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  1. Defending JK TERFling. Yuck. I mean, he is a boomer so of course he thinks like this.
  2. He peaked with Spider-Man 2 and hasn't gotten anywhere close to it ever since.
  3. I feel extra sad now looking at this photo
  4. Ennio Morricone, John Carpenter, Alan Howarth - The Thing (Larry Hopkins re-recording) Julian Nott - Wallace and Gromit in The Wrong Trousers
  5. Couldn't have happened to anyone more deserving.
  6. I used to love Eminem's older stuff as an angsty teenager, but I got sick of him. Nowadays he's a boomer who can't adapt to new trends in rap and sticks to the same old gimmicks of rapping really fast, diss tracks, and being angry. Kamikaze was literally just "old man yells at cloud".
  7. Festivus won't be the same without him.
  8. Superman 4. Terrible movie with a great score.
  9. My work has had to send everyone home as precaution measures so I'm unemployed until further notice.
  10. Station to Station for me, its making being heavily influenced by his very bad cocaine addiction, taking a massive toll on his mental and physical health. "Word on a Wing" really feels like a cry for help for God to save him from this life. And "Stay" is tight as hell. Low comes at a close second, as the second side is just pure beauty. "Subterraneans" is great to fall asleep to.
  11. Highlander (1986) Composer(s): Michael Kamen and Queen AKoM 09 - Princes of the Universe HTOS 01 - The Highlander Theme HTOS 05 - Under the Garden/The Prize HTOS 04 - Sword fight at 34th Street (Rename "Scotland, 1536") AKoM 07 - Gimme the Prize (Kurgan's Theme) AKoM 03 - One Year of Love HTOS 03 - The Quickening (Rename "Ramirez Arrives") HBoF 04 - Training Montage HBoF 05 - Forge Battle/There Can Only be One (Rename "Kurgan vs. Ramirez") AKoM 06 - Who Wants to Live Forever TW 08 - Hammer to Fall HTOS 02 - Rachel's Surprise/Who Wants to Live Forever (Rename "Love Theme") AKoM 08 - Don't Lose Your Head AKoMBEP 01 - A Kind of Magic (Highlander Version) Bonus tracks HBoF 02 - The Castle/Anno Domini 1518 (Rename "Scotland, 1536 - Alternate") HBoF 05 - Heather's Death/Who Wants to Live Forever (Rename "Who Wants to Live Forever - Alternate") HBoF 03 - Ramirez Arrives (Short Version) Legend AKoM - A Kind of Magic AKoMBEP - A Kind of Magic (Bonus EP) TW - The Works HTOS - Highlander: The Original Scores HBoF - Highlander: Best of Fantasy
  12. (In no particular order) Wonder Woman: No man's land and the fight in Veld Atomic Blonde: Car chase Godzilla King of the Monsters: Godzilla fighting Ghidorah in Antarctica Mad Max Fury Road: Final chase Avengers Endgame: Cap, Iron Man and Thor vs. Thanos Aquaman: Final battle The Last Jedi: Snoke's throne room fight
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