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  1. Great work man! Last minute or so has a kind of superhero feel.
  2. If JNH ever moved on I wouldn't mind seeing Nicholas Britell take a stab at HP score. I think he'd do fantasy quite well.
  3. I made up the playlist in Spotify as best as I could. Really enjoyed listening, thanks man!
  4. I was hoping for something like Red Sparrow - JNH, which is basically a Black Widow movie itself. Orchestral cues sort of bookending, but lots of mildly interesting thriller textures in there as well. I think Desplat would knock something like that out of the park.
  5. I'm having a hard time holding myself back here. Fuck. I am absolutely certain Desplat's Rogue One score would have been much better than Giacchino's mess (though I understand that replacement may have been for actual scheduling reasons), and I'm quite certain a BW score by him would be much better than something Balfe could cook up. I actually think Fallout is pretty decent, but Marvel are clearly going all in on the Mission Impossible copy here. Was hoping this movie might have a somewhat unique identity.
  6. Top quality midi orchestras are incredibly realistic these days.
  7. Curious if you enjoy any of Giachinno’s work Thor? I’m pretty down on him in general but really enjoy the first Incredibles, Ratoutuille and the Planet of the Apes scores.
  8. Well fuck it, guess we’re not hearing this for a while then. 2020 sucks
  9. It’s a little promising, we’re not just getting a textured thriller at least, which is all we’ve had from HGW for the most part the last 5 years.
  10. This is great, should be a full article haha. Everyone should still free to nerd out about film and watch 2-3 movies a day, but I completely agree with you.
  11. I remember listening to this when it came out, and actually quite enjoying it. Probably one of the few back then that I listened to without actually watching the film, which I've since kept clear of.
  12. I watched a few scenes from BvS the other day on Youtube and actually got a bit nostalgic for Snyder's brand of epic. He's fun. Legend of the Guardians is great I think Silence is one of my favourites full-stop. What an incredible movie. Loved the score for Last Black Man, really must get onto watching it
  13. Someone else who doesn't enjoy Dunkirk all that much, thank god. I really liked 1917 though. Joker has had a lot of pushback - most critics that I've seen are hoping it doesn't win.
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