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  1. Just shows what a sado you are then doesn’t it! And proves my point!
  2. You lot must have money to burn paying for something you already have in great quality! Ok il shut up now!
  3. Sorry still a ripoff! In my eyes, I bet you cannot hear a difference with the naked ear! La la records are laughing all the way to the bank with this NEW release
  4. Any interview is a blessing I know. Yes The Jurrassic park one is pretty decent .
  5. Pretty disappointing interview. Same old questions, and love feast between them. Somebody please interview Mr Williams in depth about his life and career , a proper journalist who has done their homework on him. Before he dies! Nice performances though.
  6. A very disappointing release to me. Just a money grab. I have lost some respect for this company . Not that they will lose any sleep over my moaning!
  7. Will be passing on this one. Especially as I paid over the odds for the boxset. Still hoping for something a bit more exciting to be released this year. Like The Patriot expanded or something. It might just be The Fabelmans later this year that's going to get the heart pounding!
  8. Thankyou so much for recording this. For me living in the uk I would never have the opportunity to attend this. So thankyou.
  9. I have had a reply saying they are sorry for the delay and have sent it. They have provided me with a tracking number, however that is not yet working! So I guess mine is still at the depot!
  10. I have just emailed them complaining. See what response I get.
  11. Same here, ready for shipping! I don't think so! I think The European site is waiting for it from The States!
  12. Just listened to it a couple of times. I really like it a lot. I think I prefer it to the recent cello cd. This is a great year so far for us fans. And knowing there is a new soundtrack score coming towards the end of the year. Happy 90th indeed!
  13. Same here, ordered on first day thinking well at least it wont take as long coming from europe. How wrong I was! Not even shipped. A day under 2 weeks now.
  14. im sure Holt is clever enough to put some of Williams empire music into her own work. Its A dumb decision made by the powers that be not to put the Imperial march in there . All of Vader's scenes would have been even more powerful with Mr williams music. However James Earl Jones kills it as Vader.
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