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  1. (In no particular order) Wonder Woman: No man's land and the fight in Veld Atomic Blonde: Car chase Godzilla King of the Monsters: Godzilla fighting Ghidorah in Antarctica Mad Max Fury Road: Final chase Avengers Endgame: Cap, Iron Man and Thor vs. Thanos Aquaman: Final battle The Last Jedi: Snoke's throne room fight
  2. Really? People still fall for that stuff in 2020? I thought the majority of people would be smarter than that by now.
  3. Same here. I don't need the validity of some award given by old farts to enjoy something.
  4. Would like to see Bear come back for Godzilla vs. Kong.
  5. Up until recently, I only knew about her from memes."bad guy" is quite a banger.
  6. Finish my learners logbook, do the test and get my drivers license. And, of course, buy a car afterwards.
  7. K-pop, mainly for it's incredibly toxic and obsessive fanbase. Hell, just boy bands in general.
  8. You mean all episodes streaming, except the Michael Jackson one.
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