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  1. Just finished Part 2, and seeing Billy Preston jamming with the group made me wish he joined them full time. By the way, I have made a Spotify playlist for "Get Back (1969 Mix)".
  2. I've used "granny shit" to refer to a lot of Paul's songs, specifically those happy-go-lucky music hall songs (e.g. Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Honey Pie, When I'm 64). Giles' new remix does wonders for Let It Be.
  3. Fargo (Carter Burwell) 01. Fargo, North Dakota Merle Haggard - Big City Boy George - These Boots Are Made for Walkin' 04. Forced Entry 03. A Lot Of Woe 13. Paul Bunyon 06. The Trooper’s End 08. Rubbernecking 10. The Mallard Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good 02. Moose Lake 05. The Ozone Unknown - Do You Know the Way to San Jose? 09. Dance Of The Sierra Blood Sweat & Tears - Sometimes in Winter (Piano arrangement) Jose Feliciano - Let's Find Each Other Tonight 11. Delivery 16. Safe Keeping 07. Chewing On It 14. The Eager Beaver 12. Bismark, North Dakota 15. Brainerd, Minnesota
  4. Iron Man 2 (John Debney) -- 01 Ivan's Metamorphosis AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill 05 Make Way for Tomorrow – Expo Version 04 Senate/Ivan Creates Drones The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 07 A Dying Hero 03 Making Pepper CEO The Clash - The Magnificent Seven 08 Natalie Intro 09 Monaco Drive 10 Mayhem in Monaco 11 Jailhouse Talk 12 Ivan Escapes 2Pac - California Love 06 Rhodey Dons Suit 02 House Fight V1 (unused in film, replaced with the following three songs) Queen - Another One Bites the Dust Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock - It Takes Two Daft Punk - Robot Rock Beastie Boys - Groove Holmes 16 Nick Fury 13 Gun Show 14 Tony Discovers Dad's Secret 15 Sledgehammer V2 17 New Element/Particle Accelerator 18 Sledgehammer 19 New RT/To the Expo Average White Band - Pick Up the Pieces 20 Black Widow Kicks Ass 21 Iron Man Battles the Drones 22 Ivan's Demise/The Kiss AC/DC - Highway to Hell 23 Thor 24 I Am Iron Man 25 Make Way For Tomorrow Today
  5. His Frank Burly novels are a riot, too.
  6. They Live (Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (John Carpenter and Alan Howarth) 02 Coming to L.A. 25 Commercial Break (Source) 03 A Message 04 The Siege of Justiceville 21B L.A. Blues (1:07-end) 27 Press On Nails (Source) 05 Return to Church 13 Sunglasses On 14 Back Alley [Combine] 06 All Out of Bubblegum [Combine and rename "All Out of Bubblegum (Film Version)"] 08 Kidnapped 21A Out The Window (0:00-1:06) 07 Back to the Street 09 Transient Hotel 18 Roll Away 10A Underground (0:00-1:16) [Combine] 15 Transport Station [Combine] 16 Tunnel [Combine] 10B Underground (1:17-end) [Combine & rename "Underground (Film Version)"] 26 Car Commercial (Source) 11 Wake Up Dialogue/unused tracks 01 TV Broadcast (Dialogue) 12 Chew Bubble Gum And Kick Ass (Dialogue) 17 Holly's Hill (Rename "All Out of Bubblegum (Alternate)") 19 Get Me Out (Rename "Kidnapped (Short Version)") 23 TV Signal (Duplicate of "Kidnapped", remove) 28 The Cheese Dip (Dialogue) 29 They Live Main Theme (New track recorded for the Expanded OST)
  7. When I read the title at first, I thought you meant ranking scores made by Williams' children. It would be a very short list.
  8. Avengers: Age of Ultron (Danny Elfman & Brian Tyler) (afaik the film mix of this score is a complete mess. This is simply a "no-editing" listing.) Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (Julian Nott and others) Ant-Man & The Wasp (Christophe Beck) Thor: The Dark World (Brian Tyler)
  9. Eh, a gig's a gig. Most composers don't care about the quality of a film. Which porno films? For research purposes, of course.
  10. Hans Zimmer already wrote the best film score of all time with The Dark Knight.
  11. Very unlike anything else in his catalogue. An appropriately dark and brooding score, fitting for a person like Richard Nixon.
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