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  1. I believe that Giacchino used to do that in his days as TV composer, when the deadline was short, so he relied on Chris Tilton, Chad Seiter, etc. JNH used assistants on King Kong, but only because it was a rushed job. Other than that I never heard of him using additional composers. Horner is complicated. He may have used Simon Franglen in Avatar/Titanic and I'm sure Don Davis wrote parts of Balto, but other than that, I don't think he used. I've never heard something similar for Desplat either.
  2. Rango, Pirates 4 and The Lone Ranger have him as the only composer credited, even though a bigger part of these scores were made by Geoff Zanelli. The Madagascar scores are the most controversial example, he is listed as a single composer but the majority of those score were composed by... a large team of people. Williams doesn't use ghostwriters, and he managed to write almost 9 hours of Star Wars music over the last few years all by himself. Shore didn't used additional composers as well, and he wrote about 15 hours of Middle Earth music. Heck, Morricone used to write several scores every year, all of them by himself. Desplat, Giacchino, JNH, Horner, Goldsmith... none of them use/used additional composers. It's Zimmer himself that prefers to approach what he scores as a team. Well, Zimmer and a handful of others, such as Beltrami. Powell has his own team as well, which is seriously disappointing to me (until this day I don't know if whether he or Batu Sener wrote Corellia Chase from Solo, hopefully the expanded edition of that score will help clarify that).
  3. I listened to the OST yesterday. Pretty good! Specially if you like a more subdued Williams, instead of the bombast of Indy/SW/etc. I can't believe that Among the Clouds is a film cue, rather than a concert arrangement. So does the film feature an 8 minute sequence with music?
  4. I love that as well. The action music is amazing. Giacchino's best score since Tomorrowland in my opinion.
  5. Koepp on why Spielberg left the movie: https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/1150126-david-koepp-explains-why-steven-spielberg-left-indiana-jones-5
  6. So it'll be like Joker (2019), but with lions?
  7. Steve Mazzaro's schedule is pretty full for the next years.
  8. Jenkins already has his composer, Nicholas Britell. I wonder if Disney would let him use Britell, instead of Zimmer.
  9. Wait a minute. This album has over two hours of music, and it still isn't the complete score? My gosh...
  10. There is definetly a feminist theme to the movie, since the main plot concerns the bill that allowed women to vote. Also, Enola's mother teachers her daughter to be strong, and she herself is leader of an underground feminist movement, or something. However, the movie isn't anti-male, or "all men are bad" or something like that. Characters like Sherlock and that boy (can't remember his name) are supportive of Enola in several occasions. So yeah, it's a feminist movie, but it doesn't have any agenda or try to promote anti-male politics. After all, Netflix needs that men also watch the movie, lol.
  11. Just listened to the OST. The main theme is very catchy and the score is pretty good, very Alexandre Desplat-like, although the album is longer than it needs to be.
  12. I was surprised with she breaking the fourth wall Deadpool-style. Didn't think I'd see that on a Sherlock Holmes movie. But in the end, I got used with it.
  13. The Netflix Sandman adaptation will begin shooting in 3 weeks.
  14. I doubt Lucasfilm would let Mangold use Beltrami, not when Williams is still available. It would be the same thing as letting Giacchino to score the J.J. Abrams directed Star Wars movies and Nathan Johnson score The Last Jedi.
  15. Pardon my ignorance, but is there how to improve the sound quality of the cue? For example, suppose you're Mike Matessino and you're working on the Star Wars box. What would he do to make this cue sound better?
  16. I liked the movie and the score in context. It's more traditional and orchestral than Pemberton's other scores, but it worked fine in the movie. Jon Broxton liked that too: https://moviemusicuk.us/2020/09/22/enola-holmes-daniel-pemberton/
  17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marco_Beltrami#Film Since 2018 every score of his have at least one co-composer. And that's when they receive official credit, if you check his other scores, you'll see that he used ghost writers in almost every single one of them.
  18. Marco Beltrami is more guilty of the use of ghost writers than almost everyone in the industry. The guy probably hasn't scored a movie on his own since the 2000s.
  19. Thanks for your dedication. I'm eagerly antecipating your spreadsheet!
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