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  1. @WampaRat Thank you so much for your comment! It means a lot to us to hear that and we're so glad to know your impressions so far! We hope you'll like the ending, and let us know what you think. Also, today's the day! We get to break into the Ministry of Magic and begin the finale of the movie! Enjoy Cue No. 33: The Department of Mysteries. BP
  2. Hi all, here is a tense 4-minute cue before Dumbledore's Army leaves Hogwarts. Today we present Cue No. 32: Caught by Umbridge and the Centaurs!
  3. Today is the day the twins finally get to best Umbridge! It's also the day Voldemort finally succeeds in luring Harry into his evil plan. Enjoy Cue 31: The Weasleys' Exit!
  4. Hello everyone! We have some final slow-paced emotional moments before launching into the last third of the score. Hope you enjoy Cue No. 30: Grawp and Snape's Worst Memory!
  5. Hi everyone! Today we have a short cue for Dumbledore's Escape (cue 28), as well as one of the last Umbridge cues in the movie, Cue No. 29: Umbridge Takes Over. Hope you enjoy! @Pieter Boelen, that's a great suggestion! We'll add that to the Soundtrack CD Presentation page this week. Thanks for all your interest!
  6. Hi @superultramegaa, Thanks for commenting! We're so glad to hear you've enjoyed our project. This is a nice alternate you've done, and it's great to hear other people's interpretations of the ending. We created our score utilizing only John Williams' material, so it was cool to see how one of Patrick Doyle's themes could have been integrated with JW's. It is interesting to see the triumphant ending idea too. We scored ours the way we did because in the pacing of our final cue, it emotionally worked better to end quietly. It's a true testament to John Williams' themes that they
  7. Hi everyone, there are two new cues for today! The Death Eater threat gets real, and Dumbledore's Army continues with their training. We hope you enjoy Cue No. 26: Azkaban Breakout and Cue No. 27: Neville's Parents and The Patronus Lesson!
  8. We're back! At the end of Christmas break, this cue sets in motion a chain of events that spirals towards the epic finale of OOTP. We're so excited for today and what's coming up really soon! Here's Cue No. 25: Family Tree and Hagrid's Return.
  9. Hey everyone! As the Hogwarts students go on Christmas break, so will we - enjoy the last three cues of 2020! Cue No. 22: By the Fire & Cue No. 23: Third Vision and Saving Mr. Weasley Cue No. 24: Occlumency and Christmas Break We'll see you all on January 10th for a new term at Hogwarts and the remainder of the Order of the Phoenix re-score. Happy Christmas JWFAN!
  10. Hello everyone! It's time for Harry's first kiss (ew) but we made it semi-romantic so it's ok... Enjoy Cue No. 21: Harry Kisses Cho!
  11. Hi everyone! Today we get a preview for Christmas and the longest cue of this movie so far. This has been a fun counterpart to some of the darkness coming up, so we hope you enjoy as much as we did. Here's Cue No. 19 and 20: Dumbledore's Army and the Room of Requirement!
  12. Thank you @TSMefford! We really appreciate it! We were also particularly looking forward to OOTP as book fans, wanting to lean into the emotional growth of this chapter. Also, this movie has a huge finale as you know that will hopefully make up for some of the more brief thematic statements in the beginning! We're definitely on the same page as you about payoff of thematic materials, especially those big overarching journeys. They just have amazing possibilities for continuity and musical effectiveness. Anyways, thank you again for pointing out the exact moments so far that we were most exc
  13. Hi everyone! This week we've got a cue that wraps together themes and material from all four of the previous scores, and mixes them all together. It's so great at this point in the story to see the unification of all that's come before. It's beginning to point towards the ending and showdown with Voldemort at the Ministry. Here's Cue No. 18: Conversation with Sirius!
  14. Thanks a bunch @DarthDementous! Those are particularly fun parts for us to do, so we're so glad you enjoy them as much as us. There are plenty more on the way too. Today, we get the first look at Umbridge taking over Hogwarts. We hope you all enjoy Cues No. 16 and 17: The First Educational Decree and Sacking Trelawney!
  15. Hi all, today we get a special appearance of Window to the Past as well as the first real character scene for Harry in this film. Hope you enjoy Cue 15: Writing to Padfoot and Luna's Advice!
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