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  1. I'll throw another name in there:


    Hildur Guðnadottir.


    It's a shame. I really feel that it's important that women get the same opportunities in the composer realm as men do. And Hildur seems like such a lovely person, but her music is really overrated in almost every way. There are so many female composers who do much stronger work and have a better musical voice.


    Think Laura Karpman, Pinar Toprak, Germaine Franco, Nami Melumad, Amie Doherty.


    I wish they would get the same praise of Guðnadottir seemingly gets for every score she writes



    How I would've love to have seen this in a cinema. Because with only 5 words of dialogue, this film conveys so much through Kaitlyn Dever's incredible performance, the sound design and it's visuals.

    The visuals are incredible. The camerawork, the lighting and the staging of sequences is brilliant. Add to that some really great VFX on the aliens (which are just right, not over the top) and a score and sound world creeping around every corner and you have one of the best sciene fiction thrillers of the last few years.
    I absolutely adored it!

  3. mL6796_1024x1024.jpg


    I knew nothing about this film going in, but I was hooked on the concept immediately.
    The whole film is executed really well, from the acting, to the horror elements and the ending was incredible!!! I kind of expected it, but it was so well done that it was still a surprise.

    Sophie Wilde is terrific in the lead role. The supporting cast of Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird & Zoe Terakes are also great. Also shoutoot to Miranda Otto (from Lord Of The Rings fame), she's always great and the scenes she's in, she compleyely owns.

    This is in my opinion one of the best horror films of the year. It's inventive, shocking, scary, not too over the top and uses it's themes in really interesting ways.

  4. Sex Education - Season 4


    This has been one of my favorites series of the last couple of years. It's so heartfelt, funny, moving, loving, inclusive and respectful of anyone, educational and just so special.


    It has colourful, well-written, well-acted and lovable characters. Not just the main characters, but everyone. Each person gets it's moment to shine. Be it for the struggles, their humor, vulnerability or just them as a person.


    The show touches upon so many topics without feeling bloated. It talks about sexuality, identity, faith, personality, being young, depression, love, loss, heartbreak, inclusivity and so much more!


    I feel that this is the perfect ending for these characters. There is not a definitive ending, which is great. The people live one, go on to live their lives. It's been a joy to be apart of their lives for four years.

    It might seem strange, but it really feels like saying goodbye to your friends after a series like this. It's kinda hard, but it is only more proof of how special this is.


    This will stay with me for a long time and I will definitely revisit it in the future. There is so much to learn from it, on so many different levels.
    It means a lot to me and has been absolutely perfect!

  5. 4 minutes ago, Fargo said:

    I see the composers for the soundtrack also did The Witcher - is that worth a listen to? I've never seen the show or listened to it before.


    Their work on One Piece is much more approachable than their work on The Witcher.


    The album for The Witcher is also very long, but is a bit harder to get through imo. I've cut down the album to 80 minutes, which I think works better.


    The most impressive thing about The Witcher score is that they created a sound that is now so linked with the show.

  6. Another not score album, but I had to comment on this because I'm a big musical fan.


    For me, this is one of the biggest and funniest surprises I've listened to this year. I knew this stage show was being done at Disneyland, but never been able to see it.


    This album came out of nowhere and honestly, it's one of the most fun musical albums I've heard in a long time.

    The whole thing is done with a straight face which makes it even more fun.

    There are 2 previous songs "Star-Spangled Man", "Save The City" and Alan Silvestri's Captain America & Avengers themez are used throughout.


    The new songs are all very well written, orchestrated and performed. The lyrics are all actually very clever, and I love the whole tongue-in-cheeck aspect of the whole thing.

    I absolutely love it!!!


    Ps. There's even a John Williams quote in the song "What You Missed"



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