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  1. 2 minutes ago, Holko said:

    And I recommend the 4kxx-es for their lack of jumping around wildly in source quality. Harmy's were a good placeholder, these are the closest we can possibly get to the real deal until Disney mans up.

    I don't think that Disney will put the originals. I've heard something like Lucas said that this are the ultimate versions and there is no need in the originals. And I'll bet that there is pretty big amount of people which want them, maybe not as many as the soundtrack lovers, but still. Disney just sitting on the gold mine. Almost everything SW is still selling like a hot cakes.

  2. Just look at this. This is 4K scan of the original and theatrical Czech print of The Phantom Menace.


    And on the second picture is horrible, DNR-ed, and wax-looking 4K version of TPM from 2020. (2011 Blu-Ray looks like shit too)


    There is no comparisons of OT because they are all looking like shit on DVD and Blu-Ray and like a little bit improved abomination on the 4K release. (DNR-d to hell on all three releases)


    If somebody doesn't know, TPM was almost completely shot on film and this look was altered to bring it more in line with AOTC and ROTS.


    The situation with SW home releases is almost as laughable as with the soundtracks because there is still no ultimate versions of OT, TPM and AOTC.


    And there is no way you can watch OT without any changes officially.


    For Original Trilogy I recommend Harmy's Despecialized editions, which are 720p, but by compiling different sources they are undone all Special Edition, DVD and Blu-Ray changes. Changes from previous year 4K releases are absent too. But they actually did 4K scans of original 1997 Special Editions of OT and redone all the changes from DVD and Blu-Ray from scratch. Plus added the new ones, such as Greedo exclaming "Maclunkey" (Lucas intended to do this when new scans were prepared for potential 3D release which plans were scrapped, but conversions of AOTC and ROTS were shown on SW Celebrations)


    Or you can simply watch 4K scans of ANH and ROTJ, which are absolutely identical to originals, because they are the originals. 4K scan of ESB is soon will be out too. Only two reels from the six left to scan. Just google projects 4K77, 4K80 and 4K83.


    With all that stuff, you can forget about original releases for good besides owning them for legally owning fan versions or scans. They are all outdone by them. Only ROTS is really good.


    For all who's interested there is giant comparison gallery for the OT build by one guy, here is the link:








  3. 36 minutes ago, MedigoScan said:

    What? Did they remove the lyrics in the movie? Or was the mixing so bad they were inaudible?


    I do wish more tracks used the synthy aspect like in Whirlwind.

    Seems like they removed it or I haven't simply noticed them. Mixing is pretty good.

  4. Saw the movie. Score is nothing special. Not bad, not good, pretty average. Typical RC bravado. At least he didn't reused whole track ideas from Modern Warfare 2 like in Bad Boys For Life.

    Nice use of choir and one little reference to Silvestri's Avengers theme in the end. That's all. Enjoyed the movie tho.

    I'm thinking that separate listening experience will improve my opinion but I'll need to wait for score release.

  5. 3 hours ago, Jay said:


    That's not the easiest way to check for alternates.

    But yes, in general terms, a "WAV editor" or "Sound Editor" is what you're looking for, and Audacity is the most commonly used free one.


    3 hours ago, Positivatee said:

    I recommend using a duplicate file checker first. AllDup can compare audio files like mp3 and flac, and ignore the tag information. So if you suspect they are the same exact audio information, just with different tag or cover info, this can weed out the low hanging fruit first. 


    Then you just need a program to graphically load both files at the same time, and compare the waveforms visually. Audacity is free. Other programs like SoundForge or Magix are not, but they often are offered for cheap at HumbleBundle every few months. 


    Actually playing both files at the same time and listening for the differences? Gag. 

    Yep I like to do it by simply listening to them. It's not that hard if differences is not minor

  6. 1 hour ago, Fabulin said:

    In the classical sense, the best thematic handling is right here, in the main title:


    Know Batman score to death.


    1 hour ago, Anthony said:

    Outside LOTR and SW, definitely Lost.


    HTTYD didn't immediately spring to mind, but yes, I suppose so!


    Although they don't have a huge number of themes, what about Horner's Zorro scores? Themes feature heavily, yet the both scores have an impresive amount of music which never sounds repetitive.


    And going back to the TV, perhaps something like Fringe.

    Know HTTYD very well too.


    Listened to Zorro scores and was very enjoyed. 


    Not a fan of TV scores.

  7. On 6/19/2021 at 4:24 PM, Luke Skywalker said:

    No, Superman is better indeed. No doubts there..


    Superman is rated 4.20 on Filmtracks. Batman is 4.3 and top 10 in the ratings, based on multiple rankings. Nuff said. 

    Villain theme is better in Batman, great use of choir, full-blown waltz, Attack of the Batwing easily kills most of the Superman action sequences and e.t.c.

    I really like JW but Elfman here is a winner.

  8. I wonder about it. I think that many people occasionally can listen to some soundtracks, but definitely are not diving deeper like us.

    With me it all started pretty randomly. Listened to main title of the Star Wars because I'm a SW nerd since my 6, and later got my hands on the Batman OST and loved it to the death even in the childhood. 

    Later I've rediscovered SW soundtracks through the RCA 2CD's and also listened to the Ultimate Digital Collection pretty much countless amount of the times. The rest is the history.

    By the way, you are all so great, guys. I love this forum so much and I'm glad that I've found it, even though it wasn't that hard. 

  9. On 5/17/2021 at 1:26 PM, Arpy said:

    Just chiming in to also sing this sets praises - the pristine sound quality and improvements over previous is a real bonus to the music which is so rich and involving. I wasn't really a fan of the film, but the score is revelatory in just how virtuoso Williams was in crafting the first most iconic superhero score, and I'm not joking when I say all superhero scores since have been living in its shadow.

    But... But what about the Batman?

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