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  1. Desplat has yet to really impress me. I'd place him on the lower end of the list of good recent composers with John Powell just surpassing Giacchino for the top.
  2. Really? Can you name a few, please? I can't think of any. Just curious.
  3. I'm just wondering if James Horner has ever composed a complete score that doesn't include his infamous motif?
  4. Thanks, guys! And Happy Birthday Maglorfin!
  5. Dawn Treader, like all the other Narnia books, is primarily a theological analogy. The story is subservient to the meaning behind it. In the case of Dawn Treader specifically, the story element exists to somewhat of a lesser extent than in the other books. While it still makes for a great read as a book, as a movie, it probably could use a bit of a story enhancement.
  6. It seems the album art has changed. This one looks a bit cluttered to me, although I'm glad to see the snow gone.
  7. Interestingly enough, I've really never found that to be true about anything. Usually, familiarity breeds fondness. Occasionally it will breed apathy and sometimes skepticism. But I rarely see it breed contempt.
  8. It definately does seem a bit rushed. I somehow doubt that is the final cut. Otherwise, though, it's looking quite promising. Also, based on the clip, they seem to have cast Eustace well.
  9. Some films are done that way, but I'm pretty sure this one is true 3D.
  10. I don't mind films being done in 3D. It can be a pretty cool effect. However, it really does bug me when they do parts of the film specifically for the purpose of the 3D effect—IE the scroll thrown out at the audience as you can see in the trailer.
  11. I haven't heard for sure, but I'm assuming that there will be, based on how big of a deal they're making out of the orchestral score.
  12. Anyone else looking forward to this score? I'm not always the biggest Brian Tyler fan, but the clips I've been hearing from this sound really good. Trailer (with narration by Patrick Stewart): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8Iuig296HI Behind the scenes with Brian Tyler:
  13. HTTYD is the best score of the year, but it won't win the award. That will go to either Deathly Hallows or Inception.
  14. As far as MV scores go, I found the first Narnia to be quite enjoyable. The second one repeats the first a bit too much, but what material is new is pretty good.
  15. Unfortunately, it was just used for an animated Batman movie.
  16. I say that other composer pronounces his name weirdly. "Ber-nard" is the only way that sounds correct to me.
  17. I went tonight. It was a blast. The audience reactions were the best part. Applause broke out constantly throughout the film. I also got to see a DeLorean in the parking garage. http://twitpic.com/30w5o0 http://twitpic.com/30w60b
  18. Yes, thanks indeed! Seeing that it's labeled "part 1," is part 2 coming soon?
  19. Wow! This is great stuff so far! I'm also pretty impressed by the quality of the synthesized music. What library(s) are you using?
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