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  1. I watched the videos. "Happy Man" is interesting and its amazing that the Bangles were almost identical live and in the studio! "Going Down To Liverpool" is especially well done live.
  2. Its just that...lately...he's been scoring music with that deep loud noise that lasts while the rest of the instruments play their own thing.
  3. Yes. That's why I chose Back To The Future. Raiders has the best score though. Although BTTF is memorable, its too repeatative.
  4. Wow. Thumbs up to @Bespin. He put alot of hard work into the discography and I think its an excellent keeping of JW's records.
  5. I read the article but I didn't I saw only a little of the video. Sunday, you know, family time. Tomorrow, I'll see them.👍 💤
  6. @Richard its Micki Steele. So, what exactly was that Steve and Steef conversation all about today?
  7. Ha! Mostly it has become a political hub. Threads about Trump, threads and posts about Obama, poof!
  8. Wu Han [BOT] Cats spend up to 2/3 of the day in sleep.
  9. True. True. Animation has the power to change us when we're little. A good animated movie can plant a good tree Philosophical. Nice
  10. I found some new bot commands at the Discord today. It's a good change to the awful Dad jokes.
  11. I looked into it. It doesn't belong in am animated film.
  12. I live on Netflix on my laptop. Subscription expires next two months We need money. Is there any free alternatives?
  13. Nice one! I searched for Official Bangles Forum and I came upon this. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/returnpost/ What ya make of it?
  14. RIP Hans. (Eventhough it didn't seem like a big deal in the movie)
  15. I listened to that one. Shows the Bangles were good with Tom.
  16. Anyone else think Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More” could of used the Bangles. Try to imagine (especially Steve) the Bangles in place of some of the female vocals here. (official video of the song is awful by the way)
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