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  1. We posted this on our Potter Project thread but wanted to share them here too. Made some custom covers for the Harry Potter scores with book designs! These can be used for original soundtracks or expanded editions since we purposely didn't specify.
  2. "Hapee Birthdae" Harry! For this week, here are some custom cover art designs using the book covers that can be used for all of the Potter soundtrack albums. As a bonus, we included a Ravendor Goblet of Fire cover with another Mary Grandpre image. We purposely didn't specify original soundtrack or expanded edition, so if you use them they can be for either.
  3. @TSMefford done! By the way, we posted a couple of our favorite temp ideas on the website today! Some Potter cues but also Home Alone 2, Phantom Menace, and Nixon.
  4. Oh boy! hey guys! We are DEFINITELY NOT claiming to be John Williams! The keyword has been “attempt,” and we know we’re just fans like everyone here. We’re not trying to be definitive but rather imagine the more complete scores that we’ve always wanted. You can look at this as fan fiction. Just our thoughts on the topic, no need to agree. It’s been great hearing about the moments you all have also really liked. We know everyone has different ideas of how he would have done it, but it also wasn't the case that we patched things together without a plan. We imagined what we would want as fans, looked at how he has reused material throughout Star Wars as an example, considered the balance of thematic vs. non-thematic material in the first 3 scores, and also took this chance to move forward with the material while tying 1-3 into the next chapter. It is totally fair to say we leaned towards over-use rather than the other way around. (Plus we wanted to utilize as much JW material as we could. Cause he’s the real reason we’re here.) There is a large portion of the score that is original and in those moments, we really did aim at emulating Williams' style; we also studied the orchestration of the first 3 Potter movies to blend between the new and old. @gkgyver Thanks for explaining your point of view about the beginning - it certainly makes sense. We began with Voldemort to lean into the contrast compared to the previous openings, keeping Hedwig at the start but ebbing and flowing with the ominous scene. @bollemanneke valid point about Hermione, it does stack up a bit in the middle of the score. We felt they were different enough instances with enough separating them. The original moment we knew we wanted was her reveal at the Yule Ball. But also...can we really have too much Hermione? With Window to the Past, it fit well over castle shots in our opinion and we loved its potential for those transitions while Sirius is on Harry’s mind, though he doesn’t have a physical presence in this film. Side note - we did create a temp score first that was a patchwork of Williams cues to score off of (mostly Potter with some surprises that were fun to put in). We’re open to sharing it, just shoot us a message. @TSMefford we appreciate that, thank you it was an interesting balance to play with but this was sort of our standpoint too. We just wanted to hear this music continue. We also posted this here exactly so we could discuss! We knew it couldn’t make everyone happy from the start and have appreciated all the messages about this, from people who love it, who disagree with our choices, or anywhere in between. MS & BP
  5. Hi all, this week we posted the deleted scenes! We followed the model of the other movies by reusing music instead of scoring new material, but now these match the rest of our score. Check out our "Extras" page and you can see what's coming up over the rest of the summer too.
  6. @artguy360 - Thank you so much! It's great to hear from you, and means a lot to us that people are listening. This is such a niche project that we just hoped to reach people who'd be interested. Feel free to reach out with any of your thoughts from the score, and we're so glad you enjoyed it! Also @JTWfan77 that is just crazy about Newell's comments. We hadn't heard that before either. It certainly doesn't help any of the continuity issues across the films even though Doyle's score works on its own. MS
  7. @bollemanneke I wondered if that would happen. I did that with Prisoner of Azkaban in the pre-LLL box set days and it was pretty messy unfortunately. Best of luck if you go for it, @TSMefford! @TheUlyssesian - thanks for your post, we really appreciate it! I agree, especially since family is such a strong theme of the series it just killed us to not have that continued musically. Glad you liked the end too. Basically, that and the Voldemort themes were our biggest motivators for doing this project. MS
  8. Here at last, head over to the website to grab the full score for Goblet of Fire! We've included a movie-length audio file to sync up with your copy of the film whether you use audio software or not. You can also grab each cue as individual tracks. There's a digital booklet pdf that includes all of the program notes in one place as well. We look forward to hearing your reactions to the whole thing! Let us know if you have any problems getting those files from Google Drive (it's the best platform for balancing copyright issues and accessibility to our audience at this point). Hope you enjoy!
  9. To start off some post-score bonus features and round off the movie, here's the Ravendor Studios End Credits suite. Hope you enjoy as we had a lot of fun being able to work freely with this material, old and new! Next week as promised is the full score for download
  10. Thanks guys, the full score is first on the list after the end credits! We're excited about that too because it was planned on the macro scale so hopefully that'll come across. @The River (Fal) - impressive. It'll be great to hear your opinion of the score by itself, then! We'll be including all of the cues' notes digital booklet-style if you're not opposed to basic plot summaries to follow along. MS
  11. Hi everyone! We've reached the last two cues in the movie. We hope you enjoy Cue No. 37: Cedric's Funeral, and Cue No. 38: Everything's Going to Change. Special thanks to our colleague with the Voxos choir library who allowed us to record this special cue. We have really appreciated hearing from you guys both on the thread and through messages as we've posted this project, and we're so thankful for all your enthusiasm. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on these cues. We also have some fun things planned for the next few weeks. On June 21st, check back for the Goblet of Fire end credits. As this is such a "by the fans, for the fans" project, it's really been amazing to have your support and we think you'll like these upcoming posts too. Thank you!!!
  12. Hi everyone! As the movie is wrapping up, we have three cues for you before the very end. After the huge third task and graveyard scene cues, it was nice to keep that momentum but work on a smaller scale. Here is Cue No. 34: Cedric is Dead, followed by the reveals in Cues No. 35 and 36: Mad-Eye Interrogates Harry / Barty Crouch Jr. Revealed. Thanks for listening!
  13. @Demosthenes - Thank you for such an awesome, positive comment! We really appreciate hearing your thoughts. It also means a lot to us to see enjoyment regarding this cue specifically because it’s been the one we’ve had the most excitement about. @TSMefford - Yes the family theme really had the chance to flex its muscles at the end of this movie, and in this cue especially. Thanks for noticing that specifically, and also for the comment! BP
  14. @rpvee - great to hear from you! We appreciate that, especially since this scene is literally the first one we ever talked about scoring. Hope you like it. We're so excited to present Cue No. 33: Voldemort Returns. It was a 10-minute-long challenge that gave us a chance to work with Voldemort's musical material in all its glory. We also got to tie in other existing themes that we had a vision for in the climax of this movie. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it, and look forward to hearing your reactions!
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