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  1. They used Cheers theme in The Force Awakens... Maz Kanata bar scene when Han walks in (its mixed pretty low though, as JJ tends to do). Wasn't John's doing though -- Lin-Manuel Miranda did it and dropped in some beats from Hamilton too.
  2. I am 99% sure that this is not Williams, but I have not drawn a conclusion. And I'm fine being the only guy in the room that isn't 100% sure... it's no fun always knowing everything and never learning anything. I'd personally just like to solve the mystery as to what soundtrack/composition this came from (I don't think any of these "leaks" has ever gone unsolved, but, hey, get Robert Stack on the line)...
  3. Damn, that's harsh. You made Michael cry... This is a contender right here!
  4. All correct. And all identified as fakes from other cues... so what is the source material for this? Lets bust them!
  5. I assure you that I am not that guy (but totally get why you would think that based on being a newbie poster). I am really hoping that this is fake (hence me coming here to recruit the band geeks for opinions -- longtime lurker and John Williams fanboy personally)... I don't like this "track" one bit (especially married to the supposed bendemption scene that is implied)... but it is Williamsy enough for me to be concerned (and I do hear Kylo in there). Definitely not from Gods of Egypt (which I think is overall vastly superior to this track)
  6. Anyone want to weigh in on this "leak" from the ST to Rise of Skywalker? I can't hear the Rey theme as claimed, but kinda hear Kylo's theme (sorta)... and it does sound like it is about to go into the force theme at the abrupt ending.... https://www.reddit.com/user/some_famous_director/comments/czm4m0/tros_the_prodigal_son/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app More opinions on the validity here... https://www.reddit.com/r/starwarsspeculation/comments/czm5um/the_rise_of_skywalker_the_prodigal_son_way_better/
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