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  1. I think Kevin deserves a bit more praise than he is given. I really admire the work he's done with both The Clone Wars and Rebels, especially his original themes. No one is the Maestro, but Kevin's work has been great.
  2. Acquired BBC Symphony Orchestra recently (to add to my Nucleus library that I bought before the holiday season) and then I got surprised by the recent update. Muted brass was the only thing I thought was missing from this library, and now I get to have even that. I don't even think the Spitfire Symphonic series has muted brass unless I'm mistaken. Still, with the Henson boys having gone back and fixed a lot of the issues people seemed to have with this library I think it's become a contender in the virtual instrument library game, perhaps even against having dedicateds. Now I just
  3. Thanks, that was definitely an inspiration, especially in how I wrote some of the string parts. Mostly John Williams with a little bit of Dukas and Grieg.
  4. Do any of my fellow composers know of a good source for learning about music production techniques specific to orchestration? I'm pretty confident in my ability to compose a piece of music (although criticism is always wanted), but when it comes to making it sound mixed and mastered I just fall so far from the mark and I really would like to get better. I know of certain techniqies, like what Alex Moukala calls "surgical EQ" and I've used that to okay effect in my pieces but I just don't think I have the ears to listen for unwanted frequencies, or even the ability to identify what
  5. Hey, nothing beats the original. I'll settle for now until I get better.
  6. X-Wing Chase Rescore I did a little rescore for one of my favorite scenes in the new season of The Mandalorian. Tried my best at some Williams pastiche but I think it came out a little closer to Giacchino, which is still okay. Come to think of it I'm not sure if this can be counted as a rescore since the original clip didn't have music to begin with.
  7. Well there we go. I was confused about the origin of the term "Ludlow Motif". Thanks for the run down. I haven't listened much to the score for TLW on its own but I've heard such texturing in William's other orchestrations. The video pointed out even more that I never heard. I think that the ST's use of the musical idea kind of transcends mere action coloring as it seems to be used elsewhere. I can't describe it, but it's like it's halfway to being thematic.
  8. Falstaft did me the honors below of a posting for this. Click his link below to hear what I was referring to. @FalstaftI loved discovering the Tension motif on a previous watch through before I learned of your catalogue, but I've grown to be fascinated by all these interconnected motifs, as they all do share an interesting relationship. But I've been meaning to ask you what you mean what the meaning is when you refer to it as the Ludlow Motif?
  9. I was watching The Force Awakens tonight while I was bored at work, and at 36m 37s (watching on Disney+, mind) I was astounded to hear the Anthem of Evil theme appear in part in the score as we transition into the scene where Kylo Ren throws his first temper tantrum. I know this is purely coincidental, but it made my hairs stand on end to get such a clear preview of the coming theme--very reminiscent of the proto-Imperial March playing in A New Hope. I wish I could locate the scene in question on YouTube but unfortunately most videos cut out the transition. Just an interesting find
  10. I'm going to assume that you guys got copies of this off of the Illuminati Deep Web Black Market using your shady connections because I can't find this released anywhere. Ah, well. I'm sure I'll find i tomorrow.
  11. Been working on putting together some "demos" for myself to put on a soundcloud so I can show my work and help nab a composing gig. I have this piece of music that I have written for a hypothetical fantasy game, and I've used multiple libraries to create the sound that I wanted. I've decided that this piece would be good to learn how to mix orchestral music, because I don't know fuck all about it. I work nights, so I spend those nights by myself watching videos of mixing tutorials and what not and I still can't wrap my head around any of it, specifically reverb. So, apparently it's ideal
  12. I like the sequel films but even I know that the behind-the-scenes writing was kind of up in the air. But also, despite that IMO the films still hold together well. But yeah, the production was--I hesitate to use the word mess because movie making isn't necessarily a straightforward process and inevitably will have a lot of hiccups--but the production wasn't sound.
  13. Ironically enough, I decided that BBCSO was going to be my choice fairly recently. I LOVE Spitfire's orchestras. IMO they are the best sounding stuff on the market even if they are not the most comprehensive. I was originally wanting the Studio Orchestra, but I was turned off from the fact that the Core version didn't come with a Percussion section. Then I found Nucleus and thought that could be a good place to start, as it is low on gig and high on versatility. At one point I also flirted with getting Sonuscore's The Orchestra Complete 2 for it's Engine. But now I've come back around to the B
  14. I think we share more in common than not, then. Familiar is never bad, IMO. And having played the game there is a lot of seemingly original takes on older themes while still being plenty of new. I don't really know how to feel about the score just yet. I think it's good, for sure. My favorite track so far is Imperial Ceremony and Briefing for the Imperial March pastiche at the very beginning. I don't feel that Gordy has written a good Imperial theme yet but if this is his showing on this soundtrack then it comes close go having that same martial power that the Imperial March has. S
  15. But...do I need to purchase a new key for every instrument I buy? I was wanting to see about their Big Bang Orchestra freebie but I didn't want to just buy a key to use it. Not that I'm cheap, but if I'm going to buy one of their keys I might as well buy a full patch of something.
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