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  1. Been listening to this new release of the soundtrack from La Land Records over the last month it's amazing great release the best Superman The Movie has ever sounded !!!
  2. Agreed with you on that also not just on CD with the sound quality of the soundtracks (mostly the 1997 Special Edition Releases of the OT) but the film mixes themselves for The OT on DVD and Blu-Ray in 2004 and 2011 they even don't sound the same but that's a whole different topic all together. So in many ways both the soundtracks on CD and film mixes have been botched in some cases since 1997. I hope someday Mike Matessino does get to do a proper re master of all 3 Star Wars Trilogy Soundtrack releases at some point.
  3. That's been a huge question regarding the sound on these expanded Star Wars Trilogy Soundtracks from 1997 by RCA victor. Don't know the answers as to why they sound off. to me A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back sounds fine while Return of The Jedi does not sound great at all. I'm sure if they ever do another expanded release of these scores the sound will fix fixed on any future releases.
  4. Jaws (1975) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2 CD Set from Intrada I got in the mail awhile bak. Great score and amazing soundtrack and I'm happy to have this in my CD Soundtracks Collection !!!
  5. Close Encounters of The Third Kind 40th Anniversary Remastered Edition : 2-CD Set Limited Edition from La Land Records I got in the mail awhile back. Great score and amazing soundtrack and I'm happy to have this in my CD Soundtracks Collection !!!
  6. Got my copy of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial 35th Anniversary Remastered Edition: 2 CD Set Limited Edition. Got my copy awhile back from Ebay after it had sold out on La Land Records originally. Great score and great soundtrack release amazing !!!
  7. Blake Neely did mention something awhile back regarding The CW CD Arrowverse soundtracks for the current seasons of the shows. From his Twitter :
  8. Been following JWFan since it's beginning. Happy 20th Anniversary !!!
  9. After hearing the many interviews for the different Superman The Movie CD Releases from Rhino , Film Score Monthly and La Land Records that Mike Matessino has done over the years it is quite remarkable how each of the releases was done and some of the legal issues etc. each had to get through. 1. You had the Salkind's owning everything up through 2001-2006 owning all materials related to the Superman films from 1978-1987 , 2. Warner Bros Music Group (now Water Tower Music and different from Warner Bros Records) splitting up the music division in 2004 and all the labels from one label plus the
  10. Hope their will be a live stream of this panel on Creature Features or on MM Youtube Channel posted later on
  11. I've recently gotten all my movies both new and older on 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc. Not for every title but a few older and mostly newer released movies. I do like 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc but do like the colors for certain titles better on Blu-Ray than 4K it depends on the title I guess. My 4K Set up is an LG 4K UHD Blu-Ray Disc Player plus an Onkyo A/V Receiver with 4K Pass Through and a 50 inch 4K UHD TV from TCL.
  12. It is amazing that Superman: The Movie has had 3 restorations on CD the Rhino Records 2 CD release in 2000 , The Superman The Music (1978-1988) 8 CD Box Set release in 2008 and La Land Records 3 CD Release this year in 2019 for it's 40th Anniversary in 2018. It took 3 try's to get it right and the hard work Mike Matessino has put into these releases have been amazing !!!
  13. Changed it just now. Thanks for the tip @Jurassic Shark Great points guys I always prefer physical media CDs , DVDs , Blu-Ray Discs and 4K UHD Blu-Ray Discs over Digital Downloads any day. I will always buy my soundtrack OST or Expanded Soundtrack Album on CDs.
  14. Agreed Sony Classical had the Star Wars license for two decades and did nothing to remaster the soundtrack except 3 re releases and 1 remaster of the original soundtrack albums for The Original Trilogy in 2017 for it's 40th Anniversary on both CD and Vinyl. I hope one day Mike Matessino gets to do proper remasters of the 1st 6 Star Wars Soundtracks someday have La Land Records work with Walt Disney Records together to put a proper release fully remastered out. Though likely won't happen anytime soon since Disney is so focused on the newer films at the moment. Agreed the whole history
  15. The amount of copies yo Agreed guys that being said however the amount of copies you can sell today for a limited edition expanded releases is different than it was in 1997 and 2000 back then you could sell 15,000 to 20,000 unit copies of a CD Soundtrack Album / Expanded CD Soundtrack Album release. Places like Varèse Sarabande , Intrada Records and La La Land Records now can only sell up to 5,000 unite copies of a Expanded CD Soundtrack Album release. Times had indeed change for selling a CD Soundtrack Album / Expanded CD Soundtrack Album release as MM said in recent podcast
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