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  1. I would place HTTYD above it, personally, but it's certainly one of the most enjoyable scores. Agreed.
  2. I archived all the MIDI files off of http://musicby.jw-music.net/ before it went down, so at least we haven't lost those. Let me know if anyone wants them.
  3. What on earth are you talking about?
  4. Ah, yes, that's right. I definately do need to read it again.
  5. Yeah, that one was pretty easy to get the first time around. Although, there is plenty of deeper stuff (the stuff not essential to the plot) to be gleaned on multiple viewings.
  6. I absolutely disagree. Those are the best type of films. If everything is fully apparent the first time around, there isn't much left to make you want to rewatch it right away. I like movies that force me to pay close attention and really think to understand them.
  7. Oh well. In that case, just read the fourth line of my post. My same vote still stands.
  8. No, she wasn't. That's the only character that wasn't there, actually. Interesting. I forget the reasoning there. Agreed, but I think The Magician's Nephew is probably the hardest to turn into a film. Agreed on both counts. Thus why I think The Silver Chair would realistically be the best place to end it. The Horse and His Boy would make a good film, but it's just so separate from the other books.
  9. Wait, are we talking about the scores or the movies? Assuming it's the movies, this is a truly difficult choice. I love both franchises (and both books). The storyline in HP7a is maybe a bit more interesting, but then it is currently incomplete. And I am far more in line with the beliefs portrayed in Narnia. Both were excellent movie adaptations but in different ways—HP7a being relatively exact to the book and VotDT being a very well done plot adjustment. As for the scores, there's no question that Arnold wins this one. Desplat's score still just doesn't do anything for me. Edit: And Zimmer's
  10. I think she was there... I'll have to re-read it sometime soon.
  11. con·sum·ma·tion –noun 1. the act of consummating; completion. 2. the state of being consummated; perfection; fulfillment. In our universe, yes.
  12. The next book, The Silver Chair, follows Eustace and a new character, Jill Pole. At the end of the Dawn Treader movie, we hear Eustace's mother say that Jill Pole came over to visit, which seems to be a hint that they at least want to make the fourth if it gets the green light. Although I'd love to see all seven books become movies, I'd be content to see it end after four. To be honest, the first four make much more of a unified whole than the last three. Book five, The Horse and His Boy, goes back into the past of Narnia—during the time that Peter, Edmund, Suzy, and Lucy were reigning—but foc
  13. Is it just me, or is the expanded version of "This Is Berk" broken? It only plays 16 seconds and cuts off very abruptly for me. Are others having this problem?
  14. I think that's the key right there. We all put this score up on an impossibly high level of expectation. It could have actually been another Independence Day, and many of us still would have been disappointed.
  15. It was WAY toned down from the book. This is C.S. Lewis we're talking about.
  16. Interesting, but that could only make Puss-in-Boots a copy of Reepicheep, as Reepicheep's character was pretty much taken from the book as written. (Although I do think coincidence is probably a bit more likely.)
  17. Okay. http://jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19593
  18. I just got back from the movie, and I thought it was fantastic! It does not follow the book very closely at all, but it works so well as a movie. The Dawn Treader design was exactly as I had imagined it while reading the book, and the casting was perfect I particularly enjoyed the running banter between Eustace and Reepicheep. I wholeheartedly recommend you go see it. It's by far the most enjoyable of the three so far. Oh, yeah, and the score is great too. I personally enjoyed it outside of the film, but it really fits perfectly in the proper context. BTW, if you're confused about the thread t
  19. Why are we talking about KotCS in the Dawn Treader thread?
  20. Well, despite all you complainers, I'm quite enjoying the score. I've listened through it about six times now. No, of course it's not quite up to par with Independence Day, but that's quite a high expectation to live up to. It's much better than the previous Narnia scores, and I enjoyed them too. The main theme is actually quite catchy. I've been humming it in my mind ever since first listening to the CD. I'll be seeing the film tonight.
  21. My thinking in starting the thread was to find some new movie suggestions, but it does seem to be turning into a bit of a competition.
  22. Mine has been listed as "Out for Delivery" since 4:19 this morning. I checked back over my lunch break, but it hadn't arrived yet.
  23. Intriguing. I think that could work well if true.
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