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  1. Hans Zimmer already wrote the best film score of all time with The Dark Knight.
  2. I've been wanting to get vaccinated but our government has stuffed up the rollout so badly so I won't be getting it until much later in the year.
  3. How long do you reckon the bri'ish tabloids will try to blame Meghan for his death? ~~ Good riddance to a POS. May he burn in hell forever with Thatcher.
  4. Very unlike anything else in his catalogue. An appropriately dark and brooding score, fitting for a person like Richard Nixon.
  5. I've just seen it. And it was very good. Hype fight scenes, in broad daylight, nonetheless! Not in the dark like in KOTM. Oh for fuck sakes, Snyderbots make me wanna die.
  6. Are people gonna start debating over which score is better for the next couple of years?
  7. Alright, after having watched both versions back to back, here's a scene-by-scene comparison unless someone else has already done it yet. (Spoilers of course if you haven't seen the Snyder Cut yet.) Notes: Scenes highlighted in bold are new scenes added by Whedon Scenes highlighted in italics are scenes shot by Zack Snyder, but heavily rewritten and edited in the Whedon Cut
  8. Justice League (both versions) The Whedon Cut (Danny Elfman) The Snyder Cut (Junkie XL/Tom Holkenborg)
  9. George Orwell - Keep the aspidistra flying Graham green - our man in havana Emily bronte - wuthering heights (based on the kate bush song) John swartzwelder - the time machine did it, how i conquered your planet
  10. I just finished it and ZSJL is... But in all seriousness though, you can tell the difference in quality between both cuts.
  11. Bonjour, you cheese eating surrender monkeys!
  12. This argument is an even bigger stretch than my cat makes when he wakes up.
  13. Big monke throw shit at lizard #kongwins2021 Don't forget he monke.
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