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  1. With the re-introduction of Harry and Dumbledore, we get to see reprisals of some very early music from the series. We hope you enjoy the nostalgia trip as much as us! Here's Cue No. 2: Dumbledore Appears.
  2. You got us. We had to switch orchestras for licensing purposes But actually @superultramegaa, thanks for the feedback! We did add the usual reverb presets but hadn't really reexamined them after the end of Order. But I think it's about time we messed with it going forward. [we had mostly worried about losing details when working with the reverb before.] This is the benefit of having realtime fan comments though - we're fine with doing sort of a preemptive remaster of HBP with some new settings and a rerelease of the first cue So here we go! A "London" version of cue no.
  3. Thanks, everyone! This feedback means so much to us, we are super glad you're looking forward to HBP! @mrbellamy that is awesome, and we're excited to tackle this scene when we get there. I felt the same that the theme reference was amazing but possibly unintentional, but I'd join in on the restraining-order-receiving for that one. For today - we're so excited to be releasing the first cue from HBP! Thank you to all who have listened to the first two scores we've put out! We probably wouldn't have gotten to this point had there not been a response. (Actually that's
  4. Hi everyone! With HBP beginning one week from today, we updated "Process of the Project" and thought we'd share a little statement about the score on the website. Click here to see it and hope you'll enjoy!
  5. It's official! Half-Blood Prince will be posted starting June 6th! We've loved hearing from all of you and we thank you so much for all of your enthusiasm. We'll be pausing weekly posts for two weeks, then updating the Process of the Project with more details about HBP before posting the first cue. Stay tuned and huge thanks to all of you for listening!
  6. Hi all - Today we have a page about the process behind this project. We've had people express interest in how it came together, and we wanted to share the background and the research that was involved. You may have also noticed that we changed our name today - this is because we've just published our professional website, and would like that to come up in Google results! You can check it out here to see our other projects. We've loved hearing from you, and hope you like the details about how these scores came to be.
  7. @RomanticStrings thanks for your comment! So funny you said that. The other day I was thinking about *SPOILER* Dobby's death too. Right now, it's in the daydream phase since Hallows is so far away but I'm so excited that other people are interested in it too. Using the second half of the theme from COS came to mind but I did notice that Desplat kind of referenced the idea as well, and I'd rather not rip him off... but we'll see. Thank you for noticing the dies irae in Luna and the feast - I always have so much fun throwing those in. BP
  8. We've got some deleted scenes today - it was fun tracking music for these bonus scenes to match the rest of Order of the Phoenix, with some material from the original 3 scores as well. Hope you enjoy! https://sites.google.com/view/ravendor/extras/deleted-scenes
  9. @WampaRat Thank you!! The sequel OSTs were definitely on my mind when assembling this, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. It definitely helped with the pacing of the album, balancing between lighter/darker/emotional and including the most important content. Today we've posted some temp score demos of alternate ideas that came up along the way! https://sites.google.com/view/ravendor/extras/temps-and-demos MS
  10. Thanks so much for listening @Falco! Those are two specific things that we really love so stay tuned For today, we've had people express interest in an OST presentation, and we're so excited to be delivering an OST for Order of the Phoenix! Hope you enjoy this arrangement of the score. https://sites.google.com/view/ravendor/extras/5-soundtrack-cd-presentation
  11. Hi all, Thanks for all of your support! It really means a lot to us. Here's the complete audio for Order of the Phoenix. As with Goblet of Fire, we posted a movie-length track that can be synced to your copy, as well as FLAC and MP3 folders of individual cues. https://sites.google.com/view/ravendor/extras/5-complete-score We hope you enjoy! MS & BP
  12. We've updated the concert works page to include the Order theme and Luna's theme! Next week - full score! Hope you enjoy the Concert Arrangements.
  13. @FrankFWJH Wow, thank you so much! We're so glad to hear you enjoyed OOTP, and it's really exciting to see that people are going through the whole score now that it's done. Our sincerest thanks for your compliments. Getting the interpretive stamp of approval from JWFanners is all we could have hoped for when this project was just a pipe dream. In terms of Half-Blood Prince..... And regarding crowdfunding, it’s not been on our radar, but if there's interest, we would love to venture out into that realm. Getting cues recorded by a live orchestra is the dream! Due to costs (and likely
  14. Thanks @WampaRat! We're so excited to see enthusiasm around the post-score releases - we're having fun putting them together, so we're glad you enjoy them too. Your appreciative words mean a lot to us! In terms of fan sites, we haven't shared it much besides here because of not wanting to get sued... but we did see that @Pieter Boelen mentioned it on youtube a couple months ago, and are thrilled to see it being discussed in a couple places! And finally, the end credits are here!! It almost broke my poor laptop, but it hopefully stands as a fitting wrap-up to the g
  15. Due to some technical difficulties and scheduling conflicts, we will be posting the end credits this Wednesday, March 24th. Thank you for your patience and support! In the following Sundays, we will have: Order of the Phoenix concert works (for Luna and the Order theme); Order of the Phoenix full downloadable audio, a sync-able track to the movie, and digital booklet; an original soundtrack presentation arrangement; and deleted scenes. Stay tuned!
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