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  1. A couple of previews for another Bond series. The Cars:
  2. With popular demand from different places by different people; The Planet Series (Star Wars) has now been modified
  3. The Signature Collection: Shadows of the Empire was made for request as a joint venture with Dave Williams from the FSM forum.
  4. Added The Rise of Skywalker to my previous collection above:
  5. Thoughts on this design? (Still heavy-work-in-progress)
  6. A cover for Jurassic Park: Based on the colour scheme of the jeep seen in the film.
  7. Two covers for a Deluxe Edition I made for The 13th Warrior: (contact me if you want the link for the music)
  8. Two new sets for the Original Trilogy, First set is using the gorgeous artwork by Nicolas Alejandro Barbera: Second set uses the fantastically simply art of Adam Faniszlo:
  9. One for the FSM release of Poltergeist: One for the FSM release of Gremlins: And finally, the British classic The Italian Job:
  10. This has probably been done before, but I wanted to re-create the Original Trilogy's vinyl covers.
  11. I've changed the original post above for the updated covers with the original poster logos And, here's another fun cover for Return/Revenge of the Jedi:
  12. I could do it with the original logos for each one?
  13. That was me, yeah a long time ago and on the shrine. And thanks for the kind words Since I posted them a long time ago, it was a good time to do a quick revisit. So here are the updated ones, with a few changes added: EDIT: Since the assembly line style isn't my cup of tea, they all have their original poster logos now. Except for The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, those I made from scratch inspired by Jim Titus' ideas and my own personal taste. Feel free to use them if you want
  14. Yet more Bond vinyl remasters Thunderball is the UK release. I will do the more exciting US release as well.
  15. Another variant in my upcoming Bond collection. This time it's a remaster of the original vinyl LP cover, with very minor changes for personal taste I will do a remaster/recreation for the rest of the series' entries..
  16. Do you comment? I don’t think you can post images, but @heidl once gracefully dedicated a section with my covers, the ones above actually
  17. A bit of both I guess, it’s actually based on/a continuation of the recently released steelbook blu-rays www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/462179-james-bond-steelbook-blu-rays-are-on-the-way/amp and my goal is to finish the set, using the opening credits as templates.
  18. Series based on the art of Ralph McQuarrie. Alternates:
  19. I'm currently working on a series for James Bond, in fact I've got at least 4 different sets planned. Though I'm a good bit on my way, these will take some time.. I will be posting other stuff in the meantime, probably mostly when I need a break from the Bond series Anyway, here a few previews of three of the sets I've got planned: Set #1 (there might be a colour version of this set) Set #2 Set #3
  20. Just finished an alternate for the 2018 videogame God of War. Music by Bear McCreary.
  21. New member here. Been a long time poster on a different forum, so here's a small collection of some of my previous works
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