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  1. My brother lives in NY, he's 41, he's been tranfered to a hospital in Albany, and right now, after 15 days, almost healed. A distant relative died here in São Paulo 2 weeks ago, he was 79 and a heave smoker, texte positive for covid. My uncle is currently sedated and doctors are trying to extubate him; he's been hospitalized for the last 14 days too, here in Sao Paulo.
  2. hahahaha sorry about eventual english cacophony, it's not my first language, but I bet these "new"Amazing Stories plots felt unoriginal even for the original run of the Twilight Zone
  3. The directors like that sound, it has the sound of a much grittier NY than the one we have today. I think it fits the movie very well (great movie, by the way)
  4. Saw episodes 1 and 2, the plots felt so old. Even the new opening credits looks kind of odd with that great theme (one of my favorites).
  5. Just saw J'Accuse (2019), a very good Roman Polanski movie, his better since The ghost writer (2010). Terrific acting, great pacing. There's only 20 or so minutes of music in the 132 min movie, always tense and urgent. The album has a few more, including a good Dreyfus theme that doesn't appear in the film.
  6. Absolutely indeed, I love Mr Lawrence, great score! I know, it's a lot, but probably the ones you think were more important as storytelling and also became popular. The Terminator is a good exemple, I guess.
  7. Thanks for the link, it's cool that Lopatin admits que influence, the music works wonders in the scene, reflecting the feeling of pleasure/power Howard feels while taking stupid decisions, but the lack of a credit for Geinoh Yamashiroguni it's highly questionable. Enjoying the topic and preparing a podcast episode about Uncut Gems and electronic / synth scores, we're mentioning some favorites; a few of my personals are A Clockwork orange (Carlos), Halloween (Carpenter), Stalker (Artemiev) , Thief (Tangerine Dream), Blade Runner (1982), Hoosiers (Goldsmith) and Annihilation (Barrow & Salisbury). Any favorites of yours?
  8. I'm a fan of the Uncut Gems score too, great work. The track Windows is really (really!) reminiscent of Kaneda's theme from the Akira (1988) soundtrack.
  9. Just saw the movie, the score is good, helps the movie a lot. The obvious highlight is the Night Window scene indeed, with an almost Lord of the ringish, otherwordly colour. Not a big fan of the cue for the signature shot (the final run scene) though.
  10. I like that track a lot too, but it didn't made it to the movie, the director used Dvorak String Quartet 12 instead. The scene in question didn't worked very well, so they probably tried to change the only thing they could - the music. I'm actually pretty found of this score, after a few listens, it's too long but it has a good 30/40 minutes of pretty good stuff.
  11. Little women (Alexandre Desplat) **** At first listen didn't liked it so much, but I revisited it after watching the movie and grew on me. A lot of the moments of the film had their own theme (Telegram, Father's come home, The beach), and I like a lot the resemblance of The Ghost Writer in the cue Jo Writes. The cue Dance on the porch in the movie was replaced by Dvorak's String Quartet n 12 (The american), probably because the scene just doesn't work, and they blamed the music, but it's a very interesting cue, almost like an orquestral arrangement of a pop song.
  12. Saw two movies at the theaters this weekend: Richard Jewell: Clint Eastwood is a master, and it´s a true pleasure to watch him tell a story; one of the best movies of 2019 imho Little Women: didn´t remember very well the 1994 movie (but a big fan of the score) and never read the classic novel, but what a nice surprise, almost looks like a love letter to the book and the characters; the score works wonders in the movie, but I got the impression they didn´t use the "dance on the porch" cue of the album in the actual scene; anyone?
  13. I'm not a Goldeneye fan, but definitely it's a unique Bond score. I bet nowadays they wouldn't use the gunbarrel at least, and probably reject much more than the San Petersburg tank chase. It's their merit to stick to their vision, they really tried a different aproach.
  14. The Lighthouse (Mark Korven) Much ambient music, a few weird instruments, much in the same key of The Vvitch, dissonant, absolutely no melodies. Works good in the movie though.
  15. IMHO Wallfisch is better than Balfe or 2010's Zimmer. And if the rejection is confirmed, curious to see what Romer did that EON consider so bad. Couldn't be worse than Goldeneye.
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