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  1. With no composer announced so far & the early marketing leaning heavily into Elmer Bernstein’s GB1 music, who do you think/want as the composer? Any rumours out there for people in the know? My out of left field pick would be...Howard Shore. Remember when he use to score comedies? Christ, remember when he use to score *movies*? My only hope is that Jason Reitman doesn’t use Rolfe Kent. I have a feeling most people will say: Michael Giacchino or Danny Elfman. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the former. Just please, God, don’t use a Zimmer clone. Please. So.. Any theories? Rumours? Speculation? Gossip?
  2. So I’ve always been curious how much composers for the big blockbuster movies make. I mean... imagine being John Williams in his heyday? Almost every film you score becomes a monster hit, and the score albums themselves sell like hot cakes? So if Williams weren’t semi retired right now & I wanted him to score my film, what kind of fee are we talking about? Let’s be honest here, Star Wars without John Williams doesn’t become the major phenomenon it becomes. Same with Jaws. What’s that potential worth? Then we have guys who are always in demand like Hans Zimmer. Zimmer & his composer factory. What do you think he’s pulling down? Howard Shore is a composer I think about often. Where did he go? He only does these small indie films. All these crazy superhero movies getting made & not one person has thought “Hey, let’s get the guy who did the music for Lord of the Rings”. Who else would love a Shore superhero theme? So does anyone have any idea what these guys make for the big budget tentpole style scores? How much is a John Williams score worth to a producer?
  3. Any word on who is scoring this? Or if anyone is scoring it? Can never tell with Scorsese if it'll be needle drops or Howard Shore or both. There was a spell there from Gangs of New York to Hugo where Marty was using Howard on every film. Then on Silence he went with a Japense composer. Hopefully Howard Shore gets the call. I just don't understand why that man doesn't get more work. I mean, no blockbusters at all? No Marvel movies? Nothing? Just little indie dramas. Is he difficult to work with? Or does he cost too much? I just don't get it. I thought after LOTR he would become HUGE. But come on? A Twilight sequel? That's all? I'd kill to hear a Howard Shore superhero theme.
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