rey has taken all the powers of the force possible! Who's BB8's pal at 1:20? Who am I partnering with?!
  10. @Mattris we were wrong. but keep in mind, I was one of the only ones here who didn't call you a fool
  11. Yeah. I missed three pages just in a few hours.
  12. There was hesitation! They knew it was wrong!
  13. It wasn't at all a stupid twist. You can always see that little connection that you feel when watching the first film. In my opinion the twist was destined to happen and ultimately planned to happen.
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