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  1. We gave him a CD of highlights, basically picked from OOTP and HBP of our personal favorites/what we thought was most representative. We printed out the theme catalogue, and an itunes playlist view of the track titles from each score. Then the flash drive had a folder of the CD contents just in case, all the program notes, and it did have all of the cues as individual videos. Being sued by him will be an honor This was all in an envelope that said "Thank you, Mr. Williams," and we wrote a letter explaining what it was and just thanking him for what his music means to us. We didn't specifically put contact information since we wanted it to be more of a thank-you gesture and if he listens to it that's icing on the cake - but our website is printed on top of the theme catalogue and in the program notes, so if he really wanted to reach out I think he could. He could also contact the Juilliard staff, since they know Ben and they let us stay to give this to him afterwards. MS
  2. Oh yes sorry let me clarify! This is Ben, normally posting here as the composer for the Potter scoring project. Molly is the music editing/mixing/mastering half of Ravendor Studios so we share this account. We are also both piano students in our daily lives. I'm finishing a Master's in piano at Juilliard and she's doing her Doctorate in piano at CCM (Cincinnati). We're both long-time JWfans so this was a really exciting day for us! She may have to start selling them! BP
  3. Yes that IS. Molly made it by hand and we ended up being able to give it to him! He now has it in his possession! He said the top was fuzzier than his head. No guarantees but when Juilliard has an event like this and they film it, it's for archival purposes. They sometimes cut something together to put on their YouTube page, but it depends on what. When Dudamel was here last month, they did the same thing and ended up only sharing a 30 second clip on YouTube. So we'll see what they do in the end. Our president is thanked in the end credits of Spielberg's west side story, and Justin Peck and his wife (who choreographed the film) both teach here. So the connection seems feasible as of July 2019. -BP Sorry!
  4. **Edit for even more context: Hi, this is Ben Pawlak - we usually post over on the New Project: John Williams Potter Scoring thread. This account is shared between me and Molly Sanford as a composing/music editing team. We are also both professional pianists in graduate programs, hence the pictures!** Yesterday after the Carnegie concert, the Maestro himself came to Juilliard for a conducting session where we played the Superman March, theme from Jurassic Park, and Adventures on Earth. Here's our post from the Potter thread about it: I was lucky enough to play piano/celesta, and Molly (who was in town to see his Carnegie concert the night before) was turning pages for me. So the short version is: both of us were in the room with JW and it was thrilling! And yes we did give him a flash drive with GOF, OOTP, and HBP on it. - BP More context - Several months ago I saw that our April 22nd orchestra read was going to be a John Williams day, so I went to ask my orchestra director if he’d invite JW to the school since he’ll be in town for the Carnegie concert the night before. He said he’d talk to the dean and reach out to see if it were possible. We finally got confirmation about ten days ago that he’d be able and willing to visit the session. It all spun into something much bigger as camera crews set up microphones and the Juilliard president, provost, dean of the music division, and president emeritus arrived. We had only about an hour to rehearse everything and were all super excited. John showed up in the late morning, and brought Anne-Sophie Mutter with him, so all of the violins were suddenly panicked which was fun. He was not planning to conduct us while he was here, only to guide the rehearsal which was led by our grad student conductors. He gave them feedback and spoke to the group about certain aspects of the pieces that he finds particularly difficult to work on with an orchestra. At the end, he was talking about bar 8 of the Jurassic Park theme (where it goes into the main tempo) and how it’s always difficult to get together. The conductor who was on the podium at the time asked if he wanted to fix it. He then stood up and took over to much applause. His efficiency in fixing it was incredible. It was an amazing couple minutes that we’ll never forget. Afterwards he got a photo op at the aforementioned John Williams Orchestra Library. With the amount of cameras that were in the room, I’m sure it will be thrown on Juilliard’s YouTube page at some point in the coming months once they edit it. Side Note: After we played E.T., Juilliard’s President Damian Woetzel interrupted to say that he had filmed part of it on his phone and sent it to Steven Spielberg who had responded with kind words and a warm hello to John. View from the piano: BP
  5. We don't know! We basically gave it to him in an envelope that said "Thank you, Mr. Williams" and a letter inside that would explain everything once he was back from being bombarded by people. Regardless, we are just so happy knowing he (hopefully) knows it exists now. MS
  6. This is not a DH update, but we were able to meet the maestro himself yesterday! He came to Juilliard for a conducting session where we played Superman March, theme from Jurassic Park, and Adventures on Earth. I was lucky enough to play piano/celesta, and Molly (who was in town to see his Carnegie concert the night before) was turning pages for me. So the short version is: both of us were in the room with JW and it was thrilling! And yes we did give him a flash drive with GOF, OOTP, and HBP on it. Basically we wrote him a thank-you letter for everything his music means to us, and presented highlights from the project as a fan gift (along with the knit JW). The project content was in an envelope so we don't know what he thinks or if he's heard it but we're just happy to have expressed our appreciation in some way! -BP
  7. Happy Birthday JW!!! We have a random bonus post for hype over on our Patreon page. This first one is public so anyone can check it out! It's a (hopefully) deep cut trivia question that Ben asked me out of the blue one day and one of the answers definitely surprised me, so hopefully it'll make some of you think as well. https://www.patreon.com/posts/62219735 We'll close the poll at the end of the day so head over and make your best guesses! MS
  8. Deathly Hallows part 1 is officially on the way!! Unfortunately, I can’t promise a release date for this one like with previous scores - but I hope to announce one within the next 6 weeks. We will of course keep you updated and are so grateful for the support, as always! Something we DO know the launch day of (TODAY), is our brand new Patreon page!! We’ve had many requests for additional content, and several people have asked about supporting our work financially over the past couple years. We’re happy to announce that it looks like this is possible as long as we don’t directly charge for copyrighted content so we’ve worded it pretty generically about supporting all of our compositional endeavors. We came up with some bonus content to offer you if you subscribe as well, besides just project support. You can check it out here: patreon.com/ravendorstudios It’s been great sharing this with you all over the past couple years and we’re excited about this next step in keeping the project going. BP
  9. Yes! It's on the "extras" page with HBP score presentations but here's the FLAC download link https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=15WlqQ6EB-x0GB9gEg7JcVmTb1OBd8_cC
  10. In our last Half-Blood Prince post (!!), we've got some of the Deleted Scenes today (using other material from the main score like with each previous film). We appreciate all of your support so much - stay tuned for an update next week!
  11. Hi everyone - as with the other two films, we've posted some demos today from the temp score to show some other ideas we'd wanted to try and/or what inspired the final version. There's some James Newton Howard and Benjamin Wallfisch as well as other Williams material that fit the scenes, found on the Temp Demos page. Hope you enjoy!
  12. True!! Not sure if any of the more character-related moments like Superman or Raiders will happen but it's interesting to think about. Something might lend itself to that kind of combination by the time we get to the end and have everything to pick from. We do keep the Star Wars sequels in the back of our minds as well - hearing the "trio" theme in TROS definitely felt like it gave us license to introduce the same idea in OOTP, and I thought of Rebellion is Reborn with the Dark Forces suite too. At the same time, it's sort of this movie's dark version of Harry's Wondrous World... On a slightly related note, I was thinking earlier about how much more creative combining he did of cues within tracks for the Potter OSTs, than we've gone for on our CD-style arrangements (though of course the Children's Suite was also in the mix for SS). Maybe we'll experiment more with suite/arrangement possibilities after we're done working on the films all the time. -MS Speaking of, here it is! The Soundtrack Arrangement for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2021). This film has been such a great time, especially with what it offers thematically and emotionally as a penultimate chapter. Enjoy this presentation of the score! Thanks as always for the support and enthusiasm!
  13. We actually just posted those! It's mostly adapted material from the end credits, but hopefully still a couple of good suites/theme presentations. Over on the Concert Arrangements page we have the "Dark Forces" suite and Slughorn's theme! MS
  14. @WampaRatThank you! The little nuggets of smaller cues we’ve reprised/re-vamped all stem from listening to the first three scores over and over, and saying “I want that part, and those 30 seconds, and some of that” then figuring out how to incorporate them without it sounding forced. It’s so fun, and really helps integrate the JW sound across the back half of these movies. @redishere Thank you so much! This is my favorite of the three I’ve written so far. But I’m super biased cause COS is my favorite of the JW scores, and this was my chance to show my love for it. So glad you enjoyed it! - BP
  15. Thanks so much! That's great to hear and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the whole thing. Also, Dumbledore's death was an important scene for us so I'm glad it's landing emotionally. We appreciate the comment!! MS
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