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  1. Thanks, I'm working on the next one of these intermittently between my real life duties, so hopefully I'll have something to show soon.
  2. I'm not a body language expert or anything so maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about. It just seems to me in the scene that he's playing it more stoic, more Poker-facey because [Scorpion] is trying to figure out if he knows Spidey's true identity and he chooses not to give it away. EDIT: Found the scene:
  3. I see Homecoming's mid-credit scene as a resolution rather than a set up. Keaton's Vulture is the only one who knows who Spiderman's real identity is, but since Peter is such a good kid who saved his daughter AND him, he feels he's honor-bound to keep Peter's secret. It's a dangling plot thread, sure, but I didn't think even back when the film was first released that it was going to end up going somewhere. I thought it was a decent epilogue that they put in there for the audience to ensure us that the status quo on Peter's identity isn't under threat of change for the next film.
  4. That's what I've been doing. Where applicable I'll just stick with the LSO stuff, but the exclusive concert material is what I'm focusing on in this thread (i.e. Jabba the Hutt, Adagio, etc.), since it's original material.
  5. I already have a few pieces off of John Williams Conducts John Williams, but you lot have convinced me to purchase it entire. What about some of the prequel concert pieces?
  6. People seem to be fond of the Gerhardt recordings here, it seems, for a lot of the Original Trilogy concert suites, but I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions. For the newer pieces this process is a bit more simple seeing as there are fewer recordings to choose between, but opinions are appreciated.
  7. Love the casting for this, all except for Jason Momoa. Nothing against him, I think he's a fine actor, but I can't picture him as Duncan Idaho. Ed Atterton was always the closest to what I imagined, just with longer hair. Momoa can act but I fear I think he looks to "modelish" for the role. But I'm sure he'll pull it off no problem.
  8. I'm here too even though I voted for Horner. I love Zimmer's repertoire through and through, though. He knows how to squeeze the emotion out of soundtracks using very interesting orchestral textures, but I also love when he lets himself do a Zimmer-esque spin on a more traditional sounding score, ala the stuff he's done for Pirates and Sherlock Holmes or his recent animated film scores.
  9. YES! One of my favorite Elfman scores along with Mars Attacks (strange pick, I know, but I love how balls out he goes with the Hermannisms on there). How can I get this/preorder this? This will be the first time I'm able to jump on a release of this nature.
  10. Oh, you were speaking in terms of the film mix. Yeah, modern film mixes are absolutely atrocious. Compared to the sound mixes of the first films in these respective franchises (Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark), films like The Force Awakens just sound so...bad. There's just no other way to describe it.
  11. Anthem of Evil plays pretty heavily throughout TROS. Limited grand statements, but when I listen to the soundtrack it seems like I hear Anthem of Evil in almost every track on the CD.
  12. As far as horror film scores go, I'm partial to Herrmann's Psycho, Zombie by Fabio Frizzi, Halloween, Goblin's Deep Red, Day of the Dead by John Harrison, Phil Glass' Candyman, Scream by Beltrami...I could go on. I love the restored score for Nosferatu 1922 by Erdsmann (and Gillian Anderson by proxy) I love The Shining's score but I feel like it's less a score and more extremely effective ambience texturing, and I can't quite listen to it on it's own. As much as I am a huge fan of horror I've still missed out on some "classics" such as Re-Animator and Night of the Demons, but I love Linnea Quigley so I need to get on that one.
  13. Poll is now closed! Wow! I'm surprised so many people prefer Giacchino's video game score to that of the movie!
  14. I do! Those were fun times. I mostly just listened to the music because the game was not fun for me at all.
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