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  1. The replacement score for Jonah Hex is officially one of the most annoying soundtracks I have ever made myself endure through. So frustrating after building up so much excitement for Powell to be scoring it. I wonder if anything was recorded before the switch happenned?
  2. I'd imagine they bring in plenty of money through the ads on their site. They also would bring in a lot more with the surveys and special offers for their members who chose to do them (thus why they are worth more points).
  3. Is it? Sorry, I didn't realize that.
  4. I hope this doesn't come across as being too spammy, but you all know that I'm a real poster. I'm posting this because I've tried it, and I know that it's a legitimate good deal. It's called Swag Bucks. You just sign up and start using their search engine to make searches. As you search, you start to build up points (Swag Bucks), and then you redeem those points for prizes. They've got a ton of different stuff available, but the best deal is the Amazon.com gift cards - with which you can get free soundtracks (at least, that's what I've been using them for). They also have special offers and wh
  5. Here I thought the "and why" was a question about the existence of the poll. Why Empire of the Sun for movie? Because I enjoyed it, and I did not particularly enjoy the other two. Not saying they're bad movies; they're just not my cup of tea. Why Far and Away for score? Because Memoirs of a Geisha is exceedingly boring for a large amount of the score, and because Empire of the Sun, while still a great score, just doesn't have quite the level of excitement and enthusiasm.
  6. Such a very random poll, even for Josh, LOL. Far and Away for score. Empire of the Sun for movie.
  7. "Scherzo" with "Venice" coming in at a close second. True for the first three films. Not even remotely close for the fourth.
  8. He definately looks healthier in the later photos to me. What exactly is it you're worried about, Hitch?
  9. I have a John Williams collection and a Danny Elfman collection, and I'm starting to gain a John Powell collection. For any other composers right now, it's just a case of some assorted CDs. That said, I currently own: Film Music by Jerry Goldsmith (Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) Air Force Once First Knight The Mummy Rudy
  10. Is anyone else really bugged by their phrase "The Horsemen Cometh"? Horsemen is a plural word. You can't use Cometh with that. It just looks and sounds ridiculous.
  11. Just an FYI, there's an expanded Hancock floating around out there now. It has some good unreleased stuff, but still not that Superman cue I really want.
  12. Tell you what. It has been a while since I last gave Jaws a try. I'll see if I can get a chance to watch it again soon with an open mind and see if it strikes me as being any better this time around. If so many people love it, maybe I've just been missing something. Fair enough?
  13. You're welcome to that opinion. This probably belongs in that other thread though.
  14. Yeah, we've got a real problem with that. I'm quite capable of enjoying bad films. Also, good catch on Prisoner of Azkaban and Goldfinger. Those definately belong in the list.
  15. I didn't say I don't like Jaws. I enjoy it for what it is; I just don't understand all the hype about it. As for the films I praise, those are my opinion and nothing more. This is a "favorites" thread, not "bests."
  16. The Dark Knight. Or pretty much any other remotely quotable modern film.
  17. In honor of Toy Story 3, what are some of your favorite second sequels, and why? 1. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - In my opinion, it's the best of all the movies. It does absolute justice to the first two films while taking on a brilliant personality of it's own. And who else could possibly father Indiana Jones than James Bond? 2. Back to the Future Part III - This has always been one of my favorite movies (as has the whole series). While Part II was a slight step down from Part I, Part III comes right back up on par with the first. It has an entirely different feel than the previous two
  18. Just got back from seeing it in 3D. Fantastic! No disappointment whatsoever. Even the "YO" truck got a brief cameo. And the Monkey... creepy!
  19. I've never really understood the appeal of Jaws. The only reason I watch it is for the score. Everything about the movie itself is just sort of dull. Bad acting, horrible effects, predictable storyline. Meh.
  20. Mac Afraid I can't help you much there then, but if you have access to a PC, Windows Movie Maker is really easy to use for simple stuff like this. You can basically just add a track, click "fit selection to music" and you're done.
  21. I plan on seeing it soon. Are you guys going for 3D or standard?
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