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  1. Hehe Those 3 pieces will indeed be played by the pianist... There'll be also a wonderfull arrangment of the Imperial March piano solo, that will be followed by the original symphonic version (in Episode V End Titles). Expect a special Duel of the Fates (duel between the Jedi-pianist against the orchestra and choir, symbolizing the Dark side of the Force (I'll conduct this piece in the Darth Vader's costume... ! ) More surprises to come... http://www.musique-et-toile.asso.fr Philippe BL
  2. Dear Friends, I'm pleased to announce 3 great Star Wars Concerts in Paris, for the release of the last chapter of the Star Wars Saga. I will conduct the Orchestre Cinématographique de Paris on Thursday May 17th 8.30 pm, and on Wednesday May 18th 5.00 pm and 8.30 pm. at the 13th district of Paris Townhall (place d'Italie). This is kind of a special star wars night, based on a duel between a Piano Solo and an orchestra. As you may know, all the Star Wars music was reduced by a brilliant pianist/composer: Enguerrand-Friedrich LÜHL (a CD is already available). The program will include music for piano solo, or for orchestra, and some music presented as Duels between the soloist and the choir/orchestra ! The program will also include the WORLD PREMIERE OF MUSIC FROM EPISODE III !! Here's the program: Main Title Princess Leia Anakin's Theme Imperial March The Forest Battle Episode V End Titles Flag Parade Episode II Love Theme Parade of the Ewoks Luke & Leia Asteroid Field SURPRISE: Special Episode III music Duel of the Fates Please visit http://www.musique-et-toile.asso.fr for more informations (french website) Philippe BARBEY-LALLIA
  3. Oh yeah!!! a couple of years ago, I rented this movie with some friends in a videostore... we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the movie... it was soooo bad we didn't go through the end and just made fun of the movie... Well at least tryed to. I think it has one of the best dialogue in all movie history, and best acting for that line "Do you want lunch ?" by John Travolta. A must see really ! :spiny: PBL
  4. I think we were all quite shocked when we read the top of the main page today. My sincere condolences for you and all your family. We're with you Ricard. Philippe BL
  5. I've just planned a european tour on 2007... in every big city of Europe... so Amsterdam isn't included.... Sorry man ! Kidding !! I hope it will soon be possible We have a big concert (perhaps) planned with a great french worldwide famous composer... but we'll still waiting for confirmation... Philippe BL
  6. I'm a professional pianist and conductor, and I often conducts in concert some williams' music. It's great to see so much people here playing some instrument !! Philippe BL - who thinks this thread should be in the other topics forum.
  7. You know, I was half kidding when I said to organize such an event. I know it's professional work to organize such a festival. However, I would like very much to participate in a festival like this. Philippe BL
  8. Actually, there is a "mini" international film music festival already, in Auxerre France (150 km from Paris) There was Maurice Jarre, Lalo Schifrin, Vladimir Cosma, Michael Kamen, Bruno Coulais who conducted their own music. With conferences, lectures, with the participation of french filmmakers such as Leconte, Besson... But this is also a film competition festival... but it grows bigger and bigger each year.... MSM, maybe we should associate, as we got the same ideas, and make THE best film music festival in the world Philippe BL
  9. Wow... I didn't even know this was being released !!! I totally agree on this one. FFVI is perhaps the "Star Wars score of videogames". Yes, it's his first, and so I'm really looking forward to hearing it. Thanks a lot for the info Philippe BL
  10. In France, most of the film festivals has music related event such as concerts... and sometimes more, as in the Auxerre music festival, or the Luneville film music festival: Piovani, Jarre, Cosma, Coulais, Schifrin and especially Kamen were there once or twice... some of them even did a lecture on film music. Unfortunately, there still isn't a FILM MUSIC FESTIVAL, entirely devoted to composers, scoring technique, concerts and lectures. Philippe BL
  11. This book has been around for a couple of years now. But there was no translation when it was released... perhaps 2 years after maybe... let's hope for it. Philippe BL
  12. Again some very sad news... I loved his music for Laura.... John Williams loved the composer's music also, he told that in a live concert in Tanglewoods with the pops in 1999 where he played the love theme... A golden era has truly gone, with him, Kamen and Goldsmith. :cry: Philippe BL
  13. I sure don't have them all, but they're what I do for living (conducting) Philippe BL
  14. Correct... However, two years ago, the very same radio did broadcast through the internet a JW (half classical, half film music) concert... That's good news.... tell us if you can do something of it. Actually, that's how we write it here: Chostakovitch. Philippe BL (really pissed off he couldn't listen to it)
  15. My God I can't believe it. I'm at a friend's ( who's also really fan of JW), hoping to listen for this concert, and then Chostakovitch and Schumann.... I wrote to the radio.... I guess they at last will have like a hundred message concerning this false advertising... Philippe BL banghead Ps: Nice thread-title change, Neil.
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