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  1. It was interesting to create that mockup, since I had no recorded reference material to compare it against. What you hear is just my interpretation from the sheet music alone. I had to pretend to be a conductor while making it and discover the instrument balance that would make sense as laid down the tracks. But I could be completely off in some areas, so it would be really cool to find out if they actually recorded this and be able to hear it like the composer intended. The recording is also a bit too quiet; I might go back and remaster it with proper volume. The 1M6 Seeing A Moth
  2. Yes, sheet music, but it's kind of mind blowing that this mockup gives you the only chance to actually hear it if it was never recorded.
  3. Not really. Left hand is just arpeggios (4 notes up and 4 down). To make octave transitions properly, keep your left thumb on a white key. The main melody is played by the pinky finger in your right hand, with the other two notes in the triplet played by the index finger (mostly) and thumb. Coordination in the two hands is the biggest challenge as you have 16th notes in left hand and triplets in the right. Damn, I need to get back in shape to play this...
  4. Just the piano section into the End Credits. I did a search on the net at the time, most sheet music I found had many wrong notes. I don't know if there is real sheet music available for this or not. I learned it by just meticulous repetition, slowly, over some period of time. Eventually the fingers will remember, but you must resist the temptation of speeding up the tempo until you can play both hands without mistakes.
  5. Ralph Grierson, with pictures and videos: L.A. Studio Legends: Ralph Grierson – The Legacy of John Williams The piece isn't particularly difficult to play for an accomplished pianist. Correct fingering is incredibly important. It wouldn't surprise me if he just sight-read this, as it's mostly arpeggios on the left hand. I've seen pianists sight read much harder pieces than that. I transcribed and learned to play this some 10+ years ago and even performed it live to an audience once or twice. But it took me months to learn, and it would take me a while to get back i
  6. Parts in that sound clip were taken from a full mockup I made (below). The original composition had even more measures that were edited out from the OST, but were actually present in the movie (listen to 0:10 and 0:16 mark). The mockup consists of all measures, and it's without the concert ending, which really doesn't belong there.
  7. No, BBCSO is their newer library but not as extensive and not sonically as good. Unlike the BBCSO, the older SSO was actually recorded at AIR Lyndhurst Hall, the same scoring hall where JW recorded Harry Potter.
  8. Thanks! I'm using Spitfire Symphony Orchestra, Solo Strings, Studio Orchestra, together with SampleModeling Brass.
  9. Holy crap. Wookiees wearing gowns is the funniest thing I've seen here for a while.
  10. While it may seem to work (since there's action going on all the time), the original cue points don't really line up at all in that clip. In this trailer clip below you can see a bit how the original music fits the cues at various scenes in the beginning (like the string staccato at "they fly now"), and it's already cut short. It's possible that JW composed this music early on for a digital storyboard/animation, and they didn't end up shooting or using some scenes so they had to cut out the music as well (but I don't know the timeline what was done when). Movie is one thing, but th
  11. The Speeder Chase as was originally composed before it was cut up.
  12. Yup, you're correct. Trombones were wrong also. Fixed now. Thank you, and for the kind words as well You might want to correct (or remove) the SC link in your quote as I had to re-upload it.
  13. Here's the original composition of The Speeder Chase cue before it was cut to pieces. It's over four and a half minutes long. (Edit: corrected bass note at 1:49)
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