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  1. The Banshees of Inisherin FYC (Carter Burwell) Honestly, it's not as boring as I thought. Burwell creates an interesting fairy tale dream-like atmosphere using just gamelon, celesta, harp, flute, and marimba, as well as some strings. I liked the general understated atmosphere of the score. The English - Deluxe (Federico Jusid) On the other hand, this score received a lot of praise, but I thought it was just... okay? A few interesting cues here and there, but overall not as engaging as I was hoping based on the glowing reviews.
  2. Amazon seems to have real faith in it, because they're betting BIG on TR. I mean, Marvel big: ‘Tomb Raider’ Film in the Works as Amazon Makes Rich Rights Deal for Marvel-Like Franchise (Exclusive) Sources say the goal at the streamer is to connect the Phoebe Waller-Bridge-penned TV series, video game and the movie, and possibly more.
  3. The saddest part is not even the ridiculous tweet itself but rather that 249 other idiots agreed with him.
  4. One of the best "training montage" cues I ever heard, fight me. I'm confident Batman Begins is my favorite Bat-movie (though not the favorite Bat-score despite my love for the above cue).
  5. One of my top 5 (maybe top 3) Howard Shore LOTR cues:
  6. Phoebe Waller-Bridge Prepping ‘Tomb Raider’ TV Series for Amazon (Exclusive) Sources say the 'Fleabag' Emmy winner will pen the script for the project, which is the latest to stem from her recently renewed overall deal with the streamer.
  7. Nanny McPhee Returns is one of the few JNH fantasy scores I haven't heard. Is it any good?
  8. We should all stop discussing Oscar politics and focus on hating Velma, the newly released HBOMax adult animation starring characters from Scooby-Doo that has been getting hate from leftists and right-wings. It's a remarkable feat to create something that was hated by both sides!
  9. For me, it was the opposite: I found Angel Heart very scary, specially the ending, but Jacob's Ladder did nothing for me. I thought it was mosly boring.
  10. This is so sad, not only for Babylon but also for Top Gun. After seeing the movie I was looking forward to listen to more of the score after the woefully short OST.
  11. I was looking for the FYCs of this year's Oscar nominated scores, but couldn't find Babylon. Did it even got a FYC?
  12. The difference is that Marvel movies are produced at an industrial scale, while with Avatar Cameron took his time to polish his sequels as much as he wanted to. I think there's more passion in its craft than with most MCU movies (and TV shows), where the directors do what Feige wants and leave for overworked VFX artists to figure out the biggest action scenes. And I'm not saying I'm totally on #teamAvatar against Marvel. I love a few of their movies and prefer them to the Na'Vi saga. But tbh I felt The Way of Water was more interesting and well-crafted than any Phase 4 movie, while I haven't fall loved a superhero movie since 2019.
  13. Judging by box office numbers, while 2022's superhero movies did mostly well (except Black Adam, sorry Dwayne Johnson), they were still behind two "normal", non-superhero blockbusters that were produced with a little more of care than your typical Marvel movie: Avatar 2 and Maverick. While in 2002 the success of Spider-Man pointed that people were eager to embrace big budget spectacles based on comic books and in 2012 The Avengers showed that they wanted that interconnected storytelling, in 2022 it seems that nowadays the audience is hungry for more different, old-fashioned but meticulously crafted entertainment. I argue that the MCU formula was pushed to its limits by Infinity War and Endgame. After that, a considerable part of the audience just phased out of superhero movies, in a way that the current MCU, with its complicated multiverse shenanigans and the additional burden of having to watch the Disney+ shows, now appeals mostly to diehards, while the casual fan, who helped some of these movies break box office records, now is more "wowed" by stuff like Maverick and TWOW. But this is just how I feel, maybe it's truth, maybe it's not.
  14. Jay on his way to closing the thread after reading all this political discussion: (I just hope my poor, innocent meme survives the inevitable purge by the mods)
  15. I don't think anyone here cares, but anyway: Titans and Doom Patrol, the two DC shows that started on the DCUniverse app and are now on HBOMax, are ending with their 4th seasons. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/titans-doom-patrol-ending-hbo-max-1235310044/ I only saw the first season of Titans and I though it was atrocious, so I gave up on the show.
  16. They're not Spielberg movies, but yeah, both of them rank very high on my wishlist.
  17. I still think Hurwitz will get the award. But I dunno... Last year I was 100% sure that Jonny Greenwood would win, only for the award to be given to an older, more experienced composer. Then again, I think Dune was much stronger last year than Fabelmans is this year.
  18. I want JW to get seven more Oscar nominations so that he may pass Walt Disney (who had 59) and become the most nominated person in all of history, period. For that to happen, he will need to start writing some songs alongside the scores so that he may be nominated for 2 rather than 1 Oscar every year.
  19. To be honest, I believe Hildur was snubbed this year. I thought she had a very big shot at getting a nomination this year for Women Talking. But then out of nowhere the Academy decided to give the nom to Son Lux and Volker Bertelmann.
  20. According to THR, 90-year-old John Williams is the oldest Oscar nominee in history! https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/2023-oscar-nominations-andrea-riseborough-campaign-analysis-1235308100/
  21. Top Gun: Maverick being nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay now means that the screenwriter of Transformers 2 has an Oscar nom
  22. Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio (FYC) I'm one of the biggest Alexandre Desplat fans of the forum, but even this is too much for me. 90 minutes of whimsical sparkling tinkly music for woodwinds, LOTS and LOTS of woodwinds... sigh. It would help if there were a little more variety to the cues but aside from a few cues at the end it is mostly this magical whimsical stuff that gets tiresome rather quickly. I haven't heard Babylon yet, but I have the feeling this is one of the weaker Oscar seasons for movie scores over the last few years, JW's The Fabelmans being the exception. Also, the FYC presentation of the score is very crappy, with some cues having long spaces where nothing happens.
  23. Spider-Man 3 is better written, has a better score and is overall a better movie than both Amazing SM flicks.
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