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  1. @Falstaft, I believe there should be an anticipation duplet A-flat at the end of m. 15.
  2. It may be a browser problem. I can see them in Safari, but they don't work in Chrome or Edge.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I was wondering how prolific JW is compared to the other great composers of the past. Let's put it this way: how many CDs would it take to construct a (hypothetical) John Williams: Complete Edition box set? By comparing the number of CDs included in similar box sets for other composers and taking into account the number of each one's active years, it'd be possible, I believe, to produce a rough productivity metric.
  4. Do we have an estimation? Considering his 112 scores for feature-length movies, his TV scores, concerti, and miscellaneous other pieces, my own estimate is somewhere around 200 hours.
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