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  1. Maybe the old Indy, played by Ford, will be narrating the story of the movie, and then young Indy (which can be either a lookalike actor or a deepfake) will appear in the flashbacks? It'd be like the 2013 Lone Ranger, for instance.
  2. Yeah, I agree that in 2006 Powell was somewhat "inexperienced" yet for a big movie like this. But nowadays he delivers one great score after another: Ferdinand, Solo, HTTYD 3, Call of the Wild... It would be great for him to be hired to another super-hero blockbuster now that he is on the best point of his career.
  3. Another award for Soul. Geez, this thing will win every prize for film scores imaginable:
  4. I hope not. Indy V will need to be horrible to make Crystal Skull look good in comparison.
  5. X-Men: The Last Stand by John Powell Being one of Powell's first fantasy/sci-fi blockbuster with a lot of CGI, it has the same qualities and problems for scores from young composers to big movies like this: it has a lot of energy and it's fast-paced, but it also sounds a little anonymous, like Powell trying to emulate the sound of people like Danny Elfman, John Williams and Don Davis. Still, it's a funny album with some terrific action music and surprisingly effective emotional moments. If Young Powell managed to write a score as good as this one, I want to
  6. According to Gunn, Guardians Vol. 3 will be "huge":
  7. Agreed. I also love this late 90s/early 2000s Zimmer sound, and I was happy that he brought it back for WW84.
  8. Sleepers Pretty good, but also soul crushing and very depressing. I watched it just to see how Williams' score would function in context, and he didn't disappointed.
  9. Episode 4 was the best so far. I was underwhelmed by the show until then, but this week's episode was quite good. Apparently, the next episode will be one hour long.
  10. My opinion as well. It's fun sometimes and the action scenes are mostly great, but the story is a bit boring so far. I feel like the show has a lot of potential, but didn't quite fully explored it yet.
  11. I've only heard Hidden Figures once, and I thought it was okay. Need to revisit it soon. The score for the Lion King remake was as great in 2019 as it was in 1994, lol. Yeah, the score is much better than that movie deserves. Zimmer tells the story through his music better than the screenwriters.
  12. Yeah, it's my favorite Zimmer score since Interstellar. It worked great in the movie.
  13. Raiders of the Lost Ark The first time I listen to it in years. And it's perfect!
  14. Which is the best theme for a female character in a Lucasfilm movie: Leia or Marion? Vote now!
  15. Netflix's algorithm is suggesting for me some cult action/horror movies from the 80s for the last few days. So I did watch some of them: -The great buddy comedy Midnight Run, which was tons of fun; -The okay Red Heat, starring Arnold as a Soviet cop; -John Carpenter's They Live, which has a great premise, but doesn't explore all of its potential.
  16. The movie will open like the Star Wars sequels: silent LucasFilm logo, then the first scene of the movie. No Disney castle nor Paramount mountain.
  17. Which is why I said she'll be his granddaughter. Or the granddaughter of someone related to Indy.
  18. Maybe Phoebe Waller Bridge will be Indy's long lost granddaughter, and she'll do most of the action scenes in the movie?
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