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  1. Because it's an Illumination movie, the company that, in my opinion, has not produced one single movie that can be considered good. Their stuff is mediocre at best. But they do make a lot of money, because they're silly enough for kids until the age of 6.
  2. This one will be as forgettable as that Scooby-Doo movie from last year which was meant to create the "Hannah-Barbera cinematic universe".
  3. The show premiered today. I was hoping to watch the first two episodes, but then I read a few negative critics that say the show is boring and with a mediocre script, so now I'm not sure if I watch it or not.
  4. Okay, which one of you guys are trolling the Instagram of Zimmer's daughter?
  5. Favreau - new Lucas; Filoni - new Kasdan; Goransson - new Williams; Pascal - new Ford; Carano - new Fish... ops, never mind; Giacchino - old new Williams; Williams - old old Williams;
  6. Cary Fukunaga Says Sean Connery’s Bond Is ‘Basically’ a Rapist: ‘That Wouldn’t Fly Today’ With "No Time to Die," Fukunaga tried to make the Bond franchise more progressive by changing the world around 007. Drax would be pissed off if he was still a JWFanner.
  7. I really like King Solomon's Mines, it's one of my favorite action/adventure scores by Jerry.
  8. It's a good movie but I wouldn't classify it as "fantasy". It's more of an adventure/drama film.
  9. Well, I'm not sure I'm allowed to say this here, but... the score has leaked on certain websites where you can download soundtracks for free.
  10. Just listened to No Time to Die as well. And, much to my own surprise, I really liked it! Everyone who was expecting another sound design score was very wrong. Sure, there's electronics and Johnny Marr's guitar, but it's a very orchestral score. Matera was a great homage from Zimmer to Barry, and the action music is much more in David Arnold's style. Sure, it's still a Zimmer score, so any listener will note the chord progressions from stuff like Batman Begins and others. I'd say it's an interesting mix between Arnold and the more orchestral Remote Control scores, specially those composed by Henry Jackman (Kingsman, of course, but also Jumanji). Final Ascent is a nice piece of Zimmer melodrama, fans from his early 2000s scores will be pleased.
  11. R-Rated trailer for the Injustice movie, based on the comics and games: Still less violent and gory than any episode of Invincible.
  12. I believe that once the movie hits HBO Max in America, it'll be easier to compare the film cues with the two albums.
  13. I'd love that, problem is most live action fantasy movies he scores range from mediocre (2003 Peter Pan, Maleficent, Snow White and the Huntsman) to absolutely horrible (Crimes of Grindelwald, Huntsman: Winter's War) to a crime against humanity and cinema (The Last Airbender). I pity poor James who had to watch Last Airbender over and over again in order to score it. The first FB might be his best (non-animated) fantasy movie.
  14. I'd love to watch this movie, because it could explain how McGonagall was giving classes in Hogwarts even before she was born.
  15. Much like Indy 5, I really don't care about the movie, just its score. Crimes of Grindelwald was so atrocious, it killed whatever interest I had in Newt, Tina, and their saga, but I'm happy they're still making those movies because they give JNH the opportunity to write more fantasy scores.
  16. No religion is allowed here! Quick, everyone delete your posts before Jay can see them!
  17. Netflix is buying everything they can these days. Soon they'll buy the rights for "JWFan: The Series", which will be a sitcom with live audience.
  18. Come on, Thor, why do you still waste your time responding to him? Haven't you heard the expression "Don't feed the trolls?"
  19. I love Pocahontas' score, is one of my favorites ever for an animated movie. However, I haven't listened to Hunchback yet, so for now I'll refrain myself from voting.
  20. E eu quero uma nova versão da Raiders March misturada com o tema da personagem da Phoebe-Waller Bridge!
  21. Do you agree or disagree with him? Daniel Craig: ‘Why Should a Woman Play Bond?’ Create Other Female Roles ‘Just as Good’ “There should simply be better parts for women and actors of color," Craig said.
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