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  1. I was gonna say that. In Avengers Hulk is just Hulk, not on mind control.
  2. I was visiting a friend of mine today, who had put on The Garfield Movie for her daughter. I caught quite a bit of it, it wasn't very good, but what most truck me was how good Debney's score actually was. It has loads of different syles, but there's also a really big orchestra present with some quite bombastic action and some beautiful piano/string cues. Actually found it a shame that only 3 cues are released, because I would love to here more of his stuff on album. The musical easter eggs of Mission Impossible & Top Gun were actually very funny.
  3. Some scores I've been revisting from the first half of the year. Griselda - Carlos Rafael Rivera There's some really oustanding moments here. Rivera really know how to get the most out of his orchestra. But the short cues and the one theme doesn't do it favors. Argylle - Lorne Balfe Really fun action/drama score. Cues like "Mini Moke Mayhem" & "Mama's Gotta Go To Work" are such fun cues. Also credit to Balfe on how The Beatles' song is used. Very nice. Dune: Part Two - Hans Zimmer I just love this. It's not Zimmer's best score, but to me there are so many fantaatic parts. The dramatic and emotional moments are especially great. "Kiss The Ring" is one of my cues of the year so far. Goosebumps everywhere. Ark: The Animated Series, Vol. 1 - Gareth Coker Fabulous work from Coker. I don't think all of his themes are distinct enough and start to kind of sound alike at points. But his action music is great, strong and powerful. When the music shines, it's some of tye most enjoyable this year. But the long runtime doesn't do it any favors. I think at least half could be edited out.
  4. Emerald Fennell, writer/director of Promising Young Woman and Saltburn, is directing a new adaptation of Wuthering Heights. First thing that springs to mind is that Anthony Willis gets to score this and he could turn in a fantasticly romantic score.
  5. Yes, it's such a shame. Season 1 - 3 for me were spectacular. It was sooo different from everything else. Had fantastic commentary on both the world and the movie business. The shock value was earned and all the characters were interesting to watch. This season hasn't been able to do any of that in a satisfying manner. I feel the creators either didn't have enough time, or they think they are smarter than they actually are. Jay has mentioned it a couple times, but if you're going to write the smartest person on earth, make it clever. Nothing about Sage has been special enough I feel. Half of our original characters are suddenly a shell of what they used to be and there's very little that makes sense for me. I'm always one of the last people to say something isn't working or that it's not as good as it was, because I always look for the positives and I'm quickly enternained. But the biggest take for me when a series goes off the rails, is that it's not appointment television anymore. I'm not in a rush to see The Boys as soon as it releases. It's almost becoming a chore. Put that next to House Of The Dragon for example, which I need to see when it releases. Maybe the final episode will make a lot of things make sense or whatever, but it's a real shame.
  6. Based on the interview with Headland below, my take on what there could be possible for the finale. Everyone is going back to Brendok. Mother Koril will return Osha will side with Qimir/The Stranger The Stranger is possibly associated with the Knights Of Ren in some way (hence the use of the theme). https://nerdist.com/article/the-acolyte-showrunner-leslye-headland-interview/ I've enjoyed all the episodes in the show. I don't think it's as bad as a lot of people claim it to be. I can agree that it has flaws, mainly in hows it's structured for me, but I've still enjoyed myself over the last few weeks. I'm curious to see what happens next week, to listen to the 2nd volume of music (let's hope there's plenty on it from Ep. 5) and if they were to make more of this I would watch it.
  7. I just saw Fly Me To The Moon, really enjoyed it. Pemberton's score works extremely well in the film. Loved it. Mix between Ocean's 8, some of his synth stuff from Steve Jobs & the sweep of Being The Ricardos. What I found interesting is that the cue "The Gala Plan" from Ocean's 8 is fully tracked into the film. It was very clearly in the temp track, because other cues from the score are very alike. Especially "We're Going To The Moon".
  8. I believe the MCU has sooo many really great scenes that are not like the "big" ones, but more the intimate scenes. One of my personal favorites for example is the scene between Thor and his mum in Endgame. Such a heartwarming scene.
  9. I think from Volume 1, if you want an idea of the score, you should listen to these. The Prisoners Escape An Acolyte Combat In The Courtyard Brendok The Ascension Ceremony Under The Bunta Tree Dark Master Descends It's a mix of the action material and the theme for the main characters.
  10. New film from the director of 2015's Brooklyn, starring Andrew Garfield & Florence Pugh. Love both of them, so I'm looking forward to it.
  11. It was a weird editing choice, but they cut it because the conversation already happened in episode 3. So I guess they thought they could've cut it off. But it was weird.
  12. During the fight between Kelnacca, Sol & Torbin, Williams' Kylo Ren theme is again used. I'll be curioud what the connection is going to be, because Qimir wasn't anywhere near what happened this time. Or Qimir is a transformed mother Korril....
  13. First full trailer. Don't like the music used. Doesn't fit at all with the fact that it's a period piece. But I do think it looks good.
  14. I do find it odd that we have only seen one photo of Skeleton Crew, but nothing else. Wonder why that is?
  15. This new horror film, Longlegs, is coming out this week. I'm seeing more and more chatter about it online. Especially about Nicolas Cage's performance (who brilliantly is never showed in any of the trailers or promotional material) and about that you'll never guess where the story will go. I'm so intrigued by the whole thing now through all of it's markering and publicity that I booked a ticket. Very curious.
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