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  1. in what world is Stranger Things a kids show lol
  2. I think Marvel have been bringing some strong content recently. This phase feels a little more unfocused I guess because of the sheer amount of projects - it's been only 2 years and we've had like 10 projects, more than Phase 1 or 2, and there hasn't been anything to bring them all together yet. Ranked em all for fun Movies 1. Eternals (might be personal preference lol) 2. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 3. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 4. Spider-Man: No Way Home 5. Black Widow (liked this one when I saw it but it's really soured in my mind since) Shows 1. Moon Knight 2. Falcon and the Winter Soldier (no idea why people hate this one so much, I understand the villain complaints but I thought it was pretty well written and looked fantastic) 3. Wandavision 4. Loki 5. Hawkeye 6. What If
  3. Great album, the main theme has really grown on me.
  4. I went away for a few minutes and then resumed reading without realising I had scrolled down lol
  5. lol i got halfway through this before realising it wasn't JNHFan's spoiler free review
  6. I don’t know if cinemablend really has a proper editor lol
  7. That was to do with the film being dumped to streaming though, and Reznor and Ross having a score thrown out
  8. Man I sure hope so, because this track is fantastic. I've loved all of Greenwood's scores this year, what a 2021 he's having
  9. An entire HP series directed by Cuaron would be incredible. I also enjoy Desplat's stuff, but imagine a somber JW score for the final two ugh
  10. I'll add my voice to that too, Radcliffe's seems like a lovely guy. Also HBP and OOTP have great scores too, sue me.
  11. Only seen the film once, but "Remember" is from Thena's Isn't It Beautiful is I think from And I'd think Across The Oceans of Time would be the first Ikaris Sersi montage, but maybe it's a suite.
  12. This has really grown on me after seeing the movie and listening a few times. One of my faves of the year now, if not at the top.
  13. Lovely score. Some cues remind me a lot of Ólafur Arnolds' BROADCHURCH.
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