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  1. Funny, it's actually Kijimi, not Kimiji. Someone makes a typo and now it's impossible to get rid of it from teh internets. KIJIMI https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Kijimi
  2. Check that trailer again. When Anthony's face isn't showing, it's C-3PO that's talking. When his face is showing, it's him talking. Weird.
  3. Thank you, I used Spitfire Orchestra Complete (which includes Harp and Percussion), and few other very minor elements (like Rhodes, Gamelan, 8dio choirs, and Deckard's Dream for the ARP part). I did not use much reverb at all since the hall is built into the samples, but I did use a small bit of Valhalla Vintageverb at the master stage to blend it together a bit more. No other effects.
  4. Thanks, it's hard to estimate time as I did smaller pieces at a time over the course of a few weeks (and tried things out without a score). Yes, other than the samples of course (Spitfire Orchestra).
  5. Yes. Adding a hall ambience (noise essentially) is one of the tricks to make it sound more real.
  6. Not sure if anyone has done a complete mockup of this track, but here is my attempt. It was certainly fun to do this without a full score (does anyone have one?). Happy Halloween!
  7. Happy Spooky Season everyone. Here is my Map Room: Dawn mockup from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Enjoy!
  8. 2:28-2:48 - Just a fantastic little harmonic progression leading to Rey's theme; always gives me goosebumps.
  9. Zero chance this is any live recording, much less by JW. First 10 seconds is clearly a sample, the vibrato is repeating exactly the same with every note.
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