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  1. thanks hugely for sharing this! I joined Oct31st @ 14:00 GMT.... so, 68hrs after you but only selected tiers 4-7. holding out all hope I will get as lucky as you.
  2. I'm Ryanair... unfortunately Easyjet don't fly to Ireland. no idea why. the flights from London are currently £15, also w Ryanair, if anyone else without a ticket wants to be as crazy as me and book this trip regardless
  3. £23 from Dublin; £33 with a 10k checked bag
  4. it hasn't been mentioned here yet, but the 1st encore in London last year was - to everyone's surprise - 'Jaws'. if I recall correctly, this wasn't listed in the programme either
  5. despite not yet having a ticket, I have booked return flights from IRL + my hostel. *prays to all that's holy even though I'm an agnostic existentialist*
  6. awesome Biodome! thanks hugely for this offer. and yes, I'm sure my plan does sound insane. but I have to try and make this happen. Jurassic Park changed my life. every decision I've made in my life since I was 12, I owe to the film and, of course, Mr. Williams' score. I hope I can make it.
  7. thanks Biodome. that's awfully kind of you to say. the thing is, I'm the newest on here and have no idea if there's a waiting list for members on this site.... is there? or would you have your own system for deciding who from JWFans to sell to? I assume you have friends from this site who've you known for years as opposed to someone totally new/random like myself lol. in any case, I'm going to do whatever I can to try and make it on either the 18/19th. I trust the universe that things will work out.
  8. Hello everyone, Hoping all are well. granted I'm a bit late in the day but thought it worth a try to post this in any case - having purchased tickets for Mr. Williams's original shows at the Musikverein in '18, I too received the heads up mail from Musikverein a few days before the sale. much to my regret, however, on the AM of the 24th, I completely forgot about the sale due to stresses in London, and not remembering until 24hrs later when, of course, both concerts were sold out. I'm presently on the waiting list for both shows but naturally the likelihood of anyone returning for this will be slim for obvious reasons. I have booked flights + accom. for Vienna for jan in any case, in the hope that I may be able to succeed in acquiring a tick for either concert, even if it be a case of waiting by the box office in the hrs leading up to each show on the off-chance of last minute returns, or potentially buying from sellers outside the venue in cash; such is my determination to try and make this work, I'm refusing to approach it with anything but buoyant optimism. in the meantime, however, I do have E140 ready to go for a tier 4-8 ticket - and, would be more than willing to pay the full E140 for even an E8 standing ticket. If I may, my request to all JWFan members here today who read this is whether or not there might be any possibility of making this genuine offer to anyone who finds themselves having a spare ticket going for either performance on the 18th/19th? I both acknowledge and appreciate that this is most likely going to be a no. however, as stated prior, I again felt I had to at least try with this. I was incredibly fortunate to attend the RAH concert in nov '18 and can safely tell everyone here today who wasn't in attendance that night, that Mr. Williams was most certainly there in spirit. I'll never forget the cheer John got when Lucy Noble proclaimed that it was his wish for everyone at the hall that night to raise the roof on his behalf. so, even if I don't manage to see John in person in jan, at least I'll have this memory. thanks in advance for your time & have a nice day.
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