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  1. This is it. The mix ain't right. All the tiny flourishes of the orchestra you hear in the FYC are muffled or buried in the OST. I don't have the musical vocabulary to articulate exactly what's wrong with it but the side-by-side comparison is a stark contrast to my ears.
  2. 1. Rey 2. March of the Resistance 3. Rise of Skywalker 4. Kylo Ren 5. Rose Jedi Steps is a close runner-up but I opted for Rose because Williams actually develops it (and I love it). Kylo wouldn't have made the list if not for its tragic transformation in the last act of TROS. I'd love a concert piece carries us through the character's journey -- kind of like Anakin's Theme in reverse.
  3. I hope he writes another symphony or revises and records his first one.
  4. Thank you, my pleasure You won't be rid of me until I get an expanded release for every Star Wars score
  5. TFA and TLJ took me time to unpack. This is instant, unconditional adoration. It's just gorgeous. I haven't heard anything like this from him in a long time.
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