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  1. You know, I don't usually like the more modern synthetic meets live orchestra stuff but Ludwig's music for The Mandalorian has made me change my mind about it. That stuff he composed for the Dark Troopers hits so good. As for Gordy scoring Obi, I don't know. I kinda like the idea of the TV show scores being more eclectic and less traditional. That's a NEW tradition that goes back to Kiner's Clone Wars scores. I'd say let him in on one of the big movies instead of on TV. But who knows, if he ever does score a series he may end up putting his own spin on it as opposed to the usual st
  2. I've been trying to figure out which tracks go with what missions. For some, they are fairly obvious but others I can't seem to match up. The track listing may be in chronological order by mission but I'm not entirely sure. I have a suspicion that the Bombing Run pieces tagged at the end of the album are for the multiplayer portion of the game.
  3. Welcome to JWFan. If it's not Williams, it's ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. I kid, of course, but I am also taken aback by some of the weird elitist stuff I see people post regarding music on here. As for the comparisons, I think it's a fun discovery, but I'm not convinced that TROS was temped with Haab music. Oh, nad Haab definitely is a fine Star Wars composer.
  4. Ah, that is great. This is exactly what I was looking for in a response. Modular is a fantastic word to describe the Sequel scores. Williams has several different tricks that he uses here and you broke it down exactly how I would have. Motivic, melodic (or thematic), and rhythmic. The Tension music you hear in some of the action scenes is very motivic. The Battle of Crait is reliant on a very rhythmic musical idea, as is Follow Me and the Falcon. He has so many different ways here of conposing action music that are a lot less uniform than his previous trilogy scores. And then you h
  5. Album is out on qobuz. Sounds pretty great, I think. Always great to own some new Star Wars music. Now how great would it be if we got some official old Griskey releases? KOTOR 2 and The Force Unleashed! C'mon, baby.
  6. For instance, if his original trilogy action compositions were Thematic, and his prequel cues were Cacophonic, then what would his ST cues be? They are really all over the place for me. Some action cues are carried by a shredding string section (Battle of Crait, Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle, The Supremacy) some are carried by their melodies more (Battle of the Resistance, The Speeder Chase, The Resistance, I Can Fly Anything). But I think the majority of tracks are very rhythmic. The melodic content is often focused on a rhythmic idea (Follow Me and The Falcon, The Battle of Crai
  7. Not to mention straight up taking a whole bit from Holst's Venus in Imperial City. Like, he didn't even try to disguise it. Still, I LOVE Shadows of the Empire. I always call it my favorite Star Wars score.
  8. Of course! But I wasn't sure how popular these albums are here, and I thought a better mix and master may not be much of a selling point if an individual already had a majority of what was being released here. EDIT: I DO think that it is important that video game soundtrack releases continue to get support so that people see that there is a market for it, so that also influences my decision here. Plus, I can't pass up a Star Wars score, even if it's not il Maestro's work.
  9. Looks like all that was done here was adding a minute or so of additional material onto the track "Touring the Planets Montage 1", which here is called Across the Galaxy pt. 1 on top of the bonus track, which I guess is a diagetic piece? If it's worth a purchase to you to own an additional minute and a half of music then get it, otherwise stick with the Soundcloud release. Of course I want that short bit of new stuff, so I am getting it.
  10. Casablanca. Everything you want in a film in one movie. Excellent soundtrack, fantastic characters, classic romance, intrigue, suspense, adventure. There is not another film like it, though I wish there was. Extremely quotable. Favorite bit is Renault claiming his winnings after shutting down the Cafe. That and the immigrants going to America and practicing their english. "What watch?"
  11. This is going to be great! I'm loving that we are getting all this fantastic Star Wars music officially released. I love Gordy's material despite my criticisms that he copy pastes JW a little too much for my liking. I can't resist more Star Wars music.
  12. I think Kevin deserves a bit more praise than he is given. I really admire the work he's done with both The Clone Wars and Rebels, especially his original themes. No one is the Maestro, but Kevin's work has been great.
  13. Acquired BBC Symphony Orchestra recently (to add to my Nucleus library that I bought before the holiday season) and then I got surprised by the recent update. Muted brass was the only thing I thought was missing from this library, and now I get to have even that. I don't even think the Spitfire Symphonic series has muted brass unless I'm mistaken. Still, with the Henson boys having gone back and fixed a lot of the issues people seemed to have with this library I think it's become a contender in the virtual instrument library game, perhaps even against having dedicateds. Now I just
  14. Thanks, that was definitely an inspiration, especially in how I wrote some of the string parts. Mostly John Williams with a little bit of Dukas and Grieg.
  15. Do any of my fellow composers know of a good source for learning about music production techniques specific to orchestration? I'm pretty confident in my ability to compose a piece of music (although criticism is always wanted), but when it comes to making it sound mixed and mastered I just fall so far from the mark and I really would like to get better. I know of certain techniqies, like what Alex Moukala calls "surgical EQ" and I've used that to okay effect in my pieces but I just don't think I have the ears to listen for unwanted frequencies, or even the ability to identify what
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