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  1. I believe I said this in the post that @Jaylinked to, hut I have always been under the impression that this is a purposeful inclusion of the Psalm of the Sith theme in tragic mode underscoring a moment where Ben/Kylo is wrestling with which path to follow, a good path or an evil one. In this moment the theme appears as a last gasp of the evil rot inside of Ben as his inner good nature takes back over.
  2. I don't like her contributions to the Obi-Wan soundtrack, but congratulations to her nevertheless for the nomination. Wish her the best.
  3. What, if anything, is on y'alls Master bus when it comes to your orchestral scores? I am not at all good at production so I always just leave my shit blank. I try to do EQ carving and what not but I still can't hear what I'm supposed to hear there so I don't even do much for my instrument patches. I just try to volume match when I can and hope for the best.
  4. I've been getting by just fine with Metropolis Ark 4's choirs. Really, Ark 1, 2, 4 and 5 have some decent choir selections at a very affordable price. They also have a children's choir. I am not a fan of how "perfect" the Metropolis Ark 1 choirs were, so I settled on the 4 choirs which have some imperfections in them that make them slightly more palatable. But they have marcatos phrases that you can toggle to make legato and I get by just fine with those. I hear a lot of people say that the Metropolis Ark stuff you have to kind of put more work into making it sound cohesive, but the Ark 4 choirs are extremely managable. I also nabbed the Basso Profundo bass choir from Ark 2 for some William's Sith stuff.
  5. I apologize, I wasn't trying to steal your thunder! I can't wait to read your next post--as someone who has been analyzing Gordy Haab's soundtracks I love a good theme/motif breakdown.
  6. One of my favorite least talked about themes is the one for the Separatists: The theme plays at 1:39 here. You can also hear a fantastic version of it in the unofficially released tracks from the episode Rising Malevolence (which I don't have offhand and can't find on Youtube, shocking) but can also be heard at the very beginning of Rogue Jedi in full live orchestral force:
  7. Just bought the Metropolis Ark 4 choirs (I like their sound better than the Ark 1 choirs) and now Gaelic Voices? I am drowning in fantastic choir libraries now.
  8. It is VERY Grant Kirkhope. Reminds me of some of the stuff he wrote for Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts.
  9. Working on a personal, unofficial project that is probably going to take me forever to get done but it's a labor of love. This is a snippet of music I have written for said project. http://sndup.net/ptqb EDIT: should say I've done no post-processing or any mixing for this, just vomited it out and put it up. Once I am finished with everything I will want to make it nice and pretty sounding, balanced and what-not.
  10. ...is it just me or is the "Main theme" of Rogue One not the main theme at all?
  11. What's playing in Advice is just the Psalm of the Sith theme, but in tragic mode. Psalm uses the same riff that Williams has used in most of all his movies, including Holdo's Resolve from The Last Jedi.
  12. Does anyone happen to know what loop track Mark Mancina and RCP used for their scores of Speed and The Rock? In the track Rocket Away on The Rock soundtrack I swear I can hear the same drums playing that play in the track Rush Hour from Speed so it's gotta be a loop of some kind. Might be created in-house but maybe it's out there in the world.
  13. I've actually been having a lot of fun with the Glass Piano from Spitfire Labs. Beautiful sound, yet also simple.
  14. Greetings Mr. Griskey, if this is indeed the real Mr. Griskey. Big fan of your soundtracks and I'm glad that they are being made available in an official capacity. I hope that you recieved a good chunk of the money I put towards purchasing said music. Even if not (and I hope this isn't insensitve to say), I feel like these releases can only be a net positive that your music is getting more exposure to more people and which could eventually swing you back into the Star Wars radar--only if those bridges haven't been burned for you of course.
  15. I also started the scoring competition but got a little bored of it. I had an idea of doing a quadrille type of sound--trying to conjure up imagery of Regency era dance music put to drama. I may share the very little that I have done in the near future.
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