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  1. Oops...rats -- you're right. I had the right cue, but the wrong link! Hang on -- I'm gonna try to edit the original post. I wanted to see what music was going on during the Mirror scene, because, as you said, the music HERE seems to be the 8m4 Mirror cue...and the Mirror scene has different music. Sorry -- I screwed up, but thank you!
  2. Which cue is used in this scene at the end of HP1? [edited from an earlier erroneous link I posted] https://youtu.be/RwDM6VPBBi4 It must be something from Reel 8, right? But it is not 8m4 "The Mirror Scene." Can anyone tell me which one it is, from the list below? Thank you! 1M1 The Prologue 1M2 Potter Logo Lead-In Version 1 1M2 Potter Logo Lead-In Version 2 1M3 The Friendly Reptile 1M4 Don't Burn My Letter 1M5 Mail Delivery 2M1 The Beach And The Arrival Of Hagrid 2M2 You're a Wizard, Harry 2M3 The Wizard's Pub 2M4 Diagon Alley 2M4 Rev. Diagon Alley 2M5 Harry Gets His Wand 3M1 Hagrid's Flashback 3M2 Platform Nine And Three Quarters 3M3 Escaping Frog 3M4 Arrival at Hogwarts 3M5 Entry Into the Great Hall 3M6 House Selection 4M1 The Banquet 4M2 Lonely First Night 4M3 Mail Drop 4M4 Mr. Longbottom Flies 4M5 The Moving Stairs 4M6 Rev. It's Guarding Something 4M7 Introduction to Quidditch 5M1 Hermione's Feather 5M1X Troll in the Dungeon 5M2 Fighting the Troll 5M3 Nimbus 2000 5M4 Part 1 - Let the Games Begin 5M4 Part 2 - The Scoring Begins 5M4 Part 3 - Slytherin Scores 5M4 Part 4 - Harry's Great Victory 6M1 Hagrid's Christmas Tree 6M1A Christmas Music Box 6M1A Alt. Cast a Christmas Spell 6M2 Christmas Morning 6M2A The Library Scene 6M3 Dumbledore's Advice 6M4 Owl's Flight 6M4 Alt. Hedwig's Time Transition 6M5 Rev. Hermione's Reading 6M6 The Norwegian Ridgeback 7M1 Filch's Fond Remembrance 7M2 The Blue Forest 7M3 Three Note Loop 7M3A Hagrid Plays the Flute 7M4 Running to McGonagall 7M6 Fluffy's Harp 7M7 In the Vinesnakes 7M8 The Flying Keys 8M1 The Chess Board 8M2 The Game Begins 8M3 Checkmate 8M4 The Mirror Scene 8M5 Love, Harry 9M1 Gryffindor Wins 9M2 Leaving Hogwarts
  3. Thanks for your help, everyone. I'll have to pick up one of those Superman IV CDs mentioned for the full story, but I think I've got a better handle on it now. The La-La recording cover seems miselading, doesn't it? "Music by John Williams; Adapted and Conducted by Alexander Courage" seems to imply that Williams did the bulk of the composition for this film, which, from the above explanations, doesn't seem to be the case. Thanks!
  4. My apologies if this has been rehashed to death, but I'm new here, and I didn't see a relevant discussion through searching the forums. I'm trying to get a sense of what parts of Superman IV were written by JW and what parts were written by Courage. Everything I've read has said that the score was by Courage, "with original themes by Williams." Are these *new* themes that Williams wrote for Superman IV? If so, are they entire cues, or just melodic/harmonic ideas? Or is this just a way of acknowledging that Courage was scoring a sequel (to a sequel of a sequel) and was adapting some of Williams' original music in his otherwise original score? The complete cue list on this page simply lists Courage as the composer. IMDB lists the music as "Composed by Alexander Courage with Original Material by John Williams." If anyone has any specifics about who, exactly, wrote what, I'd love to hear. Thank you!
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