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  1. Yeaah. Incredible. And it took me about 7 minutes into the first scene to see it was her🤯
  2. Predestination @Jay It took me a while, but thanks very much for the recommendation. This was incredible!!! Exactly my type of film. Very clever and indeed a film you have to go into completely blind. And it payed off. Thanks again
  3. BlackBerry Another great business film. Just like Air & Tetris earlier this year. This one is really filmed like a documentary and the film is kinda grainy which gave it a unique look. It was fascinating to learn about the rise and downfall of the BlackBerry and to see how people change when they gain or lose power. Jay Burachel & Glenn Howerton as tge 2 leads were really great. I would ever consider giving Howerton awards nominations next year. I recommend a watch now that it's available to rent
  4. He did mention that he first came it to score some scenes that they weren't happy with and ended uo scoring the whole film. So it could be
  5. I was listening to a podcast where Pemberton was a guest. He talked about an upcoming project, where he did the score in 1 week. He said it's for a very iconic director who has only made about 10 films. And he also says "it's a director who has a, let's say, very colourful reputation for how he treats composers. He likes to have a lot of control over the music". Anyone got any idea who that might be?
  6. I saw the film. It has a lot in common with his scores for the Nancy Meyers films. It was really beautiful in parts and it would be nice to hear it on album. But who knows when that'll happen
  7. Hypnotic The first 15 minutes of this were actually quite good. A nice action thriller with some cool scenes. It felt, looked and sounded like a early 2000's thriller. But after that the film goes into things with hypnotics and stuff and it's just not interesting. The ending made no sense and it was actually really boring. I don't think Robert Rodrigeuz has ever maade film which I really liked or loved. It's really weird.
  8. It's not a series, but it has to do with tv so I thought I would post it. There's more of these coming with different actors. But this is a really interesting conversation. I really love Coolidge but most of the time during awards etc she's a bit hyper active so it's really nice to see her talk about the job this way. Some really insightful stuff.
  9. I saw the film during the weekend (which is a ton of fun) and one of the things that I really liked was the score. The album is 40 minutes long and is also a ton of fun. There's some more contemporary synths and action stuff, which is composed very well, but is a bit less interesting. The interesting parts are the more caper like cues. It reminds me a lot of Pemberton's Ocean's 8 (a score I love) during some cues. It's just so much fun. Howe is a really strong composer and I'm excited for him to get bigger projects in the future.
  10. Shooting Stars - Mark Isham It's short. It's light. It doesn't really stick in the brain. But it's one of the more interesting things Isham has written in years after all those horrible generic action scores. El Poderoso Victoria - Fernando Velázquez I really enjoyed this. Velázquez almost always is a win with me and this is no different. It has a gorgeous main theme, some comedy writing+ some quite aggresive action writing towards the end. There's some tension and thriller stuff which is less interesting and it drags the album a bit. I would cut about 20 to 25 minutes from the album. But besides this, it always stays playful and fun. I thought this was a wonderful album.
  11. I forgot to post my thoughts, so I'll just touch on some of the stuff you mentioned. I was indeed bummed by Gerri's arc this season. The had such great stuff to do in season 2 & 3, that it was sad to see her used so little this season. After the confrontation scene with Roman a few episodes back, I was hoping we'd get some more of those scenes, but alas. These scenes wete indeed great. I really felt the joy with them dueing the kitchen scene. And this scene made the eventual confrontation at the hit even harder. Very clever writing. Tom really earned the position. He has been working hard for it for a long time. In a way he is the same as Logan in that he had to work really hard to get to the top position. He was such a great character and I was happy for him to see him come out on top. His scenes with Greg this episode were great. And I was just as shocked as Tom when Greg hit him back. That was hilarious. For this really was one of the best scenes in all 4 seasons. It was harsh, but really strong. The acting of all 3 was incredible and I was shocked by some of the thing that happened and were said. Kendall physically attacking Roman and shouting he's the Number One Boy. Shiv's choice to vote with Matsson actually really worked for me storywise. It blew the whole thing up for me, in the best possible way. And Roman realising that Logan was right about them not being serious people was great. The finale worked for me and I thought it was an incredible end to, in my eyes, one of the best series of all time. Incredible!!!
  12. Thought this was really beautiful. Some of it reminded me of Thomas Newman. The piano, synth textures. It's really beautiful. Great 50 minute album.
  13. The end credits suite from the final film is also really great! Goes through a few of his themes
  14. It's Pixar so I'm pretty sure they'll be some bigger orchestral moments. As for Newman's drama scores, Saving Mr. Banks is one of my favorites!! So beautiful
  15. That's happening with more films this week. Creed 3 had to give them to Scream VI and Scream VI to Du geons And Dragons. Fast X to Little Mermaid and Little Mermaid to Across The Spider-Verse. Spider-Verse will have to give them up to Transformers and a week later The Flash. It's just very crowded
  16. As has become, unfortunately, usual with Brian Tyler albums, Fast X's album is a mess. - Completely out of order - Cues from different parts of the films, smashed together. Even if they have nothing to do with each other. - A few suites. But it's not clear on all what exactly they are. Following cues play as follow in full in the film: 1. Origin Story 2. Piquete 3. Visions Of The Past (0:58-end plays first) 4. Rebalance Of Power 5. Veloce e Forte 6. Scales Of Power 7. Nobody's Rome 8. Home Invasion 9. Follow The Litres 10. Black Site (sort of) 11. Standoff 12. How Do You Chose 13. Roman's Riches 14. Hermana 15. Slap Party 16. Aviation Schism 17. Move 18. Legacy (till 3:00) 19. Back To Swan Lake 20. Family Values 21. Showtime 22. One If By Plane 23. Jakob's Ladder 24. The Final Lesson 25. Finale X The following 2 cues are spread out over the film: Under New Management Million Dollar Woman The following are suites of sort I believe: Fast X Dante's Inferno Momentum (the first action part plays before Veloce e Forte) Won't Back Down (Orchestral) The following I'm not able to place: Letty And Dom The Lens Of Time While Rome Burns Viaduct Dodge I just don't get why Tyler makes so much time and effort to make his albums like this. It would be a lot easier if he'd just put the music on there. F9 was just not chronological. But this album is Furious 7 or Ready Or Not all over again. Shame
  17. Out tomorrow!!! Samples below. https://music.apple.com/nz/album/spider-man-across-the-spider-verse-original-score/1690389672
  18. I just came back from Across The Spider-Verse. This is the best Spider-Man film. Maybe one of the top 3 comic booms films. And maybe one of the best movies I've seen. It's literally art on the screen. It's insane. All the voice actors do incredible work, especially Moore, Steinfeld, Isaac, Kaluuya & Schwartzman (especially great). Pemberton's music is really great. You might think that with all the different styles it becomes a mess, but it's very coherent and just really works tremendously. The film ends in an incredible way and I can't wait for March next year. Can't come soon enough. If they can stick the landing with the third film, this will be one of the best trilogies, if not the best of all time. It's really incredible!
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