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  1. Hi everyone! Today is Cue 27: The Tale of the Three Brothers! So excited to be releasing this one as it kicks the final story into motion. Enjoy! Side note and apology: Next week will just be a short cue under the reveal of the Deathly Hallows because the week after we have about 13 minutes to release. Please bear with us as we tackle the end of the movie, and thanks as always for listening! BP
  2. Thanks so much! Yeah, we've had fun reworking those callbacks and less flashy moments for this film. Hoping it helps to tie everything together. I'm glad you like it Our reunited trio gets to travel outside of the tent this week for Cue No. 26: Xenophilius Lovegood. We're almost to the film's finale, but we will be taking a break next week for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend over here. Stay tuned and thanks for listening!
  3. Ron is back! We're continuing with the shorter, darker cues, with some more Ron and Hermione coming into the picture. Today we have Cue No. 24: Ron Destroys the Locket and Cue No. 25: The Trio Reunited!
  4. This week we have two more quiet and emotional cues. We hope you enjoy Cue No. 22: Hermione's Tale and Cue No. 23: The Silver Doe!
  5. Bonus cue today! We were planning to release this with Cue 20 but had to postpone it a couple days. Enjoy Cue No. 21: Bathilda's Secret!
  6. Today is special because we get to release a scene that I've been waiting to write for a long time. The entire 7-book plot is beginning to come together in Cue No. 20: Godric's Hollow!
  7. Thank you so much @WampaRat! It was a different direction than normal for us so we're glad you're liking it. Today we have another short cue, in prep for another journey for our characters next week. We hope you enjoy Cue No. 19: I Open at the Close.
  8. Two short cues provide some emotions today. Most is non-thematic as the trio move in new directions. Here is Cue No. 17: Three Wanderers and Cue No. 18: Ron's Departure!
  9. Alright the next phase of the trio's final journey has begun! We are not out of the woods yet (both literally and metaphorically now). Here's Cue No. 15: Vision of Grindelwald and Cue No. 16: The Snatchers!
  10. Alright - it's time to escape the Ministry and get thrown into the middle of the film! There are some fun callbacks as the trio gets the Horcrux and runs for the floo network. We hope you enjoy Cue No. 14: Escaping the Ministry!
  11. Today we've got the next part of the Ministry break-in, Cue No. 13: Umbridge's Office. There's some colorful comedic orchestration for the Detonators and some throwbacks to OOTP (which were fun to work on with some better sound). Thanks for listening! MS
  12. @bored Thank you! That's so nice of you to say considering they're not even JW's themes, haha. The Window to the Past moment, however, was a joy to put over that scene in Sirius' old room. @Light00 Thanks as always for such nice comments! So, it was not intentional to put time past material over the scene, but I see what you're saying. The intention was really to have a consistent pulse to unify the montage, and to put a sense of urgency below the scene. I like your observation though! It's great to have people see things like this in the cues! As for new cues, we get to break into the Ministry this week for the beginning of the first big set piece in the film! Hope you enjoy Cue No. 12: Sneaking into the Ministry. BP
  13. Hi everyone! Today’s cue is rather long and is entirely exposition and transition into the next chunk of the film. Enjoy Cue No. 11: Kreacher's Tale and Magic is Might!
  14. Hello everyone! Our big-scale plot gets abruptly underway in today's post. After 8 cues of setup, we finally have the trio being forced to begin their Horcrux hunt early due to the fall of the Ministry of Magic. Enjoy Cue No. 9: "They Are Coming" and Cue No. 10: Cafe Fight and A Place to Hide.
  15. @WampaRat Thank you! This last movie (or 2 depending how you see it) has been a joy so far cause it's mostly payoff. @bored It's so funny you say that. Firstly, thank you for wanting to hear more of a theme JW didn't write. That means a lot haha. I will say that at this point in the series, there are so many options in every scene with regards to what themes are usable. This is mostly because it's the finale of the series but also because so many characters are on screen at any given time. In the end, I treated the opening of this last movie with a lot of SS/COS/POA reverence, and used the OOTP theme just once for reprisal purposes when the group arrives in Cue 3. In the end, I'd say it's just coming down to not over-cluttering the cues with too many theme reprises. They ended up cancelling each other out when I tried that. Thanks as always for your comments!
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