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  1. The online edition of the WSA ceremony & concert starts in 18 hours from now! The stream will begin on 24 October, 8 pm CEST = 11 am PDT = 2 pm EDT = 7 pm BST = 9 pm MSK = 2 am CST (next day) You'll be able to follow the (freely accessible) stream at www.filmfestival.be www.worldsoundtrackawards.com Enjoy!
  2. The nominees for the 2020 World Soundtrack Awards have been revealed: https://www.worldsoundtrackawards.com/en/news/film-fest-ghent-reveals-the-nominees-for-the-20th-anniversary-edition-of-the-world-soundtrack-awards/11-09-2020/2290 The composers nominated by the World Soundtrack Academy include guest of honour Alexandre Desplat, Thomas Newman, Benjamin Wallfisch and John Williams. Moreover, last year's Television Composer of the Year, Hildur Guðnado´ttir, is now nominated for the Film Composer of the Year Award whereas last year's Film Composer of the Year, Nicholas Britell is now nominate
  3. Thank you for flagging this, this was indeed an error which should be solved now.
  4. Film Fest Ghent presents: World Soundtrack Awards: Tribute to the Film Composer Performed by Brussels Philharmonic & Vlaams Radiokoor, conducted by Dirk Brossé Release date: 23 Oct. 2020 Order your copy at: https://shop.filmfestival.be/collections/cd To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the World Soundtrack Awards, Film Fest Ghent devotes its annual album to all thirteen winners of the coveted World Soundtrack Film Composer of the Year Award over the past two decades. This special compilation features newly recorded pieces by Angelo Badalamenti, Nicholas Britell,
  5. The voting is done via a closed platform supervised by PwC Belgium: the requested info (not all of it is compulsory) is merely needed to validate the votes and isn't visible for the organization (Film Fest Ghent).
  6. Only three days left to vote on the 2020 Public Choice Award! Please note that your vote is not valid until you clicked on the link in the confirmation e-mail you will receive after voting. It is possible that this e-mail ends up in your spam folder, so don't forget to check your e-mails.
  7. A newly arranged suite from this score was performed at last year's World Soundtrack Awards:
  8. In this way, we'll be able to remind people who are interested about the event shortly before 24 Oct., and to inform you how you'll be able to follow the livestream.
  9. What's the best film score of the past 12 months? Cast your vote now for the World Soundtrack Public Choice Award. You have until 31 July 2020 to vote for your favourite score. To vote, go to: https://www.wsavoting.com/en/publicchoice (Don't forget to confirm your vote via the e-mail you will receive.) The shortlist has been curated by the IFMCA. The nominees will be announced mid-September, and the winner at
  10. The 20th anniversary edition of the World Soundtrack Awards will be celebrated in a special way. Adapted to current circumstances, this year's WSA will be an online edition, livestreamed from Kinepolis Ghent, where the ceremony itself will take place. In this way you'll have the chance to enjoy the award ceremony and concert from everywhere around the world (and in a safe and corona-proof manner). The WSAwards will be the closing event of Film Fest Ghent, and will take place on 24 October 2020. On the occasion of this 20th anniversary, we are d
  11. Very sad news, may he rest in peace. He was already too ill to attend the World Soundtrack Awards last year, but on the occasion of Penderecki's Lifetime Achievement Award, Dirk Brossé conducted "Polymorphia":
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