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  1. Title says it all. If I'm correct, this all started with '93 Anthology of SW, then Raiders in 1995, E.T. in 1996, RCA 2CD's of OT and so on
  2. Which is your favourite/best one? Suggestions are welcomed
  3. I wonder why JW re-recorded whole end credits piece from ANH but end up using only beginning with coda for ending.
  4. I would add The Hijacking from AFO, that cue literally got me into Jerry.
  5. I'm new to him so feel free to write your suggestions.
  6. What way do you prefer? I'm really want to start physical collection, but problem here that I don't have that much money plus shipping to my country is problematic so I'm stick with digital because this is the only way for me now, unfortunately. And another question, how do you prefer to listen to the scores after the first listen? I mean for example from start to beginning, minus alternate versions/film versions, shuffle and e.t.c. Do you like to make playlists? For me the most "playlist-able" materials are middle to long action cues since I'm a big fan of stuff like that.
  7. Runnin' is another great highlight for me, even with some cringey lines, the idea of merging orchestra with rap is incredible.
  8. I like him so much, because of his unique style and great incorporation of beats. His scores for Creed 1, 2, Black Panther, The Mandalorian and Tenet are absolute bangers.
  9. Yeah I've meant orchestral scores, any genres count, thank you so much!
  10. I'm looking for action scores with good themes and not dull underscore. It will be great if it includes couple or more lengthy bombastic tracks. All composers, except Davis, Debney, Silvestri, Elfman, Arnold, Shore, Powell and JW because I've listened all from them with this criterias.
  11. Yeah, ROTS use of the theme is very good too. Second after ROTJ of course.
  12. I can't even describe how much I love this theme. And The Senate himself too. It is so simple but yet so powerful and so suiting for the character. I love it even over Imperial March. I like TPM arrangements, but ROTJ ones are of course the best and most grandiose, esp. cue when he dies. What do you think about it?
  13. TPM end credits are edited too. What is the "gelb version"? Always wanted to know
  14. Exactly. TFA have a very nice album. TROS have like two hours more of unreleased music and album seems to be most butchered among sequels. Lack of proper opening is a big failure too.
  15. Falcon Flight is absolute banger btw. One of my favourite tracks ever for sure.
  16. I have very uncertain relationship with this three scores On one hand, I like them, but on the other hand due to a very big chunk of music still yet to be released it's not clicking on me completely. I know about Force Awakens LTP leak and TLJ isolated score, listened to both, but I'm not a very big fan of music edited to picture. There is just no proper release for me, since I'm not a fan of standard OST albums because of edits and stuff, with very rare exceptions. And there are some really strange moments, like overusing Force theme in TLJ, attaching Luke and Leia theme to Lando and his daughter reunion, this is like what, family reunion theme now? Something is just missing for me, because OT is OT, prequels have my absolutely favourite period of JW in terms of style, esp. with all this bombastic action cues, but sequels are... OK? Plus lack of Abbey Road and LSO is important too. What do you think about them in comparison to other six JW scores?
  17. As far as I remember it was postponed due to No Time To Die expected release, any update on it's status? With all this stuff with virus it can be a very nice time to release it since NTTD was delayed like three times.
  18. On original album and '93 Anthology after Imperial March there is Yoda theme, but on RCA it is continued as written. Is this an alternate or just piece from other track?
  19. Oh, I've noticed one thing in your guide of themes. It seems that Anthem of Evil is missing in the list of concert arrangements.
  20. From 2:39 to 2:47 Or there is nothing special about it?
  21. I think so. Can you throw in some more examples where JW use it?
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