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  1. Good to see you around, heidl. I've seen a couple Dominion covers floating around but I'm glad I'm able to finish the set with one of your creations. Thanks for all your work through the years, hope these crazy times hasn't been too rough on you.
  2. Oh, well thank you for your creation! I think I came across it in a download of the score somewhere, but as I said it was only this low-res version and I couldn't find a match anywhere, which is why I recreated it. Did not mean to plagiarize or take credit for work that wasn't mine, these are my favorite BR covers and I appreciate your sharing them.
  3. HZ suggests more of his Dune score (including the Gurney Halleck songs) is bound to leak at some point:
  4. Here's a recreation of a cover I came across for Blade Runner 2049. The original is pretty low res and I adjusted the color a bit to better match a cover I had for the complete score of the original Blade Runner. Unfortunately I don't know the original artist.
  5. Anyone come across a cover for Solo using this poster art? Probably my favorite piece of promo material for the film, haven't been able to find anything myself yet.
  6. There's another up on eBay...hopefully this one doesn't end up going for 4 figures like the last one... https://www.ebay.com/itm/FYC-Star-Wars-Rise-of-the-Skywalker-Academy-CD/223915331382?hash=item342264cf36:g:dKoAAOSww-deSjEe
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