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  1. Safin is the opening scene after the gun barrel, confirmed on Steve Mazzaro's social media.
  2. The first Harry Potter, the seventh Star Wars, and Hook all had original music by John Williams Most The Dark Knight trilogy had original trailer music by Hans Zimmer & co. (one of the Batman v Superman trailers also had original music by Tom Holkenborg). If I recall correctly, TENET had some original music by Ludwig Göransson that was recorded pre-COVID. I believe they ended up tracking some of those recordings into the final score too. A few Burton/Elfman collaborations - Mars Attacks, Edward Scissorhands - had original trailer music too, written by Elfman himself. I'm sure there are plenty more examples like this. Those are the first that come to mind.
  3. It’s too early to know, only time will tell. No-one in the 1950s would have expected Herrmann’s Vertigo to be considered “the best” of all time. Same goes for Williams’ Star Wars in 1977. Recognition as being “the best” is something that develops over time, so it’s not easy to predict.
  4. Where was this version of the EC suite found? Some video game perhaps?
  5. Gordy Haab would do a splendid job. He's proven himself to be able to work within the Williams sound, and he's even had experience in the Indiana Jones series, with the Staff of Kings game. If they want Indy 5 to fit in with the other 4 films, and they are unable to get Williams to come back, I'd die to hear a Haab score -- perhaps Williams would even be generous enough to pen a new theme or two?
  6. My guess is that 1M1 is made up of Williams demo material (re-recorded in London by JP) with added percussion, etc. -- similar to his treatment of Williams' TIE Fighter music during the Kessel Run sequence.
  7. War Horse is a wonderfully colourful and lyrical score! I’m longing for an expansion in a few years time SPR is an incredible film, and the music works well (and of course its JW so it’s pretty incredible too!) but I think the War Horse score is just more impressive from a musical perspective.
  8. If you want to talk about the descending "melody" in those seconds, it's using the "lydian mode" - essentially a modified major scale with a sharp 4th note. This modality creates a sense of wonder - it's used everywhere in Williams' music for E.T. There's a sustained D5 chord which is held by the orchestra, and the entire ensemble is performing a decrescendo/diminuendo - gradually getting softer. This combination of effects creates a sense of resolution.
  9. Here's how I've done it: get the Blu-ray file of the concert, and use MakeMKV to convert it to an MKV file - but only export the 24/96 stereo audio track (this is the only one you will need). Open this MKV in VLC and use the convert/stream function to convert the MKV file (containing the video and 24/96 stereo audio track) into a WAV audio file (my one was about 3GB in total). From there, split and separate the tracks as you please, and convert it to your preferred format (Apple Lossless for me).
  10. I don't particularly take offence with what Mark is saying, but JW looks quite hurt when he mentions the LSO.
  11. I thought I'd share my own custom album programming of the Superman: The Movie score. Essentially, this is what I would have put out, if I was in charge of putting out an album of the score in 2019. This is mostly a compilation of everything from the 2018-19 La La Land Releases. If anyone else has made their own playlist or edit, I'd love to see it! Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are welcomed! SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE (CUSTOM 3-CD EDITION) Disc One: THE FILM SCORE Theme From Superman (Extended Version) 1 Prelude and Main Title The Planet Krypton Destruction of Krypton 2 The Trip To Earth Growing Up 3 Jonathan's Death Leaving Home The Fortress Of Solitude The Mugger Lex Luthor's Lair The Helicopter Sequence The Burglar Sequence and Chasing Crooks The Cat Rescue and Air Force One 1 - This is a custom edit, combining the first section of the Alternate Main Title with the End Title March. It extends the piece to just under six minutes. The original arrangement closes Disc 2. 2 - This is a custom edit, maintaining the originally intended cross-over into 'The Krypton Quake'. 3 - This is a custom edit, replicating the 2008 Blue Box presentation of this track. Disc Two: THE FILM SCORE The March Of The Villains The Penthouse The Flying Sequence 4 Clark Loses His Nerve The Truck Convoy and Miss Teschmacher Helps To The Lair Trajectory Malfunction Luthor's Lethal Weapon Chasing Rockets The Golden Gate Bridge and The Rescue Of Jimmy Pushing Boulders and Flying To Lois Turning Back The World The Prison Yard and End Title Love Theme From Superman 4 - This is the instrumental version, but is not labeled as such. Disc Three: ALTERNATES AND ADDITIONAL MUSIC Prelude and Main Title (Original Version) The Planet Krypton (Original Version) The Dome Opens (Original Version) The Fortress Of Solitude (Alternate Segment) Trajectory Malfunction (Alternate Version) Turning Back The World (Alternate Version) Can You Read My Mind (Original Version) Sunday Meeting (Source Music) Kansas High School (Source Music) Kansas Kids (Source Music) Late Night Country Music (Source Music) Luthor's Luau (Source Music) Lois' Pad (Source Music) Desert Riff (Source Music) Lois' Car Radio (Source Music) Kids On The Bus (Source Music) Can You Read My Mind (Instrumental Version) Theme From Superman (Concert Version) As far as I know, this is the complete score. I have left off any "Film Mixes" of the Main/End Titles, because I don't think they add too much to the set list. There are already many appearances of the Main Theme, and they wouldn't add enough of a substantial change. I also considered adding the 'Original Sound Track' Album as a Disc Four, but decided not to. Instead, I keep it as a seperate Release in my iTunes Library. Its strength lies in being a succinct and selective presentation of Williams' score, and tacking it onto the end of a 3-CD presentation wouldn't do it justice. It should be enjoyed as its own collection.
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