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  1. I am absolutely in love with the swelling strings and rich chord changes of Farewell 3:30-end. Hits me in the same emotional spot as Anakin's Theme 1:30-2:00, Across the Stars 2:00-2:30, and the transition out of Marion's theme in Washington Ending/Raiders March 4:20-4:40. I'm a sucker for that stuff. Am I hearing things, or is that section in Farewell a major interpretation of the Kylo Ren motif?
  2. You're right, I was thinking of the interrogation scene in TFA but quoting a scene from TLJ. My knowledge of Star Wars is folding in on itself and I don't know what is what anymore!
  3. It's fine if you don't like the sequel trilogy, not saying you should, but the relative under performance of the Star Wars brand has very little to do with adult fan reception of the series. Toys R Us recently filed for bankruptcy. Hasbro has been taking losses for years. Even LEGO has been reporting lower numbers for at least two years. This is a mere symptom of a much larger trend that fans are using as evidence to further their personal agenda. Unfortunately, Hasbro seems to be hellbent on continuing in a dismal direction, but LEGO has still has hope. They're a bit over saturated, sure, but there's hope. I also wondered that for a long time, but then I remembered Kylo tried to mind trick her in the previous scene. "You will bring me to Luke Skywalker" or something like that. I wish it was set up a bit better, but it makes sense.
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