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  1. This is problem of 97 release, not score overall. Okay, maybe I've got too hard with TPM, but AOTC is really pure boredom. You shouldn't even count this garbage can release as listening experience. ROTJ sounds better than SW and on the same level as ESB or even little better. The only cue really affected by recording is Superstructure Chase, because it was recorded in different venue and not in the Abbey Road.
  2. Not that much, actually. This is from my separated cue version. But yeah, they work much better when joined. And what about the inserts, there are only two, to my knowledge. Excerpt from Han Solo Returns in Speeder Bike Chase / Land of the Ewoks, and alternate Emperor Arrives in The Lightsaber, it seems they used it to make this track longer, but it bugs me that it wasn't edited in medley with others, this is just stupid.
  3. AOTC is also ultra-boring. Zam chase and Jango escape are great, plus new material for arena, but other tracked stuff from TPM is a nightmare. I heard about criticisms for ROTS because lack of themes, but it action-packed, at least.
  4. Just relistened to it yesterday. Aside final battle, there are still bits and pieces. And what about themes, there are stil less than in ROTJ. Force, Droids, Emperor, Anakin, Jar-Jar, Qui-Gon (very cool but understated theme), Maul, Yoda and Jabba themes cameos. Also Shmi have kind of theme. And Williams dropped them all in other two prequels, (minus Force and Emperor, of course. Tracked music with droids march doesn't count.) What do you mean under older? Because it was recorded in better place than SW.
  5. Why people keeping ROTJ lower than SW, ESB and even TPM? It have so many themes incorporated: Force, Luke, Leia, Solo and the Princess, Yoda, Vader, Ewoks, Jabba, Emperor, Luke and Leia. 30 minutes of final action music is dope. For example, TPM barely have any action music, even if you count all, it still will be under 30 minutes, there are also less themes, and almost nothing happening in the middle with all of Tatooine and Coruscant stuff. And in comparison with Empire, which great, without doubt, but relies heavily on Yoda's and Vader's themes, when they are developed further in Return, first even acts as foundation for Luke and Leia theme. Btw, it's pretty sad that droids theme from ESB not returned. P,S, Ok, I forgot to mention that it was based on Filmtracks ratings, and this was pretty stupid, But 4.18 still little bit low for ROTJ.
  6. Can I find list with parts of cues tracked into others? Like this insert from Father and Son in Bounty for a Wookiee, Vader's Command part when Han arrives to Echo Base, e.t.c.
  7. Can someone share it with me, please? I'm unable to buy the vinyl.
  8. Hi, can somebody provide me an info about part from 0:00 to 0:24? And in which game soundtrack I can obtain it without editiing with another cue, if it ever possible?
  9. Can anybody share it with me? I want this one so bad, but i can't purchase it since Sony rights has been expired and it was deleted.
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