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  1. So this is like a Mattris vs. Demodex war? Man! I don't even recognize this as a Star Wars discussion anymore.
  2. Time period looks late 80s. Am I right?
  3. I've been taking in some Zimmer and Horner scores in lately. Anyone else think Horner has that Irish influence in his music? The Zimmer scores can be rather dark, but I must say Gladiator impresses me.
  4. Spielberg without John is Speilberg without Spielberg. He'll retire
  5. Meme of the year! Take it to Elon Musk!
  6. Space---The final frontier (I've been watching Star Trek)
  7. In the John Hughes movies, I have only watched Some Kind Of Wonderful and The Breakfast Club. IMO, Breakfast Club is a better film, but the story of Some Kind Of Wonderful is better. Haven't watched Pretty in Pink yet.
  8. There should be no connection between the way Rey received the power of the force with today's generation of issues. Let's just keep it that way.
  9. Sometimes my Mom or Dad will say "who did this? what is this?". Then I tell them its the same guy who made Star Wars and Superman and I'm free.
  10. Common, Richard. What's the worst you can do. In fact, maybe these future generations could learn about the Bangles
  11. Man! I really like it!! Why wasn't it released? Very nice melody. Thanks!
  12. I looked him up, listened to some of his music, you know, he wasn't that bad. He put together some nice melodies. A great contemporary composer.
  13. Poetic and somewhat puzzling. It does have a small resemblance to some Irish music. As for the critics, you know them
  14. Ii2


    I'm too young for this.
  15. Never watched them.😞
  16. You and Jerry had a fight?
  17. @The Illustrious Jerry, Gladiator is excellent! I didn't know it was Zimmer.
  18. I just feel like its my fault abit. He specifically told me don't go there.
  19. Jerry just said a final goodbye to me on the Discord and then...………………………………...he was gone
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