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  1. My favorite Star Wars score. It literally carries the movie. I just wish the score had been given more presence in the sound mix of the film, and not chopped up so badly.
  2. Forgive me if this is the wrong thread to ask this, but I have an orchestration question. We know that John Williams likes doubling instruments with other sections for melodic lines. However, there are a few times I notice where he goes even further and has a bunch of different instruments combined in a way to create a very warm, blended, noble sonority that is really pleasing to listen to. A few times in the first two HP scores jump to mind, where double reeds will be playing a melody quietly with strings and quiet horns, rounded out by flutes and sometimes even some quiet mallet percussion and, in the HP movies especially, celeste. My question is, which composers in the repertoire are known for doing this? I’d like to know where he may have gotten his inspiration for this sound from. An example at 1:25 in this cue
  3. I’m loving the different names for his 1990-2005 period. It is my favorite period of his by a wide margin.
  4. Sarcasm, right? When someone drives aggressively, I automatically lose all respect for them. I know others who feel this way too.
  5. Lol @ driving being manly. Driving is just driving. Personally I hate driving but where I live it’s necessary.
  6. I agree fully! Those are epic in the real sense of the word. I would describe trailer music as “epic” (well, that’s what it’s going for at least) in the overused sense of the word, and also because there’s really no other purpose to that music beyond trying to hype people up.
  7. I’m so ready for people to leave this style behind honestly. I get that it’s supposed to sound epic, but it’s just so tired at this point. Orchestral music the way Williams writes is timeless, and this stuff will sound so dated in less than a decade. This would also sound very bad with an actual orchestra. It’s not really written idiomatically for instruments at all. It’s a pop/rock arrangement of JW’s themes, using virtual orchestral instruments. But that’s the standard sound of this hybrid sort of style.
  8. What? Baby boomers aren’t the oldest people around, we still have people from at least as far back as the Greatest Generation. Maybe it seems that way though because the boomers are so numerous.
  9. These sound like decisions that were not made by JW himself, but rather the director or producers.
  10. That trailer music is so trash.. I can’t wait for the actual score though.
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