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  1. My dude, TPM has tons of action music. And it is filled to the brim with themes. You need to look past duel of the fates and listen to the compete score.
  2. In general, Williams loves to add the 7th on the bottom, both in major and minor chords, all over his scores, in all sorts of contexts. Often it is just to add the the coloration of a chord. So it’s not so straightforward that you can boil it down to “he means evil when he uses it”.
  3. All that corporate, “inspirational” music that’s played in ads and promotional videos just makes me sick.
  4. Well Ben Burtt was a big part of the reason why Williams’s score was so inaudible under the sound effects during much of the prequel trilogy.
  5. Just visited the page for Johnny Williams Sr. through that link. Tough year for JW, both parents apparently passing away in 1984
  6. This score is one of the many Williams scores that don’t get enough love, similar to many of his other 1990s scores. Lots of subtle but beautiful writing. The lack of a hummable theme that sticks in your head in no way detracts from this score.
  7. I am so looking forward to new JW concert pieces. I’m especially excited about the new violin concerto.
  8. The thing is, I have no hard feelings towards the winner. His entry is pretty cool. Just didn’t think anyone truly expected that to win. It’s a scoring competition. You wouldn’t truly hear that on a tv show like westworld. And give me a break Christian, comparing the winning entry to Stravinsky and saying Kubrick and all those other directors would have voted for that entry.
  9. I’m seeing very little “entitled fanboy” response (fanboy of what, exactly?), and a good representation of the real criticism from contestants and non-contestants alike can be found in the comments of Christian’s video response. I think the idea of something out of the box is great. In fact, I saw several out of the box entries that were awesome and actually scored the scene instead of steamrolling it so jarringly. Also, attacking the winner is just plain terrible. He did what he did and did it well. Clearly most people just generally don’t feel that it should have won, according to the rules set by the judges themselves.
  10. Sorry but I cringed the whole way through that response video. There are plenty of valid and respectful criticisms in the comments. I’ve been reading through the winners announcement thread on vi-control and boy Christian and Paul Thomson, the other founder of spitfire, are responding with such petulance, and with ad hominem attacks at new members who dare voice an opinion. Also, Hans Zimmer popped in to say that anybody who was not happy with the results will never make it in the industry so that was fun.
  11. You would initially think that the backlash is a bunch of sore losers, but even people who didn’t take part in the competition are appalled. They removed the likes vs dislikes of their winner announcement video because last I checked it was approaching 60% dislikes and the comments are almost unanimously questioning the results. It’s not enough to be different, if it doesn’t also legitimately score the scene well. I question how they listened to over 11,000 entries and gave everyone a fair shot because at least one of the runners up has a fairly established YouTube subscriber base and their entry was honestly nothing special compared to several others I listened to. I too think the original scene is terrible.
  12. That is kind of true, but to me it sounds like a better version. Maybe i just prefer the sound of those London musicians and the Air studios hall though.
  13. I feel like even a lot of HP music fans haven’t heard the full score. The soundtrack albums left a lot of music out as usual for movies this long. Great cues like the troll fight and Dumbledore’s advice are barely audible in the movie and aren’t on the OST album.
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