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  1. Fascinating! Here's what it looks like in a spectrum analyzer; the imprinted watermark code in two distinct frequency bands starts at 1.5 seconds in. On a related note, Jean Michel Jarre embedded his face into one of his tracks
  2. That was equivalent to about 3 kilotons of TNT (~20% of Hiroshima, but without the radiation). That vapor blast wave front coming at you... Holy hell.
  3. For a musician, Relative Pitch is much more important than Perfect Pitch. The former allows you to easily identify chords and intervals. That said, PP can be acquired by training, although some people master this much easier than others. There are several methods, some associate color (and the associated 12 pitches) with a certain frequency thru intense repetition. Eventually your brain will remember the association. Or not.
  4. I could not shut this off fast enough right at the 0:15 mark.
  5. During the first 20 seconds it's not actually looped/edited in the film. It's microedited in the OST. Film version contains bars not present in the OST, these appear to be repeated sections in the first 20 seconds, but they are not. The first one that's the most audible is when Poe gets under the speeder.
  6. More like inspired by the prequel sound. I just looked up, it was done in July 2006, so after RotS came out. There was even a MIDI file of this floating around, the first 25 seconds of it. I may even have it stashed away in a hard drive somewhere.
  7. I think Thomas Bergersen comes pretty close. His music is always an inspiration. This track might have come straight from the latest star wars and no one would have noticed that it's not JW. This is a MIDI mockup he did more than 10 years ago to showcase his private library.
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