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  1. 2 hours ago, crumbs said:


    He must have been really unhappy with the film credits :lol:


    But really, it's commonplace, especially in SW. I don't think any of JW's credits suites have remained totally intact since TPM (not even sure that one isn't edited).


    It still baffles me how AOTC ditched that seriously awesome Imperial March/Anakin's Theme coda.

    TPM end credits are edited too.


    1 hour ago, Spider-Fal said:

    Well, he seems to have toyed with several versions, with that alternate. Unused credits, the gelb versions etc.

    What is the "gelb version"? Always wanted to know

  2. 2 hours ago, GerateWohl said:

    mxsch, I could not agree more to what you write. The only one of the sequel scores with a proper album presentation is episode 7. The episode 8 OST album is too much concentrating on repeating old material including episode 7. Episode 9 feels completely splintered to me, just like the film.

    Apart from the nice music probably the worst scoring moment of all nine films.

    Anyway, I still hope that there will be the complete score presentations of the three films including most of the unused but recorded music for episode 9. The scores are to me mucially great and out of this world but the albums of episode 8 and 9 do not do justice to the original scores. 

    Exactly. TFA have a very nice album. TROS have like two hours more of unreleased music and album seems to be most butchered among sequels. Lack of proper opening is a big failure too.

  3. 1 minute ago, Not Mr. Big said:

    TFA and TROS are fantastic scores that rival the PT and the OT in their best moments, TLJ has some good moments.  I see everything post-2008 as a bonus Williams music and it's hard to complain about a bonus trilogy of Star Wars music.

    Falcon Flight is absolute banger btw. One of my favourite tracks ever for sure.

  4. I have very uncertain relationship with this three scores


    On one hand, I like them, but on the other hand due to a very big chunk of music still yet to be released it's not clicking on me completely. I know about Force Awakens LTP leak and TLJ isolated score, listened to both, but I'm not a very big fan of music edited to picture.


    There is just no proper release for me, since I'm not a fan of standard OST albums because of edits and stuff, with very rare exceptions.


    And there are some really strange moments, like overusing Force theme in TLJ, attaching Luke and Leia theme to Lando and his daughter reunion, this is like what, family reunion theme now?


    Something is just missing for me, because OT is OT, prequels have my absolutely favourite period of JW in terms of style, esp. with all this bombastic action cues, but sequels are... OK?


    Plus lack of Abbey Road and LSO is important too.


    What do you think about them in comparison to other six JW scores?

  5. 13 minutes ago, Falstaft said:

    In case you're really looking to get into the weeds here, this is a nice reference:



    Oh, I've noticed one thing in your guide of themes. 

    It seems that Anthem of Evil is missing in the list of concert



    From 2:39 to 2:47


    Or there is nothing special about it?


    3 hours ago, Falstaft said:

    We'd love to help @mxsch, but like @Jay says it's hard to know exactly what you're thinking of without more examples, or more specificity within the example you're citing. It could be a cadence, like @Jurassic Sharksays, but that's a pretty foundational aspect of musical organization. That said, if you're curious, you might get a kick out of this: https://mtosmt.org/issues/mto.13.19.4/mto.13.19.4.lehman.html... 



    1 hour ago, Datameister said:

    It's called an orchestra. It makes pretty sounds! ;)


    (Sorry for the snark. As others have said, yeah, we need a lot more information. What specific moment are your asking about, and what element of it? Instrumentation? Harmony? Melody?)


  7. 12 minutes ago, Gruesome Son of a Bitch said:

    He said all he needed to say with ID4 and Godzilla. 

    I like Stargate and TND more. And Casino Royale is dope too, esp. this two brilliant action cues

    Still waiting for TND expansion that got delayed thanks to new Bond which was delayed too.

  8. 1 minute ago, PuhgreÞiviÞm said:

    Silvestri did well on his last two Avengers scores. He's never really evolved, but he hasn't gone backwards either like Elfman has.

    Never listened to them in whole, but there is a great stuff like Portals. If we are talking about evolution, we all know what composer was and is good in it...

  9. 1 minute ago, Gruesome Son of a Bitch said:

    He became largely mediocre in the mid-2000s and no one cares about him anymore in terms of his film work because it's just crap for the last 15 years. A shame.

    Minus Alice, right?

    Silvestri in bad shape overall too btw. So sad to see your favourite composers in such way. And David Arnold is a shame too. He had so much potential in 90's...

  10. I mean, really. Scissorhands and Batman like one of the best soundtracks of all time. Now his signature style is almost vanished, except two excellent Alice scores. Even Silvestri not good in his recent works, but he at least saved his trademark sound and somewhat returned to form in Ready Player One.


    And to throw my 5 cents, Justice League score is absolutely underrated. Yeah, rushed, but even in this form much better than all this Zimmer hacks work. Plus merging Superman and Batman themes for the first time in motion picture ever and two absolutely badass action tracks of his whole career. I've wanted to hear this to themes in one track so many years, by the way...


    I'll bet that Junkie will write another headache piece of shit for Snyder Cut, good God.


    Problem here is that film music industry is so infected by Zimmer studio that almost every blockbuster score not from them are automatically better.

  11. 12 minutes ago, Holko said:

    Those are Jay's spreadsheets, not mine. You can tell by the fact that the quotes all say "Jay" and by his name on the top of the sheets.

    Oh, I've forgot.

    16 hours ago, Jay said:

    And everybody else, when will you learn to ignore trolls instead of feeding them?  You exacerbate the issue by replying to his troll posts, egging him on, generating a back and forth discussion... where personal insults eventually come out.  


    Ignore trolls, and they go away.  Take their bait and start a discourse, and they will continue to come back.  I learned this decades ago.  Why do some many recent JWFanners not know this?

    Jay, check my suggestion about adding my ROTJ analysis to your work.

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