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  1. I really like both of these, but they have a weird feeling like he's trying to compose without hitting the notes of his GOT themes? Every time a progression is about to take a similar turn to one of those it veers off unexpectedly. Makes for very unmemorable tracks, but I'm fully in when I'm actually listening haha
  2. Another very polarising 2021 film! Enjoyed this a lot
  3. Kind of insane that there'll be a nearly 6 year gap in between the first and second Doctor Strange films. 2016 feels like yesterday.
  4. I'd have to imagine the director plays into some of this? I was also hugely disappointed after hearing the single released that the CoG theme didn't factor into the main score. Such a brilliant theme, I listen to it every month or so.
  5. This really hits the spot! Thanks for recommending.
  6. There was news a while back that its performance in physical media revenue was exceptional for such a low grossing movie. Not sure how much of a difference that's really made though.
  7. I'm totally up for more of that for blockbusters, but this theme is boring as hell.
  8. So glad to hear a good HGW again. And he's doing House of Gucci? Good potential there as well. I'm looking forward to seeing this, doubt that the rhetoric delivery will bother me as much as it did Thor. We'll see though, I guess.
  9. This is the best argument for film critics haha
  10. The camera work was insane, actually. Some truly weird shots.
  11. This seems to be the score I keep returning to from the past few years, it's become a bit of a comfort food.
  12. It doesn't open in Australia until December 2 now (due to our lockdown of course). I'm getting very impatient
  13. This movie was horrible...right? I honestly can't decide
  14. Always loved Danny the Champion of the World, would kill for a simple and charming Netflix adaptation of that.
  15. If a third film gives JNH another chance to whip up a killer title track like this one, then I’m all for it. https://youtu.be/H0Nh15WhHjQ
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