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  1. I'm hoping the good soundtrack collectors here could give some recommendations...I recently moved from the U.S. to Italy where I am now studying for the next five years. I was wondering if people here could recommend good soundtrack vendors within the EU? If I order anything online from the States, it has to come through either Italian or Vatican customs, the cost of which can be prohibitive. If it is within the EU, there is no customs fee. So...any online vendors of soundtracks that have good deals/prices? Used marketplaces besides Amazon? I appreciate any insider tips; thanks!
  2. Bit the bullet and finally ordered some Limited Editions before they're gone, plus some others: Home Alone, expanded - JW The Agony and the Ecstacy (Limited Varese) - Alex North The Great Escape - Elmer Bernstein The Aviator - H. Shore Close Encounters - JW (finally!!)
  3. Just raided the Amazon Marketplace and started filling out my JNH collection: Restoration Prince of Tides Atlantis Saint of Fort Washington Waterhorse Dinosaur Treasure Planet All for (including shipping) $41. Love it.
  4. Finally made my first Jerry Goldsmith purchase. Money has been really tight lately but I squeezed in this order: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Star Trek: Insurrection Star Trek: First Contact Star Trek: Nemesis All together (including shipping) for only $27.75. Can't wait to start listening...
  5. I would recommend this one. http://www.amazon.com/Saint-Saens-Carnival-Animals-Camille/dp/B0000041QC/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1303221447&sr=1-1 I'm partial to Charles Dutoit, plus the Danse Macabre and other overtures included are really fun!
  6. Does anyone know what happened to the FSM podcast? Even if they're not making them, do you know where they might be archived? I haven't been able to find them anywhere. Thanks!
  7. The Pillar's of the Earth. That was a great series, probably one of or the best miniseries shows I've seen in a long time. A lot of great drama, good music, and flat out fantastic sets and environments. Besides the fact that there are a few characters who you really just do not like at all which the makers proposed as good/"likeable" characters (Ellen, Jack), it was a really good show.
  8. I saw The King's Speech twice and I honestly believe it was by far the best film of 2010. The acting, pacing, cinematography, and direction were all superb. Also, I think it was one of the best films I've seen with the appropriate inclusion of classical pieces alongside a wonderful original score.
  9. I use FLAC, then I use MP3TAG to do labels, then play in WINAMP. Sounds fantastic!
  10. I was listening to the Terminal today and realized how much I love the scores panache and style. I particular like the light jazz material that is fleshed with the orchestral strings. I was wondering if anyone knew of an artist or group that plays light jazz like this (outside of film scores)? I guess I specifacally mean the type with the strings, not just a group of four jazz players , or something like that. Any tips would be great and happy listening!
  11. Thought I'd put this up for the Christmas season. This a Lessons and Carols service I was involved in. I think we did pretty well! Kudos to all the music faculty at Providence College! Video can be viewed . Thanks for watching.
  12. Unfortunately, I didn't get the La-La Land release for Independence Day, only the OST. It was a blind buy, so I didn't want to spend $30. It's really good, so I might end up getting the complete, but there is some other stuff I am going to collect first. Speaking of which, I'm thinking of getting the Star Trek:TMP, but is there a new release in the works? I heard some rumors about that...just curious.
  13. It is the older Rhino release, yes. For only $14.71 in Like New condition, too.
  14. Independence Day - David Arnold Voyage of the Dawn Treader - David Arnold Superman: The Movie - John Williams Finally...! (No, I couldn't afford the Blue Box.)
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