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  1. I've discovered this gem not so long ago, because I've was ignoring all other Indy scores besides Raiders, this was my biggest mistake in OST experience. First listened to Concord, and it was ok, i did it a few times. But then I've decided to build mine ultimate versions of three Indy scores, and when I've got almost all cues except few with proper inserts and stuff, damn. This score is just as insane and over the top as the movie itself. I'm a very big fan of action music, so this is like God's gift to me. Or JW to be certain. I really like Last Crusade for it's clunky sound and very heart touching material, plus it is most thematically-heavy of all four. Raiders for mickey-mousing every action and haunting Ark theme, Desert Chase is exceptional. And KotCS is meh. Only some cues impressed me, center cue is of course The Jungle Chase, which amazingly incorporates every movie theme except Skull itself. And that "Ugh, Vines" cue… It is like ROTS sequel in terms of lacking enough thematical aprroach. But Temple is really like another dimension. Even only for the title track. Only lackluster aspect for me is the lack of center action piece, but i can understand it, because more than a half of the whole score is almost unending action blaze. Also return of the two Basket Chase motifs is cool too.
  2. Williams applied it to the whole Reunion thing, when Luke and Leia played when Lando met his daughter. Just check this out. This guy actually have some mistakes, like he thinking that Imperial March is only Vader's theme, but overall, he is on point.
  3. Oh, never mind. I've got it from the beginning. Just my stupid nitpicking.
  4. Battle motif, cool, almost whole cue is a motif. TLJ suffers from duration and amount of underscore. And what I've wanted to write about TROS, Yoda's theme now not only Yoda's theme, Luke and Leia's theme now not their theme only too.
  5. And what about reusing Yoda theme in Reunion? I'm sorry, I've just forgot that I've wanted to mention this one.
  6. Here is something about them all from me: SW: First and classic, nuff said. ESB: Considered to be the best on Filmtracks, for example. I really like it, but it too much relies on Yoda's and Vader's themes, imo. ROTJ: Most complex work of all 9 for me. So many themes here, all finale stuff is just superb. Only minus is Ewok stuff. TPM: Most Star-Warsy from prequels and obviously the best from them, but not for me. Ending battle and all after it there is on god-tier too. AOTC: Not my cup of tea. Aside action tracks, I'm not a big fan of all this quiet romance stuff, except some tracks, like Meadow Scene. ROTS: My favourite or second after ROTJ, very emotional, hits on the same level as ROTJ in terms of drama, or even more. No Ewok stuff, woo-hoo! Not very developed in terms of themes, and that is the main compalint on Filmtracks. It's actually very funny to read reviews from release time about this score. If this is still all true, ROTS is underrated as hell. Final stuff kicks ass again. Best opening stuff by far too. TFA: Strongest from the sequels, excellent new themes, best End Titles for me. TLJ: Relies heavy on old themes, and overall feels.... I don't know. This thing with repeating opening battle music in Battle of Crait is really bothering me. So. overall, meh. I like second motif of Rebellion Reborn very much, btw. TROS: Still listening to it, but now it is the weakest for me.TLJ is close second. Minus perfomance, of course. All official releases gave us too little of final recorded amount of music. Score is butchered to hell in the movie, even prequels weren't like this. Plus very questionable use of themes, like repurposing music from ESB scene where Yoda lifts X-Wing e.t.c.
  7. LP wasn't going well in 1983, so 2LP plans were dropped and we got what we got.
  8. Never heard Fugitive ost, but Robocop 2 is dope.
  9. TPM on third, right? I'm don't know, maybe ROTS is on my third, well, yeah, TPM sounds very star-warsy, but Revenge is dark af, have ton of great action music, excellent uses of choir on multiple occassions, returned DotF and other things. And do TPM have Battle of Heroes, Lament or Anakin's Dark Deeds, for example? Even absolutely dull Grievous meeting with Palpatine scored in that way, that is sounds absolutely epic.
  10. Your experience of the score is too nostalgic-cool. RS leak isn't possible for TPM, I'm sure. At least we got Crystal Skull, but this RS still sounds little bit worse than album. And what about TPM complexity, I can argue that ROTJ is easily most complex.
  11. I have this set too, it is great and it was my re-introducing experience to SW soundtracks. But I'm still prefer mine most complete edits or Anthology. And what annoys me about original albums, is phantom menace chopped to pieces, for example.
  12. Forgot to mention that I wanted all OT concert pieces re-recorded in full with the same powerful perfomance as this Imperial March excerpt. But Musical Journey-like release would be cool too.
  13. We need whole piece re-recorded like that. Or compilation featuring all concert pieces (at least from OT) can be really great. So, this LA orchestra in TROS kicked LSO ass? And this is most uncomplete and chopped to hell SW score to date, ah, irony.
  14. But you can't disagree that this version of the theme is just effing smashing. When I've first heard it, it just blew me away.
  15. Wanted to throw in additional question, why JW decided not to use LSO for sequels?
  16. Some sources tell it was planned, others than Williams refused to score scenes with unfinished VFX, what I don't get. Which to trust?
  17. Heh, I'm remember how I have written you for possibilty of download links, but I've found another way around. Your ROTS version without tracked music from Squid is very cool. I wanted download links because I'm still not sure that the audio that I've got is not compressed.
  18. Very cool, thanks, this info is nowhere to be found. I'm think that I'm need to edit LSO recording Wikipedia list. I meant only JW HP, but this is even cooler. I've read that all Indy sequels were recorded in the one same stage, is it true? And there is no info on E.T., List? And I'm know that this is a very late question, but don't you mind that I'm using your SW edits for my compilations? Your AOTC and ROTS are backbone of mine versions. Absolutely superior work, by the way.
  19. 10 themes. This is like ROTJ level, even if it little bit unfair, because some disappear too fast. By the way, can you fix in the next version of your SW themes L7 to L3 and add Ah, Rats!!! motif as misc. recurring to IJ themes? It is in the beginning of the video. And thank you for your superb work.
  20. And users rating on Filmtracks is laughable. 3.95??? Really? More than 4.10 at least You can check my compiled version in one place that I'm now calling Area 51 for security reasons.
  21. Me too. I'm also think that TLC is close second or on the same level as Raiders overall. Yes, TOD is frantic, Raiders have Mickey Mousing and insane Ark theme, but Crusade is most thematically rich, if I'm start to count themes/motifs… Cross of Coronado Henry Sr./Grail Quest/Family theme (according to Skull) Holy Grail Scherzo Joneses Nazis Grail Knight Raiders March of course And music of Crusade is also most heart touching of all four. Edir: I'm also was very surprised when this nervous part from Ah, Rats! returned with Indy escape attempt in Skull, so you technically can count it as motif overall.
  22. But actually TLC still loses for TOD and RotLA. Because LSO is LSO and TOD is simply insane in terms of speed. Btw, do anybody have information about what exactly orchestras was used for Temple, Crusade, Skull, E.T., Schindler's List and Jurassic Park with all HP scores? Edit: forgot about sequels and Solo.
  23. Why TLC sounds so... interesting? I've read enough criticisms for this, but I'm like it very much. And do you think that Shawn Murphy could fixed it if he worked on it?
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