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  1. 1. Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale 2. The Jedi Steps / Finale 3. The Rebel Fleet/End Title 4. Finale (TROS) 5. The Throne Room/End Title 6. Victory Celebration/End Title 7. Finale (TLJ) 8. A New Hope and End Credits 9. Augie's Great Municipal Band and End Credits
  2. I too prefer the whole album and I do listen them in work, but it takes me around 25 minutes to get there from home, which is just enough for shuffle favourites.
  3. I have carefully chosen list of favourites on my phone which I listen on shuffle on my way to/from work and there are so many tracks I can just listen over and over again. Last week I remember Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale, Goldeneye song, The Battle of Hoth, Reminiscence Therapy, Relieve Him of His Wand - Newt Releases the Thunderbird - Jacob’s Farewell and Symphony No.9, Op.95 'From the New World' - Allegro
  4. I didn't really like the movie or the soundtrack at first, but I watched it again this weekend and it was really great, much better than I remembered it. I am definitely buying now, it will look amazing under the Christmas tree.
  5. Score and movie ranking: 1) The Book Thief 2) The Post 3) BFG The Book Thief (both score and movie) is hopeful, innocent and in the end bittersweat and I listen to it regularly. It's definitely at the top for me at the non-bombastic JW scores. The Post is all right, though it feels too short and like it's missing 'something'. The movie was fine as well, dare I say average Spielberg. As for the BFG, it does nothing for me. It is of course technically superb, but I find it hollow and uninteresting. And after reading all the reviews, I can't force myself to watch the movie. But still it's not as bad as Lincoln, which is the bottom 2000's JW for me. And to round it up, The Last Jedi is way above the three together with The Force Awakens and waiting for The Rise of Skywalker to join them.
  6. Call of the Champions > Summon the Heroes >> Olympic Fanfare and Theme > The Olympic Spirit, but I love them all and listen to them quite regularly. I don't really think Remembering Munich belongs here though...
  7. Maestro: The Empire Strikes Back HP and The Prisoner of Azkaban The Lost World IJ and The Raiders of the Lost Ark E.T. Others: Solo by John Powell How to Train Your Dragon by John Powell Priest by Christopher Young Jupiter Ascending by Michael Giacchino Wolf Totem by James Horner
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