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  1. Movie looks middling at the moment, but I’m quite excited for Desplat’s score
  2. I’m really glad someone else loves this score as much as I do.
  3. The Harry Potter books are brilliant, I’m sure they’ll be part of kids pop culture for a while yet. Im always surprised by J.K’s Twitter statements because the books would seem to paint a lovely picture of her.
  4. Extremely excited to hear what a period Reznor/Ross score sounds like
  5. Waves - Reznor and Ross There must be some hardcore NNN fans out there, this album is way too long at an hour and twenty. Lovely textures as always from these blokes, but I liked their work on Watchmen more, though probably just because it was more fun. Have to decide whether I’ll watch the film Little Women - Desplat I’d skipped around on this one a little already but gave it a full listen and I love it. Beautiful work from Desplat, I love the woodwind/string interactions. Can’t wait to see the film, hopefully on Boxing Day.
  6. Forgot about Darkest Hour and really need to give it another go. Love that score, such beautiful oboe (? I think) melodies.
  7. I loved Ponds of Sorgan, probably my favourite cue so far. Goransson's a guitar major, so it'd be sweet if we got something similar to this somewhere down the track:
  8. I’m still of the opinion that the Narnia scores are fantastic, and I hope we get something of that quality for these films. HGW has had a handful of good scores since his heyday (Zookeeper’s Wife and the Martian are quite nice, and Disneynature’s Penguins was a delight) but he’s also put out about 6 Equalizers.
  9. I only found out about 1971 and 72 yesterday and this is still blowing my mind? How many were quality, can anyone give me a quick rundown? To go back to the original post, I’d immediately rule out The Irishman and Jojo Rabbit (extremely low-key). It’s hard to say without hearing 1917, but these five seem pretty likely: - SW - Marriage Story - Joker - 1917 - Avengers
  10. Silence - Marty Scorsese I may have not seen the entire Western canon of cinema, but this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, personally. Didn’t enjoy the Irishman as much as I thought I would, still not sure why since I love both Goodfellas and Casino, but still thought it was great. Silence is incredible, and as someone who is in a bit of a constant religious struggle, very challenging. Even as a film music sic fan I appreciated the lack of real ‘music’ present in the film (sorry if that offends anyone, I’m sure it could be considered music if you wanted to call it that). The sound design used emphasises the titular ‘silence’, especially in the back end.
  11. I absolutely adore the themes of Saving Mr Banks, beautiful music. Do people find them derivative of other Newman scores?
  12. The score for this one felt like a big step up to my ears. Really excited to see where Goransson goes now, loved the guitar work and the theme reworkings.
  13. I'm so far really disappointed with the Mandalorian, loved Goransson's work on Black Panther and the Creeds, as well as Community but aside from the fun Main Theme, its all a bit bland.
  14. Parasite - Jung Jaeil Surprised that I haven't seen this show up much on this forum yet. The film is fantastic, and the score a big part of why the tonal shifts are able to work so well. Jaeil is in full command of his music, love both the classical first half and the thriller/drama second.
  15. I really like both Rogue Nation and Fallout, they're both really enjoyable for me. RN has a more classic sound which I probably prefer but I think Fallout works like gangbusters in the film itself. That use of Turandot in RN for Ilsa Faust's theme (I think?) is gorgeous.
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