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  1. One other interesting thing to note about the Mortis theme is that it was brought back for several totally new compositions in Season 5... as a theme for Letta Turmond in Sabotage and The Jedi Who Knew Too Much! There's no logical connection I can think of between the two, and the later episodes are entirely new cues, not reused from the Mortis arc itself. They just decided to use the theme in an entirely new context. No examples of this have been released clean, but go to 10:22 or 18:09 in Sabotage to hear some uses of the theme. For the masterpost of themes, the 'Obi-Wan undercover' arc in Season 4 also has its own unique theme, as heard in that Box cue and a few others:
  2. Maul also has another theme used on a few occasions, notably when Savage discovers Maul's hovel in Brothers, the aftermath of the Bank raid in Revival, and before Satine's death in The Lawless (and probably a few other occasions in Seasons 4 or 5). Oh, and Boba Fett also has a theme, though it's not in any released tracks. It's here at 0:31 in this cue from Death Trap: It continued to be used in Season 4 in both Deception and Bounty. Cad Bane also has some thematic material, which was also brought into his appearances in the Bad Batch. A lot of it can be found in his debut episode, Hostage Crisis: Jar-Jar and Naboo-set episodes in general are represented by Celtic fiddles and similar instruments, such as in this cue: General Krell also has his own theme, but that's not been available in any clean tracks. There are a few episodes that have specific one-off themes too, Trespass being a notable example for having both a main theme, and a unique theme for Senator Chuchi.
  3. Others might have picked up on this, but I just realised that in Make You a Star (Alternate), the section covering the 'French joke' (Ami. C’est l’amour.) at 0:26 actually uses the melody of Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast! Together with the Under the Sea underscoring the Sebastian cameo later in the same track, that's two Menken callbacks in one cue! The Be Our Guest reference was removed in the film version of the cue sadly.
  4. No, the Arabian Nights reprise is from an earlier version of the film which used the Arabian Nights melody various times throughout the movie to provide additional narration. This idea was dropped, so only the initial Arabian Nights remained. The finale was repurposed for use at the climax of the second direct-to-VHS sequel, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, which acted as a finale for the Aladdin tv show and the series as a whole. The Happy End in Agrabah alternate has a different intro (15 seconds or so), a slightly different take over the genie's freedom being granted, and a different ending reprising the theme from Friend Like Me. It then should lead into the A Whole New World reprise as in the film version of the cue. The alternate was previously released on several early versions of the soundtrack, including this transition, which was probably cut for disc space for the Legacy Collection release.
  5. Has anyone done the soundtrack for Thunderbirds (2004)? I know for certain that track 9: Tracy Island goes between tracks 12 and 13, while track 10: Junior Mission is between 14 and 15. I'm also near certain that some tracks consist of multiple cues combined, but I'm struggling to figure out any actual placements for certain.
  6. Oh no, it seems all of the actual score videos from this thread are gone, that's such a shame I have a saved version of the full track, with all the silences edited out: https://mega.nz/#!k05UHQQR!t7d44BrnINJCFd8XZl5vuf3Yc6Ue8pFNlZE0kTm_yVY
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