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  1. Not right now, because OOTP is taking up all of our time and we want it to sound as good as we can make it. But thank you for the question, it means a lot that you're interested! BP
  2. The trio has finally made it back to Hogwarts for their fifth year. This week's cue puts a bow on the end of the first chunk of this movie. Enjoy Cue No. 10: At the Station and the Journey to Hogwarts!
  3. In the midst of an anxiety-ridden Ministry hearing, we see the return of some old themes as well as some muscle-flexing from the new ones. Enjoy Cue No. 9: The Hearing!
  4. @DarthDementous Thank you so much for listening this whole time! And thank you for commenting! The samples have really helped in expanding on the orchestral sounds available to us. We're enjoying using them, so we're happy to see you are too! I'm so glad you've liked the Voldemort material in this movie. It's been a total fanboy moment for me to be able to use them post-Mort returning. BP
  5. Hi everyone! Today is "bring your wrongly convicted quasi-son to work day" for the Weasleys and HP. Enjoy Cue No. 8: The Ministry of Magic!
  6. We have two very short "middle" cues for you today. They add to the re-introduction of themes into OOTP. Hope you like it! Here's Cue No. 6: Listening In and Cue No. 7: Talk of Voldemort's Return.
  7. Today we get to see Harry officially re-enter the magical world. We hope you enjoy Cue No. 5: The Order of the Phoenix and Meeting Kreacher!
  8. Today is our first cue introducing a new theme! It's also the beginning of Harry's journey through this movie, so we got to bring back old favorites as well. Hope you like the First Vision and Flight of the Order!
  9. Thanks for your comment, @TSMefford! And thanks for asking about the use of Double Trouble. We wanted to acknowledge how Cuaron describes Double Trouble's introduction into the third film, as a close cousin of Hedwig's Theme that was used for a new/additional musical identity of the Wizarding World. In wanting to relate this score to the aesthetics of POA, we felt it appropriate to use the former here instead of the latter. Regarding the Hogwarts association, this is the first news Harry has heard from the Wizarding World all summer, so these two cues were a good opportunity to hint at that (b
  10. We're so glad you liked it, @FrankFWJH! This week we've got two short little expositional cues! Some introductions of familiar themes too. We hope you enjoy Cue No. 2: Mrs. Figg and Cue No. 3: Expulsion.
  11. Hi everyone! Today is the day! We start releasing new cues! We're so thankful for everyone who commented/messaged us during the release of GOF, and are excited to share this continuing adventure with you all! Here's Cue No. 1: Opening and Dudley Demented.
  12. Hi everyone! First, we want to thank everyone so much for listening to Goblet of Fire over the last several months! Initially, this was just a project for ourselves that we did for fun, so it was icing on the cake when we shared it and found that others are enjoying it too. Thank you! With Goblet behind us, we will be continuing to post more that we’re working on for anyone who’s interested in forthcoming projects. Many small ones will be happening, but we do want to officially announce a big one that we think you will be excited about too. Starting September 6th, we
  13. We posted this on our Potter Project thread but wanted to share them here too. Made some custom covers for the Harry Potter scores with book designs! These can be used for original soundtracks or expanded editions since we purposely didn't specify.
  14. "Hapee Birthdae" Harry! For this week, here are some custom cover art designs using the book covers that can be used for all of the Potter soundtrack albums. As a bonus, we included a Ravendor Goblet of Fire cover with another Mary Grandpre image. We purposely didn't specify original soundtrack or expanded edition, so if you use them they can be for either.
  15. @TSMefford done! By the way, we posted a couple of our favorite temp ideas on the website today! Some Potter cues but also Home Alone 2, Phantom Menace, and Nixon.
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